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Notwithstanding the late hour at which the proceedings commenced, there wan a fairly large audience pre sent in the Hamilton botanical gar dens on NcwJYcnr's eve to witness tho fine programme of pictures. The goto receipts totalled £19. As befitting the festivo seanon, the majority of the pictures 'screened dealt with humor ous subjects, the principal of these being cntitlrd "Josie's Legacy," in which the heroine, through the re ceipt of a telegram suddenly changes her position from that or a household drudge to a heiress and therefore he comes the object of attention from se veral young men. The fortune left by an aunt in Germany, however, con sists of two children, and when thdt Was discovered the denouement was rather amusing. The -chief dramatic film was entitled 1 tie "Wint.hrop diu • monds." As ur.ual, t.lv wrong girl was blamed for the robbery, hut a clever detective unearthed the real culprits. The "Topical Gazette" in

cluded a picture of Servian soldiers, , whoso appcanmcc was i_'re-;ted with I

applause. Pathe's Gazette was us full of interest as ever. The inci dental music was supplied bv Mr. am! Mrs. II. A. Palmer.

New South Wales State revenue for December amounted to £1,567,631—a decrease of .£28,544. The railways showed an increase of .£11,538.

Mr. A. Black, of Tar win, Victoria, advertises that share dairymen arc wanted to milk by hand on the Tar win river flats, South Gippsland. I ()th"r Particulars are/notified.

During the. year there wore -11S bankrupts in New South Wnl«H, aB acainst -105 last year. The liabilities of bankrupts totnlled £'128,700, and assets £1011,7-17, showing a deficit of


A youn>r Chinese, Archlo bee, aged 23, whs fined £5, or two mouths'

hjiril' labour, at Globe court for ille gally tampering with a loiter box. l-lu was caught Hortiiij; letters out. ot a pillar post box, the door of which had been left unlocked. Tile defence was tliat tlio accused suflerod from lapse ol memory.

The military board appointed to inquire into tho tarring and feather iri^C ot Mr. Kntii, a member ol tbc 'Trades Hull, by a number of sol diers, lias concluded its sittings. The hoard has reported that the evidence obtained haw failed to disclose the identity of any of the ,tu'u concerned in the episode.

A story of a nm»„rkiible trup sot bv tJernvin engineers for the explo sion of a ininc m a trench, after it had bJui captured, has boon told by a British soldier. After the Ger m-ins were driven out of th-o trench this soldier saw a sold chain lying in the trench. As ho picked it up there ""was a deafening noise, and part' of the trcuch was blown into the air. The Germans had mined the trench, nnd had placed tho i:old chain us a trap, to onsure its explo


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