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The departure of the remaining portion of the quota of district volunteers, who have enlisted in the expeditionary force, was made the occasion of a stirring patriotic de- monstration yesterday. The com- plete list of light horse men, include- es Privates M. Tilley W. Turner, W. Niven, B. Huggins, and H. Caple, who left for Broadmeadows on Tuesday, is as follows—  

From Hamilton. Sergeant Francis.

Corporal E. Moore.

Shoeing-Smith Mallinson. Private W. Mastin.

Private A. Morison. Private C. Cross.

Private W. Kinghorn, Byaduk. Private R. Rigby.

Privgte B. Herrmann.  

Private T. Henderson. Private R. Coulter. Private M. Tilley.

Private W. Turner. Private W. Niven.

Private E. Huggins. Private H. Caple.

From Casterton. Corporal Roulston. Private Bridgeland. Private Reid.

Private D. Ley.

Private W. Burchell., Private Napsey.

Private Edwards.

Private F. Meldrum (Merino). Private E. Roper.

Private H. C. Ferguson (Coler- aine.)

A total of 26 men were representa- tive of the 20th regiment of A.L.H. Amongst the party were Private Bridgeland, who has seen Imperial service, and is possessed of five clasps and one Boer war medal, and four others who have seen service in south Africa. The fourteen horses trucked included very fine gift ani- mals from Messrs. A. G. Stewart, of Lyne station, J. G. Laidlaw, Mel- ville Forest, and J. L. Brown, Ham- ilton. The following gifts were also received by the men :—From Mr. J. L. Murphy, one large box cigar- ettes ; Mr. I. H. Short, one box cigars. On Wednesday evening Cadet Lieutenants G. Lodge and L. Thomas, who had relinquished their rank in order to join the infantry portion at the force were also farewelled, while on Thursday evening Messrs. D. Eld- ridge, H. Eadon and George Col-   ville, who volunteered as artillery outriders, left for Queenscliff.

The patriotic fervour of the people being whetted by these departures reached a climax yesterday. Escort- ed by the senior calets under the

command of Lieut. Dow, the force left the drill hall in Milton-street punctually to time and marched to the town hull, via Lonsdale, Thom- son and Gray-streets. The pipe band, the members of which had their pipes decorated with miniature Union Jack flags, led the procession through the streets, which were lined by large crowds of patriotic citi- zens, who watchcd with pride the steady swing of gal- lant young Australians. A striking feature of the function was the presence of about twenty motor cars, supplied by the follow ing :—Western District Motor Com- pany 5, Fraser and Co. 2, Learmon- th Motor Works 2, Messrs, S. I. Silberberg, R. G. Drummond, L. Jenner, E. H. Atkinson, Dolman Bros., J. R. Moodie,' Dalgety and Co., J. Kealy, E. J. White, and Mrs.

Fenton and. Rev. J. A. Barber.   There were also several beflagged motor cycles and other vehicles, which helped to increase the length of the procession.

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