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VFL Toom« Strong


One of the finest sets of VFL matches for the seaton have been arranged for tomorrow. With 5 rounds to be played there is still no certainty about the composition of the final 4. It is this fact that makes most of the games tomorrow so Im- portant.

Chief Interest will be taken In the Footscray-Rlchmond game at Yarra- ville. Richmond, which won the first game after being well held for 3 quarters, is second one game ahead of Footscray. Patrons are advised that the Yarraville ground is 4 min- utes' walk from the station, which Is 16 minutes' train Journey from the city.

Essendon (first) will be tested by Melbourne at Richmond. Fitzroy, making a bold bid, will find St Kilda playing confidently and well. South Melbourne (equal third) will not find it easy at Collingwood, and North Melbourne will have to play better than it did last week to defeat Haw-


Because 2 players have to appear before the tribunal tomorrow Fitz- roy has been unable to complete its team. Among 27 named are Bicker- ton and Hoskins (RAAF), Rogers, and Stoddart (Navy), and Brooks and McGain (seconds). M. Hugh son (RAAF) reported fit and should plaj'. Oliphant, who has Just re- turned from WA, trained last night»

Crane was passed as fit by Rich- mond last night, and he will replace Perkins. Steele will leave full back to Crane and will go to the centre instead of Ablett, who will open in the half-back flank and play In the second ruck. Maguire will be Dyer's partner In the first ruck. Burge, of Castlemaine, a rover, is 19th. Scarl and Smeaton are still unfit. Arthur Mooney, of Richmond lecrults, will soon play with the seconds. He Is considered likely to develop into a star player.

Because of a doubt about several players St. Kilda could not complete Its team. Carmody, from the seconds, is a new man to be in- cluded. Loxton has fully recovered, but Lowry Is still unfit. Hudson, | who played as 19th man last week and shaped excellently. Is a South Australian League player, who Is a follower, centre half-back, or centre half-forward. Parker (Navy) Is not available.

The best news at Footscray was that Norman Ware, captain-coach, trained well and was passed as fit by the doctor. His knee has been worrying him. Selectors made no change in the team, except that Woods replaces Houston as 19th


O'Donohue, a Navy man, who was chosen by Hawthorn In the last game but had to with- draw, will have his first game tomorrow. Jorgensen and either Peters or Rowe are also chosen. Bar- ker (holidays), Harris, and Graham make room for them.

Pattinson (poisoned leg) and Lee hane have been omitted by Essen- don, their places being taken by Griggs and Betson. Lane will remain at centre half-forward, with Griggs alongside him.

Lambert, who has returned from service outside Australia, will play his first game for the season for Col- lingwood this week, and has been placed full-forward. Main, who has not played since the first game, also returns. Wallis and Burns have been included. These 4 replace Carruth- ers, Mears, P. Ryan, and Dean. Those to play with Abbotsford at Richmond City reserve are Wilson, Stabb (2), Monsbourgh, Newman, Lang, Utting, P. Ryan, Wade, and


Five changes have been made by North Melbourne. Findlay and Har- rison make a welcome return. Blades (Ascotvale CYMO and Harley (Gee- long) will have their .first games. Kearney also returns. They replace Parks (injured). Chergvvin, H. Green, Dyer, and Long.

Collins and Anderson trained last night, and there are possibilities that Carlton, for its next game on Sat- urday week, will have its strongest side. The coach gave players sharp work last night.