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League Decision

Professional footrunners who do not try to win races will be strongly penalised in future by stewards of the Victorian Athletic League.

The decision was made at the council meeting yesterday, after a complaint by Mr. M. O'Donohue (Wangaratta) that stewards at metropolitan sports meetings had not placed themselves in a favourable position, while races were being held, to detect any runner who did not try to win. He had attended several metropolitan sports meetings recently, and many runners should have been dis- qualified for not trying.

Mr. E. Seedsman (runners' representa- tive) said that much of the trouble was caused by the unwise advice given to run- ners by their trainers. Many runners believed that by not trying to win a race they would receive a more liberal handi- cap at future sports meetings.

Mr. J. Bull (secretary).-There has been too much leniency shown runners in recent months. Within the last two weeks stewards at a metropolitan meeting ordered the rerunning of a head because it was believed that not one runner had tried to win. In the past, any runner who was found guilty of not having tried to win a race was suspended for six months without the option of an alternative penalty.

W. G. Oliver was disqualified for six months from June 27, after the council had consldeied a complaint that Oliver had been associated in an incident involv- ing J. Du Frocq, a steward at the White City running-grounds,


The council decided to suggest to the Victoria Coursing Association (White City) that for future running events, for which £50 was offered as prize money, a nomination fee of 7/ be charged, and that the runners be asked to contribute an additional 3/ as sweepstake money.

After a ballot, the following handicap- ped were appointed for the 1939 season: J. W. Beckwith, J. Bull, D. Dewar, G. Ross, and J. Schafe. League stewards appointed to act at registered meetings In Victoria were'-J. Du Frocq, G. Eddy, P. J. Holohan, C. C. Matthews, J. Pem- berton, T. Robertson, S. N. McLaren, S. Armstrong, N. S. Reid, F. T. Delany, and E. Hillyer.

It was decided that a ballot among registered runners be taken in May to determine the representatives of the run- ners on the council. Until the election is held, Messrs. E. W. Seedsman and W. Bowman will continuo to act as repre- sentatives.