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Family Notices

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BOWDEN.-On May 2, 1903, at Hazeldene,

Hobart, the wife of Frank Bowden: a


GATEHOUSE.-On May 1, 1903, the wife

of A. W. Gatehouse, Harefield, Sorell: a daughter.     HALL. - On April 14, 1903, at "Corvalie,"

West Devonport, the wife of A C. Hall:

a son.

McWHINNEY. - On April 15, 1903, at

44 St. George's-terrace, the wife of F. A. McWhinney: a daughter.

McGANN.-On April 29, at Charlemont,

Plenty, the wife of James McGann: a




2nd April, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. S. Buntine, Lionel Albert, second son of Mr. A. E. Alexander, Coniston, Mossman's Bay, N.S.W., to Ellenor Mariannie, only     daughter of Mr. Peter F. Wilkinson, Hazlewood, New Town.

ANDREWS - TOTHAM.- On April 9,  

1903, at St. George's Church, Battery Point, by the Rev. A. Brain, William J. F. Andrews, to Annie A. Totham. Both

of Hobart.

BAYES-HARTAM.-On April 9, at St.

George's Church, by the Rev. A. Brain, Thomas William, second surviving son of the late T. E. Bayes, to Lily I. M.,   only daughter of the late Charles Har-


CLUNIE-FENNER. - On February 27,

1903, by the Rev. lsaac H. Palfreyman, William Clunie, son of William and Ellen Clunie, of New Zealand, to Lena Fenner, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Fenner, of Sorell, at the residence of the officiating minister, by license.


23, 1903, at Chalmers Manse, by Rev. J S. Buntine, Albert Ernest Woods Chamberlain, youngest son of the late John and Maria Chamberlain, to Ethel Ellen, fourth daughter of James and

Louisa New. Both of Hobart.

CONNOR-FITCH. - On April 13, at Holy

Trinity Church, by the Rev. Canon Shoobridge, Joseph Thomas, eldest son of the late M. T. Connor, to Amy Isabel, second youngest daughter of the late F. R. Fitch, both of Hobart.


1903, at St. George's Church, Battery Point, bv the Rev. A. Gamble, Charles Edmund, eldest son of V. R. L. Elliston, Glenorchy, Tasmania, to Josephine Annie (Cis), only daughter of the late   Captain Fahlborg, Stockholm, Sweden.


1903, at St. Paul's Church, Stanley, by Rev. A. Hutchinson, Evelyn, youngest son of the late S. B Emmett, to Sophie, eldest daughter of the late Charles Maguire, of Toorak, Victoria.


March 10, 1903, at the residence of the bridegroom, 170 Goulburn-street, by the Rev. Isaac H. Palfreyman, Percival Carence Richardson, son of Henry and Sarah Richardson, of Sandford, Tas- mania, to Hilda McGuinness, daughter of Alfred and Carressa Florence Mc- Guinness, late of Dunalley, by license. RHODES-COSSOM.-On May 4, by the

Rev. I. H. Palfreyman, Hobart, Eugene Montague Rhodes, late of Boston, Mass.,   U.S. America, to Hariette Margrete, eldest daughter of John Cossom, late of Lamberhurst, Kent, England. English and American papers please copy.

SCHMIDT-DAVIS.-On March 5, 1903,

by the Rev. Isaac H. Palfreyman.

Charles Frederick Schmidt, son of George Charles and Wilhelmina Schmidt, of New Norfolk, to Eveline Estelle Davis, daughter of Thomas and Eveline Davis, of New Norfolk, at the residence of the officiating minister, by


SEAGER - CHAPMAN. - On April 14,

at St. George's Church, Hobart, by the Rev. J. S. Babington, Charles F., eldest son of F. R. Seager, New Town, to Flor- ence Phillis, elder daughter of Charles A. Chapman, Sandy Bay.

SINGER - DEACON. - On Monday,

April 20, at St John's Manse, by the Rev. W. R. Cunningham, Alfred Harry, third son of Alfred Singer, surgeon den- tist, of Hobart, to Jennie, third daughter of the late George Skinner Deacon, of London, England.

TAYLOR-COOTE. - On March 30, 1903,

at St. James's Church, King-street, Sydney, by the Rev. W. I. Carr-Smith. rector, Walter Edward, youngest son of the late A. J. Taylor, Hobart, and Mary Adelaide Audley, eldest daughter of the Honourable Audley Coote, of Ivanhoe, Waverley, N.S W.  

TAYLOR-BELSTEAD.-On April 16, at

St. David's Cathedral, Hobart, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Tas- mania, assisted by the Very Rev. the Dean of Hobart, the Rev. Decimus Albert Gay Taylor, Precentor of St. David's Cathedral, fourth son of the Rev. C. J. Taylor, of Reigate, Surrey, England, and Margaret Jessie, fourth daughter of the late Francis Belstead, Esq., Secretary for Mines, of Hobart.


