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Andrew Christie, 2% years, "was kick ed on the forehead by a horse at Wont haggi. The frontal bone of the skull was fractured. >

At Frankston a mushroom was found growing on Nj-ora Estate w^hich weighed lib. 12oz., and measured 3ft. in circumference.

Victor John Sweeting, five, son of Mr and Mrs J. W. Sweeting, of Werribee, was accidentally drowned in a dam near his parents' residence at Werribee.

Arthur Hudgson stumbled over a leg of wood at Fenshurst, and fell heavily. He dislocated his collar bone. It was the . ninth time that he had received such an injury.

John Tinkler, 43, had his left- hand caught in a chaffcutting machine at Bendigo. He was admitted to the hos pital, where the arm was amputated

below the elbow.

William Cooper, 51, a farmer, fell from a load of chaff that he was cart ing to Strathkellar railway station, and was killed. He leaves" a widow and nine children.

A pair of horses In a buggy bolted at Koondrook. The occupant, John Atkin, was thrown out. and sustained a broken shoulder and concussion of the brain. He died without regaining conscious


Mushrooms have been plentiful at Bunyip. One resident is reported to have secured nearly 2 cwt. in less than an hour. The crop is unusual for West Gippsland at this time of


Colin Herman, 16, had his hand cansht in some machinery at BUlarat, and his linger crushed. Blood poison ing set in, and Horman was . admitted to the hospital, where he died some days later.

A gun with which William Garrigan, 19 was shooting rabbits fit Isewbridge ex ploded after it had missed fire twice. Garrigan''s hand was severely injured. He was admitted treatment to Dunollv hospital.

Victor John Sweeting, 5, was drowned at Werribee while sailing toy

boats in a dam, containing 4ft. of water. He fell in while trying- to reach a boat. Some companions ran for help, which arrived too late to resuscitate


•A stallion attached to a dray at Ingle wood took fright and bolted. The vehicle collided with a stump and the horse and dray turned over. The horse, which was owned by Mr William But ler, and valued at £50, had its neck


William Heaphy, 25, died at Kya bram from poison taken in mistake for his medicine. . Medical evidence was given at the inquest that Heaphy had been-under treatment for heart trouble. A verdict of accidental death was re turned.

^ Mr John Petschack, a resident o* Oippsland for over 30 years, on return ing from church, found his house de stroyed by fire at Noojjee North. He lived 20 miles from anyone, and was one of the first settlers in the district. The building was not insured.

: A half-grown fox m an iron cage wa-s

•displayed as ail advertising medium in the window of a drapery store at Wont haggi, A greyhound dog- noticed the fox and made a leap for it. He smashed the glass window, and. then made off uninjured. The damage was covered

by insurance.

Five shops .in Manifold street, Cam perdown, were destroyed by fire. The outbreak,occurred in a-building divided into two shops, occupied by Mrs Maley, stationer, and Mr Macdonald, frir.terer. Owing ;to the poor supply of water the fire spread, and three other shops were also destroyed. The shops and stock

were insured.

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