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Victorian^ .Farmers'(Jnloii.

first conference. : 7 v;

AboaVSOO'dejegates' wera t>Wjent" atthe M»nthwtecUnityHa!lonTuaaj»y,'>rh«re . the firit conference of the Tictpmn" .Far

mera' Unionwas:opoped.. .There' are 185 branohea.affiliated witb-.the -union, and nearly all of them sent 'delegate*, .MrA.' Inderaon (Nawbam) preiided. ;.. . .

Mr Hagalthornand ths Union; -

Mr Isaac Hart (Trenth'am) reported that 1 ha had receiveda letter frora the.yictarian • Wheat Commission stating that, that; body

had decided .that - the. appointment' of a member of the union to. the. tadviiory. com mittee wannot at present.deemed ucessary. This Mr Hart contended was not iu aeooi a . with a promise givan by^Mr Hagelthorn to

a deputation which waited on him recently that the union should be represented. on the Whtst 06mrai88ibn;, •

Mr' Kfill (Colbinabbio) said-hia recollec tion was that the Minrater iaid lie' 'person ally could see nu objection to ' the - union hiving a' representative.'.

* Mr OasU'e'i (Myatio Park) gave notice

that'he would move at * later. stage that , Mr. Hagelthorn di4 not possess. the. coofi ,denc« of therural producers.

Object* of the Union.- '

Speaking of the objects of ' the union, Mr Hurt urged that those - present should .,m«k* thempslvas an independent.. political ■ power. , The country was . iqoking for' a

lead from the. producer*.,. -The commercial interests of; the city were largely domina - ted by greed atid'• selfishness: - Thers has

no hope from th&Trades Hall party.. Their organisation 'must atatid on it*' merits,. and -adopt a milltant pclicy„ of poli

lies if politics 'were -to1 lj<f pulled ■ out of ' the - mire in- which they :• ware now. ' The producers of the country

were It* backb'ono, arid from them oily ■ e'oald a great'n&tional policy be expected.

V aarpenters,- hrioklayers «ould draw up a policy, surejy the producers were Intelli gent enough to do «o.

After considerable discussion, it was . decided- that the name of the organisation

ba the .Victorian Farmers' Union, and that tha. head office be in Melbourne, The . planks of the- platfoim defining the object*

of the union aa submitted by the executive were adopted with few dissentients, as were the rales dealing with members, fc'nd their fee*. ■ ;

After the luncheon adjournment'-furthe r attention was given to the rule9.aubmitted by tha 'fxeoutive. Most of- them were ' adopted with but few alterations. There ' wait keen discussion on the rule providing;

' for the. reading etfery year'at branoh meet

ings of a'JiBt of the names of parsons eli

gible. for membership within . thu area covered bytha branoh, but who refused to join the union, »nd that later.a meeting of three delegates from eaoh branch be held to deoide on the line pf .action in re ference to non-members who still refused to join the. union.. :Qne. delegate de fcribed the proposal coercive unionism. On - the question for the; adoption of the rule bsing put toit vote; it was carried by a

ltrca maioritv.

Parliamentary Ifoireienta tires.

- ■ A'recommendation of the: executive— ■ ■ ■ VThat any peraon, being., a member of

Parliament, subscribing • to the platform,

and diaoiplined of the unipn,-be eligible. " for selection as a -representative, of the

un'ion-rwas negatived, and it »ae decided ' that Mpirants'muBt be members- of the.

Farmera' Union before being accepted .as candidatea' at the selection, ballot. All ; ... ^ominationa for ielectioa are 'to be ac

•ompanted by a deposit of ES, this ia to be . ... forfeited to. the funds of .the'union nhould

the nominator fail to poll .one-fifth -of the tote* oftha laadlngcandidate on the first -eount. ."We are only waiting our time in

'dialing with the political platform unless - we bind our men by pledge"," waa the - opinion of the majority of delegate!, and

' sandldatea for the selection ballot will'

therefore hara to give an . undertaking in ' writing to adhere Absolutely to the prlo

ciple'a and details of the paity'e policy.

In the'event of i' candidate being put forward by another patty, the oentral . executive waa given power to confer with

the local council of :tnat other party, with a view to securing V aing)e' candidate in. auDnoit "of the union's Platform and polioy.

. Union's Management.

After a long (Kscunion, It .was, resolved tb»t the management of the* union be v'ee Ud In a central. counoil, : composed of a preiideut, ^lie-president, ssoretary, trei»f urer, and a committeef .representing North Qippaland, South Gippslarid,'the .Mallte, WeiUrn ' Wimmera,- Cfoulbuih Tulley, eentral, northern and- north-eastern dis tricts. ... . ,

Duty on Juto Goods.

Oo the motiooofMesera W. 0. Hill an 3 Putting, it waa.resolved'to ask.the Minis tor for Oustoips to receive.fa deputation flora the union, with a ta"lng the duty on jute ^oode removed.

Financial ■ Position.

The secretary (Mr Isaac Hart)' reported that the number, of members'of the union was approximately 3781,' ' of whom 2836 ware financial.: .The re»enuo for the past year h\4boen over L10Q0, °.f which L4^ Jl* lOd wae unexpended. .

It was decided to appoint a member of the union to the position <<f secretary and aditor of the oficial journal at a salary of L400a year; and to Vote L10 per . annum

to tbe hon treasurer.

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