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(By 'BOZ.')

The rclgn of 'The Dollar Princess' at the Theatre Royal will come to an end on Friday next. Saturday, June 10, will sec the llrst pro duction of 'The Balkan Princess' by the Wil liamson New Comic Opera Co.

At the Criterion, the Clarke and Meyncll New Comic Opera Co. are having a pleasant and prosperous season with 'The Gay Gordons.' Tho musical comedy with1 the picturesque set tings and the Scottish costumes is every bit as popular as 'The Arcadians.' Those who like full-flavored melodrama arc loyal in their support of 'Under Two Flngs' ? at the Adelphi. There will be a matinee per iormance to-day. 'Jack and The Beanstalk' is still drawing the crowd to Her Majesty's Theatre. All the pantomime artists will appear at the matinee to-day. Miss Daisy McCourt will be heard in four new songs at the National Amphitheatre to-day. The Lenton Trio, comedians and acrobats, will make their first appearance under Mr. Bron nan's management, i 'Dan Morgan, the Australian Bushranger,' ( ?will be shown for the last time to-day at (lie j X.yccum. Next week Robert Emmet,- the Irish i patriot, will have a. show. Fanny Powers will make her re-appcaranee at j

uc tivoii to-uay. ; Mr. Jack Cannot returned ,to the pantomime at Her Majesty's on Monday last. While the English comedian was on the sick-list the part of King Stoneybrokish was played by Mr. Victor Loydall. Scenes from Shakespeare's 'Henry Vlll.' are being shown by West's Pictures at the Palace Theatre and the Princess' Theatra. The Australian 'Dartos, who had so much suc cess Jast year with the Apache Dance, will appear at the Tivoii again to-day, in another dramatic dance, 'The 'Visitor.' The Austra lian 'Little Tich' will also make his reappear ance. Sousa finishes bis Sydney season with a mati nee and evening concert at the Town Hall to day. Mr. Frank Lincoln, the leading man of the' 'Gay Gordons' company, commenced his stage career by appearing with a stock company, which' produced all the old-time dramas. He played a varied round of parts, and these, he says, gave him a great deal of experience, which he found most valuable in musical comedy. 'Straight out drama,' he says, 'develops one's dramatic instinct, and trains one to bring out the best there is in a character, particularly* in a -musical comedy, in which the parts, as a rule, are more skeletons, framed by the author, and the actor has to build them up and mould them into form.'

Mr. H. B. Irving and his company left Lon don by the Orient liner 'Orsova,' and are due to reach Fremantle on June 13. The company proper will number a dozen, and when mechan ists, wardrobe mistresses, dressers and maids are accounted for the party may be reckoned to total a full score.. Mr. Arden Godfrey and Mr. T. Reynolds are already at work on the pre liminaries for the season in Sydney. Edin burgh is the birthplace of Mr. Henry Vibart, ?who is a prominent member of the Irving Com pany. ? Mr. 'Vibart worked for ten years in the English provinces, playing a round of parts joanging from 'Rob Roy' to 'Touchstone,' anil /VOeeph Surface1; to Napoleon— about 150 parts Then came his London opportunity when'' fc»; Appeared with Irene Vanbrugh. He next ?went to ^America as leading man to Mansfield. In America he has supported such stars as John Drew, E. H. Sothern, and. Julia Marlowe. Mr. Vibart created. the part of Alex. Wylle in J. T.L: Barrie's 'What Every Woman Knows.'

iMr. Charles A. Wenman writes from New York : 'When I left London the principal sue-, classes were 'The Chocolate Soldier' and 'Baby Mine.' Both o£ these musical comedies are running strong over here, and are doing enor mous business. I have also seen 'The Spring Maid,' which is a magnificent production in every way.' The three pieces mentioned by Mr. Wenman (who produced 'The Arcadians' in Australia) have been secured by the Clarke and Meynell management. .Some .peopo whose motto evidently is 'Be in ?tiine,' are already sending in applications to Her Majesty's Theatre for scats for the Melba grand opera season. One enthusiast has asked !thait. two seats be kept for him at every perfor mance during the season, in spite of the' fact'' that no announcement with regard to the prices has been made. ?Mr. Jack Cannot, one of the pantomime prin ciples at Her Majesty's, remembers a time when ho was travelling as business manager with a humorous lecturer who was not then known to far^i. They were touring the English provinces, visiting the smaller towns. One evening the lecturer looked through a. hole in 'the curtain, 'wiich was just about to be drawn up. Ho re marked to the baggage man that tho place was well-nigh empty, and asked why the business ?was so bad. The man replied, 'I can't say, sir ; ?you've never been here before, sir.' Mr.' George Edwardes, cousin 'ot the -famous JLondon manager, who is to manage for Ethel

Irving her company while in Australia under the direction of Clarke and 'Meyncll, has arrived in ?Melbourne. The Ethel living Company is now ?ncarlng Australia, being on .board the. Orsovn. which reaches Melbourne on the lOtli inst. Miss Irving is bringing her own company. The death of Sir W. S. Gilbert, will revive memories of tome brilliant Gilbert «:i;l Sullivan comic opera seasons in Sydney. All the joint .works of the playful satirist and melodious musician were introduced to Australia 'by Mr. J. C. Williamson. The 1ST!) cast of 'II. M.S. Pina fore' included Maggie Moore and Amies Beau mont. The productions which followed Lrought ?forth Nellie Stewart, Alice Roes, Leonora Brahain, Fanny Liddiard, Violet Varli-y, Flora Grnupner, Florence Perry, Alice Darnell, Flor-_ o:-ce Young, Slgnor Verdi, Signor Riccardl, Billy Elton, Howard Vcrncn, George Lauri,, George Tioyle, Court ice Pounds, Charles Ryley, Joseph Tnpl'ey, Charles Kcnningluun, Wallace Brownlow, and William Paull. In non-.o of th'_ k'le.-i ic vivals Doliy Castles npp1 ^rcl.

MDLLE. BLANCHE CHARMEROY, The French sinner of Enfjtish Sonos at the Tr.oll.

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