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Characters drift in search of an ending

THIS is not the movie to watch on a swel

tering summer's afternoon when you're trying to forget about the temperatures.

Even with the most efficient air conditioner you'll begin to sweat after just a few minutes. The one thing that's consistent about In Too Deep is that it is really hot.

Set in the middle of a Melbourne heatwave the characters virtually ooze from one scene to another. Directors John Tatoulis and Colin South keep the mood simmering with their flat, glary photography.

Somehow there is enough energy left for a plot of sorts. Mack (Hugo Race) is a drifting crim,

In Too Deep. The Home Cinema Group. 106 minutes. Rated M. Hugo Race, Santha Press, Rebek^b Elmalgoglou. Directors John Tatoulis, Colin South.

plotting the next route to easy money. Wendy (Santha Press) is a kid breaking out of her comfortable middle class life for a precarious existence as a jazz singer.

By half-way a fatigued aimlessness prevails as it degenerates into a collection of characters in search of an ending.