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T PIONEER JOURNAL OF THE DOWNS. ;< Thus the "Darling Downs Gazette" of Monday last:. ",To-day, the 'Darling Downs Gazette' enters tpon the 61st yetar of publication. . It:.was in May, 16588, when Mr. Arthur.,S;.ney,, Lyon, the pioneer of Queenlland:,ljorpalism, sold'outof the 'North Aatnallae,' since merged. into the, 'Queensland' Times,' and. put into practice 'his project of htarting -a paper on the Darling Downs. On the 10th of June, 1858, the initial pubilcation of the 'Darling Downs Gazette' was Ioaued fron tihe 'Willow Cotti?e,' Drayton, and was a modest deinj-folio of four pages. After two years the paper came into tie posses seop of Mr. W. H.. Byers, who, It 18;s, removed it to Tooq pompgp.". With -fereunce to 'the. a~Aye.,;,"'ed Gum" writes' pas follows:-Irnstating that "Mr. A. S. Lyon, the pioneer .of' 'Qpelonsland 1ouraallsm, sold out bf. the, 'North Australian,' since merged into the 'Queesnland Times, " the "D.D. Gazette'" deprlves itself 'of the credit of being the ppaopd oldest established newspaper in Queensland, the first being the "More ton Bay Courier" (sow the Brisbane "Courier"), printed and published by tie'pi'oprletor, Arthur Sidney Lyon, on the '20th of June, 1846.'" Nine years later, Mr. A. S. Lyon edited the "North AUstrallan" (owned- by Messrs. E. J. J~ ,A. '. Bays), which was published on the 2nd of October, 1855. Three years liter 'Mr. A. S. Lyon edited the first, 6ublieation of the "Darling Downs Gaz ette." but as to the "Queensland Times," it merged from the "Ipswich Herald," which saw the light of day a'year sub sequent to the publicntion of the "D.D. Ci ettc"-namely, on the 4th of July, 1859. Nevertheless, I wish the "Gaz ette" another 61 years' life and pros parity,' with kindly regards to "Ben Bolt," with whom I have had the plea sure of comparing notes. 'Men's Tweed Overcoats, sizes S to 8. 'PrIces, 35/, 40/, 42/, 45/, 50/, 60CO/. T. Belirne & Co., Ipswich.*