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Australian drawl from James Reyne

James Reyne, Hard Reync (Capitol Re cords, through EMI Records).


James Reyne - yodelling down the S-bend.

IT SEEMED as though every person 1

knew had different lyrics to any one of

Australian Crawl's songs. Perhaps part of the Crawl's attraction was that after a single listening, people could imagine the lyrics to be any combination of words. Until one had the real lyrics in one's hand it was a puzzle more complex than Rubik's cube to decipher Rcyne's drawl.

It is no doubt universally acknowl edged that James Rcyne has the vocal style of a person yodelling down the S bend. That is not to say that it is unpleas ant -just hard to decipher.

Evie Hayes would harp at Young Tal ent Time contestants in years past to "mind their diction" and though that is not a prerequisite today, it is comforting when record company moguls see the light and includc a lyrics sheet with al bums by the likes of Reyne.

First time round, this album (Reync's second solo effort since the demise of Australian Crawl) docs not have the pow erful instant attraction of his previous

effort. Even with the lyrics sheet the al-' bum appears to lack some of its predeces sor's originality, but subsequent spins do bring familiarity, and the songs will grow

on you.

Reyne has instilled variety in the al bum tracks using different music styles - from pop-reggae to the pop-rock styie

of his last album.

The lyrics (once you can understand them) are not exactly brilliant and lack much of the depth which Rcyne dis played in his Crawl days. Simon Hussey makes a big contribution as co-writer of many of the songs, as a musician (key boards, programming and congas) and as co-producer with John Hudson.

If this album doesn't grab you at first, give it a chance. Eventually you'll be war

bling these ditties in the shower.

.Same Reyne.

Simple Minds, Street Fighting Years (Virgin Records).

The album finally arrived, but somehosv after already sifting through the teaser E.P and a teaser tape containing another half dozen songs, it hardly seems new at all.

Though the freshness of hearing the album as a whole entity for the first time was lost, the album has "lost nothing.

Simple Minds have been consistent throughout the years producing quality music. Whether it is music with a mes sage, music for fun, or music to dance to. Simple Minds arc invariably successful.

This album contains mainly music with a message. These boys have always had a mind for exposing injustice, and backing up their words with action. On many occasions they have donated the proceeds of their concerts to Amnesty International and have also donated their fund-raising talents to causes like Mande la Day, for which the album track, Man dela Day, was specially written.

Though many of the songs have a spec ific target, the theme is global.

This album is another brilliant piece of work. Jim Kerr has never sounded belter and indeed the band has proved it knows no limitations.

.Simply brilliant.

Digitisation generously supported by
Mr Ryan Stokes
Digitisation generously supported by
Mr Ryan Stokes