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By tlii; death of Mr. William Dunn at Bex Hill on July 12 another ot tlid old pioneers of this district has hcen removed. The df-.ceased gentle man who had readied the venera:ble ago of HI years, was horn at Tann ton, ::i FomcrnotKhire. and came out. to Victoria in the Hhip Raven's

CrnlK in 1855. After spending ah- ,

out two years in GeelonR Mr. Dunn |

rode on horseback to Hamilton,

where ho resided for 44 years, (joint; | to Box Hill fourteen years ago. Af ter 1 hiit he was n frequent visitor

to 111 is iown. !n partnership with the late Mr. Uolilon. Mr. Dunn con ducted business here as n contractor, nna whs em;nt;cd in Hie ercct.ion of ;i number of big structures. A"1"' OT'.qst the principal "f tlicso war. the VioUiVin amt roluiiiiil banks ivn:l the two-storied buildings now occupied by Drs. Hayes and Scott. Ho also erected the first, brick house, in <«rny, Birect for Hie Into Mr. S. Kadle.v,

tlio bricks for which were made by J

M'\ H. i'ornlsh, san. Mr, Dunn was a (iuv(\it adherent of the Methodist cin.rfrt: 'ind held different oiliees in cotvii'ction with the work of that bo d;..' Ho wa.-, only taken iH about a rfrcniffhfc before his death, having; utfOR Si.i"cd with «. lit o! apoplexy while attoudiiuc divine sjvvicir. Mr.

Dunn had been married twice, and' leaves a widow, two sunn and two daughters—Messrs. John and William Dunn, of Hamilton. Mrs, llostoclc i.Uos Hill) and Mrs. Tflthcl Dunn (Now South Wales). The remains were interred in the Box Hill cemc tury. An in memoriam service was held in the Tfox Hill Methodist cliur

■ on the following Sim-day even inp, when the Rev. R. W. Thompson oc cupied the ' His subject was the pi\Krimas»B of life, the text cho sen beimt l'snltn 51th verse. The preacher made reference to the con sistently godly life led by the deceas ed gentleman, and in support lie quo ted the testimonies cf the vnvions Methodist ministers whore Mr, l)unn had from time to time resided. The

preacher also praised Mr. Dunn's j;c- I

tieral cheerfulness.

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