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Many Women  

Of the 70 delegates to the confer-

ence of the Australian Institute of   Librarians which will be held in Mel-   bourne this weekend 28 are women. They come from all States except Queensland and Tasmania.

Women who seek to become librarians   must be well equipped for the post which is open only to those who have passed university examinations in two languages in addition to English and who are will-

ing to complete a university course before they can expect promotion. In New South Wales women hold high positions in the profession. One of them, Miss Ida Leeson, is chief librarian of the Mitchell


Miss M. E. Wood, librarian of the Uni-

versity library of Perth will be one of those who will contribute to a symposium on Library Development in Australia to be given at the annual meeting to-day.  

She will be the only woman official speaker at the meeting.

Victorian representatives at the con- ference will be led by Miss Isabel Fraser who pioneered the work for women in this State, and who is at the Public Library of Victoria. Other Victorian women representatives will include the Misses Winifred McGlade and Ursula O'Connor (Public Library), Misses F. M.   Fuller and Lesley Gordon (University Library), Misses M.E.L. Archer, M. L.   Hulme and A. L. Kent (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), Miss L. McCallum (Prahran Public Library) and Mrs. F. Taylor (Presbyterian Ladles    

College Library).

Miss Monica Flower has been a librarian at the Sydney Public Library for many years. Miss E. A. Sims, another Sydney   Public Library librarian is working hard   for the movement in New South Wales to establish free libraries in all big country


The University of Sydney allied libraries employ many women. At the head of these is Miss Beatrice Wines, who is at present in England. Misses E. M. Dinley, E. Hewitt, J. M. Murphy and Marjorie Thompson will represent the university libraries at the conference.    

Miss Christian Griffith, from the Sydney   Municipal Library. will also be present. Others from New South Wales will be

Misses Jean Arnot, E. M. Clapham, J. I.   McIntosh and Y. L. Spence all from the Sydney Public Library and Miss Nancy Booker from the Sydney Teachers' College


Two librarians from the Federal Capital Territory who will attend are Misses M. I.

Foley who is at the National Library at Canberra and Miss E. S. Hall.

Misses M. E. Deegan and Margaret     Sorrell, librarians at the University of Adelaide, will represent the women     librarians of South Australia. Miss Wood is from the Perth University library.