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Jhem for L^kriátmaó

Another Christmas looms ahead and brings again the old problem of what gifts we shall choose for those near and dear to us. This first peace-time Christmas will have more significance as a festive occasion, and as many restrictions have been lifted, we shall be able to let our heads go . somewhat» Most of us leave our Christmas shopping until the last weeks or days, which means

a frantic rush to get just_ the right gifts in the, shortest time. With thousands of shoppers doing the same thing, the business of choosing, presents becomes a difficult and tiring ¡ob.

SO we have made a tour of the

shops and have selected a variety of gifts to help you In your choice and save you headaches and time.

. «t *

For Hun

A Christmas gift for Dad. need not be a problem this year, as a wide range of gifts is displayed. A tie or a pair of socks are perhaps the first things one thinks of, and al- though there are no fancy socks as yet, there is a wide variety in blues, greys, and browns at prices ranging from 2/6 to 4/9 pair. At one store I saw an excellent range of ties from 3/6 to 12/6. Brushes In gift boxes were noticed for 11/, or in leather cases for 14/, with a set of two for 22/6, and a man's travelling set for £3/5/11.

» * *

Braces in gift boxes were priced at from 3/10 to II, and for "something different" there were some linen beach hats in white with red, green, or brown, which looked light, smart, and comfortable for 7/11. Por a better gift, what about a dual purpose lightweight wool dressing gown, which may also be used as a beach robe for 44/6 and 8 coupons, and other lightweight wool dressing gowns for 70/11. Dressing-gowns m artificial silk range from 58/6 to 75/7 and 15 coupons, and there are some heavyweight utility gowns for 58/6 and 8 coupons. Slippers make a good present, or, in a different field, notecases at prices from 5/6 to 25/ and wallets from about 10/6

For Her

If she smokes, a lipstick type of cigarette-lighter would please her. They are in all colours for 10/, or a chrome-finished one at 10/6. At- tractive hand-painted powder-bowls

are priced from 7/ to 12/. A useful handbag size torch costs 4/6, and a novelty key ring la only 2/.

» * «

For the Industrious woman you might choose a chintz workbag at 8/2 or a leather knitting-bag at 15/11, and suede priced at 18/lf. A really smart suede shopping-bag costs 22/9.

. * «

A gift that is different Is a shower curtain (6ft x 6ft) costing £2/1/9, and there are some dainty water- proof aprons (3 coupons), ranging from 7/11. Shampoo capes are use- ful, and are priced at 10/. Some really dashing toilet-holders shaped like handbags cost 8/11 to 17/6, and ' gay, bunchy beach bags are 8/8. Six folding coat-hangers, just the thing for travelling, cost 3/11, and gay handkerchief sachets range from] 7/11 to 14/6. There are some lovely toilet sets for baby, nicely boxed, costing from 3/3 upwards.

* « .

Salads look delicious when served on wooden platters, and for a really good gift you can get a set of six for £4/19/6. Mulga bookends cost 20/6 a pair, and inkstands in the same wood range from 12/6 to 26/6. Fruit comports in Australian woods are priced from 22/6 to 35/.

« . »

Dusting powder and eau de cologne are prettily tied with cellophane, making a useful gift for 7/11, and there are many boxed toilet sets of soap, talc, &c, from 5/6.

« . »

Among the uncouponed underwear are some really nice jersey night- gowns, lace trimmed,, at various prices, with a particularly nice style at 18/2. A rayon nightgown, nicely designed and obtainable in all col- ours, costs 37/6 and 11 coupons. Dainty and serviceable sets compris- ing scanties and vests are 8/11 each and two coupons.

Snappy swim suits in pure wool, either two piece or one piece, with bare midriff, are in sizes 32, 34, and 36. and cost 17/5.

. * «

And the Children

The kiddles generally make up their own minds as to what Father Christmas is going to bring them, but for the friend who wants to "buy something for a friend's child and hasat the slightest Idea what to get" some of these suggestions may be helpful. At one store I saw sets of wooden furniture, which any little girl would like, for 14/11. Metal planes are 4/9, tommyguns in metal for 6/2, and wood for 7/9; model warships which you can build your- self for 2/6, and aeroplanes from lid, 2/, and 6/6. Strollers for dolls are 16/8 and 18/5, steel trucks 24/5, dolls with unbreakable faces, arms, and legs, 211n long and dressed, are 35/4. There is a mechanical sedan for 14/9, beach buckets for 2/. drums with drumsticks for 4/, jig-saw pussies 1/1 to 4/3, bobs sets for 12/11, hobby rocking-horses for 22/6. and building sets from 6/ to 30/.

. . *

Large white stockings trimmed with red are 17/6, and I saw a mammoth one for £8/8/. Footballs (soft filled) cost 3/, doll's deck chairs 4/1, wardrobes 14/, and dressing-tables 12/6. Koala bears made of kangaroo skin at £3/3/, and large wooden hand-painted pencil-cases . for 2/6 each. Dolls and golliwogs range in prices from 79/11 to £4/6/6 at one store, and sewing sets for small girls are priced at 6r<6 and 8/6.

. » *

If readers desire to know at which stores any of the above articles may be purchased, names will be supplied on receipt of a stamped, addressed envelope addressed to Vesta Junior.