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BEST 1938



Church Selected

For the first time a building outside

the City of Melbourne has been awarded the Victorian Street Architecture Medal. It is the Second Church of Christ, Scien- tist, in Cookson street, Camber-


It has won the 1938 medal for the architects, Messrs. Bates, Smart, and McCutcheon, of Collins street-their third


The award was announced yesterday by the secretary of the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects (Mr. J. B. Islip).

In 1932 Messrs. Bates, Smart, and McCcutcheon gained the award with the A.M.P. Building, Collins street, and in 1934 won with Buckley and Nunn Ltd. men's store, Bourke street.

Jury's Report

The jury in its report stated that the winning building "illustrates the archi- tectural dignity which may be achieved with simplicity of massing, well-propor- tioned voids, and the judicious placing of appropriate enrichment. Elimination rather than decoration tends to charac- terise accepted standards of good archi- tecture to-day, and this building reveals a particularly happy balance between these two considerations. It represents a satisfactory solution to the architec- tural problem of a modern church with- out resort to traditional ecclesiastical motifs."

The medal will be presented to the successful architects by the Lord Mayor (Councillor A. W. Coles) at the annual meeting of the Institute of Architects on Tuesday night.

A plaque recording the award will be fixed to the church.

The purpose of the award is to en- courage excellence of design in street architecture and to stimulate public in- terest in architecture.

(Picture on Page 32.)

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