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The survival

of Capital's

soap operas

ALL THOSE afternoon soap

opera fans who have been .writing to The Canberra Times, Capital Television and Net work TEN about the canning of The Bold and The Beautiful and Santa Barbara can put their pens down. Public opinion against the move was so strong that both programs have been reinstated.

At last week's relaunch of the net work as 10 TV Australia, network boss Bob Shanks said The Bold and the Beautiful would be reinstated in the daytime schedule. Santa Barbara would also return, but at 11.30pm.

THE MAN doing the voice-over

to promote the ABC's recent ly launched Sunday night pro gram, That's Dancing, calls its participants Australia's newest sporting stars.

ABC supremo David Hill is only too happyjo go along with that la bel. Deciding to get into the spirit of the occasion, he and a few friends got dolled up in evening suits and long gowns to attend a recent ball room dancing night at the local hall. Imagine his shock when he arrived to find mums and dads rugged up in beanies with thermos flasks of hot coffee and the knitting, sitting waiting to cheer on their favourites.

"The contestants themselves are right into sophisticated atmosphere, but for some of the spectators, it's just like going to the football," Mr

Hill said.

DOES the canning of Teri7

Willesee's Eye on Australia open up a job for him as the male lead on the Today Show? Cer tainly there are more under-utilised stars in the Nine network than Sam Chisholm could poke a stick at.

OF ALL the people one didn't

expect to see at the re launching of Network TEN in Sydney last week, WIN's general manager, John Rushton, would have been pretty high on the list.

What was he doing there?

THERE'S a painting contractor

somewhere in Canberra who is going to make a fair bit of money pretty soon. The guy who only recently daubed Capital Televi sion's X logo on the studios at Wat son, was on the blower as soon as word got out that it was to be changed. The new logo should allow him enough of a degree of difficulty to be able to negotiate a good deal.

Digitisation generously supported by
Mr Ryan Stokes
Digitisation generously supported by
Mr Ryan Stokes