BROUGHTON.-On Apnl 25, 1903, at her

late residence, 33 Liverpool - street. Emily, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Broughton, aged 48 years. BAIN. - On April 29, 1903, at New Town,

Colin Bain, aged 81 years.

CRAWFORD.-At the residence of Mrs.

Mitchell, Lower Longley, suddenly, James Crawford, aged 78 years.

CURWEN-WALKER.-On April 23, at

"Snaefell," 13 Lewisham-road, Windsor, Anne Louisa Curwen-Walker, relict of the late John Curwen-Walker, "The Priory," Brighton (suddenly), 83 years.

CROW-On May 4, 1903, at her residence,

High-street, Sandy Bay, Olivia, widow of the late Charles Crow, aged 54 years. EGGINTON -On May 4, 1903, at the resi-

dence of his mother-in-law, 91 Campbell- street, William, eldest son of the late Thomas Egginton, in the 45th year of his age.

FREEMAN.-On May 1, at her parents'

residence, Derwent-park, Mary, the in- fant daughter of Henry and Amelia Freeman, aged 1 day.

FIRTH -On May 4, 1903, at Middlewood,

Kingston, John Thomas, the beloved husband of Jane Firth, and the youngest son of the late Joseph Crossley Firth, of Milton Vale, Sandy Bay, after a long and painful illness, in the 65th year of his age.

FIELD.-On May 6, Robert, youngest son  

of Thomas and Catherine Field, aged

4 months.

HORNSBY.-On April 29, 1903, at his

late residence, 314 Macquarie-street, John Marryatt Hornsby, after a painful illness, which he bore with Christian

fortitude, ┬ín the 73rd year of his age. A native of Lincolnsnire, England. HALES.- On April 30, 1903, at Launces-  

ton, Marion (May) Stoney Hales, second daughter of William Prior Hales, aged 21.

HARVEY.-On April 29, at Launceston,

of typhoid fever, Samuel, the dearly be- loved husband of Minnie Harvey, and son-in-law of Joseph Cooper, Pennar, Sorell.

INNS. - On April 27, 1903, at her resi-

dence, Hobart, Catherine, widow of the late Henry Inns, aged 74 years.

LUCAS. - On April 25, 1903, at his late

residence, Kingston (suddenly), Captain George Lucas, in the 75th year of his


LLOYD. - On April 29, 1903, at her late

residence, 28 Princess-street, Sandy Bay, Elizabeth Jane, relict of the late Ed- ward Lloyd, in the 63rd year of her age. LEAMAN.-On Wednesday, Mav 6, 1903,

at his late residence, 111 Argyle-street, William George, the beloved husband of Isabella Leaman, after a painful illness, in the 68th year of his age.

MAHER.-On May 2, 1902, at Hobart

(suddenly), Alice, wife of E. Maher, aged 38 years.

PALMER.- On April 8, 1903, at his res-  

dence, Wattle Grove, Dunalley, Tas- mania, after a severe illness, John, the

beloved husband of Mary Ann Palmer,

in the 70th year of his age.

PARREMORE.-On April 30, 1903, at the

General Hospital, Hobart, from burns, accidentally received, Elsie Matilda, the dearly beloved daughter of Henry and Effie Parremore, of Richmond, aged 4 years and 3 months.

SHOTT.-On April 14, 1903, at the Fre-

mantle Hospital, Fremantle, Susan   Shott, the wife of Valentine Shott, of Hobart, in the 50th year of her age.

SEABROOK.-On May 2, 1903, at his

parents' residence, 3 Mary-street, Ed- ward Allan, infant son of Alfred and  

Emma Seabrook, aged 9 months.

SAVAGE. - On April 29, at No. 96 Park-

street, Alice, relict of the late Hum- phrey Thomas Savage, of Bothwell, aged


SULLIVAN. - On Monday, April 27, 1903,

at the General Hospital, Hobart, Wil- liam Thomas Sullivan, aged 49 years. YOUNG.-On May 4, 1903, at Hobart, Matilda, relict of the late George Young, Hamilton-on-Clyde, and daughter of the late Thomas Triffitt, Esq., Green Hills,


WRAINCH.-On Tuesday, April 28, at her

late residence, "Oakley," Sandy Bay, Eleanor, relict of the late Thomas Wrainch, in the 89th year of her age.

WHITLAW.-On February 25, 1903, at

Greenwich, England, James Andrew Whitlaw, a native of Hobart.

WHITE.-On May 6, at her son's resi-

dence (A. J. White), 24 Brisbane-street, Susannah, relict of the late Benjamin White, in the 78th year of her age.