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! S

! Mr. R. E. Kennedy, of Jlarong, haaj

been appointed a justice of the peace for; the Midland Bailiwick. | I Bishop Green, who has resigned the I charge of the Ballnrat Anglican diocese, was accorded a public farewell at Ballnrat

'on Tuesday night. Archlishop Clarke! | presided over a crowded attendance, all] denominations being represented. Bishop ! Green was presented with a purse con-1

tainine 450 sovereigns. Mrs. Green had previously been presented with a purse of 200 sovereigns by the ladies.

Corporal A. Gillespie and Privates L Nixon and M. Dewhurst, of Inglewood, wlio are in training at Seymour, have been transferred tj the motor transport corps. All three being skillta mechanics, their usefulness in this sphere should be undoubted.

| Mr. J. R. Pcholes, of Bridgewater, who

is receiving donations of money to be converted into tobacco for the soldiers, reports the receipt of the following:—Miss White, 2' 6d; Friend, 2s; Mrs. J. R. Scholes, 2=; Mr. E Burge. Is; Mrs. \V. Hughes, Is; Mrs. Deslandes, Is; Mrs. Stagg, Is; Miss L>. Manthorpe, Is; Mrs. W. Palmer, Is; total, 12s 6d.

The most successful fishing season on record is at present bein;; experienced on the Murray. Large consignments of Murray cod of immense weight, bream, perch and cat fish are being sent to the metropolis daily from Swan Hill and other stations on the Piangil extensions. The Murray, Wakool and Edwards rivers, Merrin, and other creeks and lakes are apparently teeming with fish. A fisher man on Friday landed 212 the best fish in two hours in one of the district streams. Fishing boats propelled by motor power have now made their ap pearance on the Murray at Pianiil, and one of them tows the owner's houseboat from place to place. Another boat is fitted with paddles and propelled by hand


An accident, fortunately not attended with serious consequences, occurred on Tuesday to Mr. G Gook when driving down brooke street, a wheel of his cart suddenly coming off and letting the vehicle down on the roadway with a solid bump. Mr. Gook keeping his balance, and the horse being a quiet one, the position was remedied without mishap.

A collison between a cart driven bv Mr. W. G. Leigh and a cyclist, Master E. Appleby, at the Pelican Hotel crossing in Brooke Lane on Saturday resulted some what unfortunately for the latter, his foot being hurt and his cycle damaged in the


The secretary of the Innlewoou Hospital (Mr. W. F. Tiitchell) acknowledges with thanks the receipt; of the following : — L9 7s 2d from Bank of Victoria Endow ment iund (L77 12?, 3 ye-us at 4 per c«nt) ; L-i 19= 9d from impatient* ; LI 3s 9d from our-pntiencs ; 6 "Weekly limes" from Miss Southey.

The Digeer Buind Jam Factory as its lust half yearly shareholders meetiug dis closed a very happy state of affairs as existing between the company and the numerous consumers of its products, a record turnover and record protit hiving been earned duiing the term under review. This is one of the feiv successful manufac turing industries established in CDuntry centres, and the success achieved lias been undoubtedly due to the unequalled quality of the jams, canned fruits, and sauces manufactured by this enterprising Co operative Company. None but the best and freshest fruits are used and the process of preserving is cariied out under the mo!,t hygienic conditions, and both these factors combined pioduce the excellent results. The public can always rely on jinis, stuces and canned fruits bearing the "Digger Brand."

The Trustees Executors and Agency Company Limited, of No. -512 Collins street, .Melbourne, 13 app ving with ilrs. •Jane Smitzi f-jr probate of the will of the late Alexander Smiih, of "Coilsfield," York Street, iloonee Ponds, stock and station agent (a member of the firm of Pearson, Kowe, Smith and Co., of 416 Bourke titreet, Melbourne, Stock and station Agents) who died on 21st June, 1915. The estate is valued for probate at ^101,078 19a,- consisting of real estate, £50.1)59 17s 7d and personalty, £51,019 Is 5d, which is left to his wife and relatives.

Tne Modern Picture Co., which visited fnsleivoud uu Wednesday, showed to a fair house. The piograinme piesented was a good one, and the entertainment met with geneni favor.

A meeting of the friend* of Mr J. Hut chinson will be held at Mr F. Morse's, Kurting, to morrow evening to arrange for a fareiveil to him 011 his approachiug de partuie from Kurting.

The Rev A. I<. G. Ash will deliwr his farewell addresses at the Inglewood, Puw lett and SerpeutinePresbyteii.ui churches on Sunday inxt.

On going to press we learned that Private A. (j. Shepherd will return home by the midday train tomorrow. He will be entertained at a public reception at the lown Hall on Monday evening. All interested are invited to attend.

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