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UNDEFENDED CASES There were forty-five undefended cases on the sheet,   of which a great many were disposed of out of Court or dismissed from non-appearance of the parties. Verdicts were given for plaintiffs in the following cases, with costs as appended. J. hMorna r. Lawrence Dowling.--£ G s. Od., goods sold: cols, 5s. AI. Lery r. Charles Britain.-£9 Os. 5d.,goods sold; costs, 15s. hI. Lery r. Clhaorles Ward.--£7 Is., goods sold; costs, Os. Clos. Piltmas r. Maooney and Tupling.--18s.; cost . Ms. Mihaelo Jourdon r. Joseph Cleary.--l£10, for use ofa horse and dsmnges ineurred by detention; cosls,5a. Simple and Younmg r. Hunter.--£1 Is. 6d., goods sold and work and labour done; coslts, 8s.

Mirlndl Ford n. Bansroft alnd uL-t. -£3 16., IiOln;t of a ldislonoured prolmissory note; cots, 8o. Midlael Ford s. Ben. Lactl.-8. Gd., goods sold; cosls, 6s. 6d. W. Coleman v. W. Thompson.-£8 15s. 7d., goods sold; costs, Se. Theos. Smith e. Jas. Dunn.--£1 St. 6d., goods sup plied; costs, 5s. Theos. Smillh . Patl. Masonamara.--£l 10s. 3d., goods supplied; costs, 5Se. Charles Wilson v. Edward Rodgers.--£2 16s. 11d., goods sold; costs, 5s. Charles Wilson v. Henry Holmes.--£8 13s. 6d., balance of account; costs, 5s. Charles Wilson v John Murdock.--£5 12s. 7d., goods sold and delivered; costs, 5s.. Charles Wilson v. John Brown.--£9 14s 3d., goods sold; costs, 5s. Charles Wilson v. Kunkel.--£6, dishonoured prom issory note; costs, 5s. Charles Wilson v. Kunkel.-£8 2s. 6d., goods sold; costs, 5s. Thos. Roderick v. Jolhs Shephard-?£1 10s. Od., work doner; costs, 5s. W. Derine c. Mielael M'Malon.-- £2, goods sold; costs, 58. W. Devine s. Thos. Gersghty.--l£1 13s. 4d., goods sold; costs, 7o. Gd. W. Dorinr v. Theeos. Burne.--18s. 3d., goods sup plied; cots, 8s. Geo. Wright s. W. Lockwood.--£2 B. Gd., goods supplied; costs, e. Geoege Wright v. Jobn Gollins.--£8 10s. ld., goods sold; costs, 5S.