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Referring to the practice of motorists and holiday makers generally carrying radio sets with them when pleasure   driving, the Barmedman Broadcaster


"Radio has so many uses during the summer time. It is at this period of the year that the vacational receiver comes into full use.  

"This type of set may be used in holiday camps in the mountains, coun- try or at the seaside. It may also be installed in a country home for a period of a holiday, and will keep its owner in constant touch with the doings in the city. In isolated or out of the way spots, the music, say, from 3LO, Mel- bourne, may be used for an impromptu


"Small portable receivers may also be taken aboard yachts in the bay, or even on a canoe on the river. Nor does this exhaust the uses of the port- able receiver. Hundreds of thousands of car owners take the advantage of fine week ends to go for trips to all parts of the State. With very little trouble a receiver may he installed in a car, which will receive a broadcast- ing station from almost any part of the State. With the aid of this equipment and a piece of wire hitched to a tree, news and music may always be picked up during meals or other stops by the roadside. (Incidentally it might be

mentioned that the most modern sets even dispense with the aerial entirely).

"All the above are summer time uses for radio receivers, which, as a general rule, cannot be taken from the fireside during the winter. At the present day we have many huge stations broad- casting at all times in all directions, news, music, descriptions of current events. Unless an outdoor or portable receiver is part of your holiday pack, all this good broadcast is being wasted as far as you are concerned. It is al- ways there. Use it!"

Herr Richard Strauss, in recognition of his work on behalf of Viennese opera, is being presented with a gift of land, as well as £5000, for the manuscript of his new opera "Helen the Egyptian," which will be placed in

the national library.