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( T'l!-: [, VTK III-:\ . C. U. I.K10.

i Tr.e h.isioiv ?<!' the late Kev. I i;. I). I J".'. Whose WaS n n. 'llll.'

; eii ;'i yt':.;.:'r.lay's " Spi .M a'.p. < .f '? 1 : O'-: i; r. lYstHW r!,., raC I .'!'. | »:'H I ; . n; in ? ift-, Kncland, am! 1 a y-'Mni; map. ; avin.!;' .leveh.pi'd

. V lUvrr.ry uu'litv.Uon .tlmvly

i. ? i-1-< > ? i i.', was i-'.i ,1 as a report f 1. ??? ill.1 i..> 'Tinies" in America. Lnf-r li,. rrhfrrri I.) Kn?l:i»<l. an.S a.i'tcv'.var.!:-. .' a-aai u> Australia by the sa'.lin.: arriv ing in !he I 'ommonu ealth early in

i-ie vient m Hailarat at the .:ori.>. i o; the gold nisi!, the iiingnet which .V-tracted so many of Hit1 pi«?

iKtv in>: pi:>>p\e from tin- old land, and for some rime taught in o:u' .,f tin1 I r.'-ni schools ill that district. lie had to ivlinnnish this occupation ..n the ad\ in' ni his medical oll'ieer, ,ur :<!.: to failing eyesight. Mo then , undertook ami conducted o.-sf;; 1 ly I a i.etuiing tow on behalf of the

Son sof Temperance friendly society, t ivonghont. the western district,

"'.icls 1~t"1 .r.jht him into ac.r,',.? iutance shtii with a. large r.uml .r of people. Particularly tr lino old n.mtlor.iun, the .'ate Mr. Thomas ftrown. On om cc?sii»i« n the late Mr. I.ct» drove with a single horse from Melbourne to Adelaide. going a.toss the ninety mile desrrf, or. a lecturing itinerary. Fn due course he interested himself in I'reshyteiian missionary work at Moorce. in the Clietwynd district, and e'.-cntii.iily. -entered the Presby terian minis; ry. Ho appointed to C.v. er.iiish, and there he laboured for thirty years, retiring about nine years ago. The rev. gentleman en dured strenuous pioneering work while ar Cavendish, which at that, time included a very large district, and extended in one direction Dunkeld. It Was work which necessi tated iong drives over almost im passable roads, and he often attend ed three services in distant towns in day. Afrer his retirement from the ministry he came to reside in Hamilton, where his was a familiar figure. Though he .gradually grew frail as the result of ol.l age (being 85 years at the time c.' death) he was never actually confined to brd, and drove into Ha milton until qf.itj recently in the carriage so well known. The late Mr. Lee originated ohe . idea

portable schools in this district, which was to solve the problem of fluctuating populations. This was to overcome the dlrticulty which fjc tu eh? department, where the estab IMimt'tt of permanent buildings in spec.lied localities could not i.e un dertaken owing to the risk of these probably becoming useless tor the purpose intended through retrogres sion m attendance in the course of a tew years. Mr. Lee worked hard for the establishment of these portable schools, and his efforts resulted in a number o* them being erected in scat tered localities.. The remains were tnteried in the "Hamilton cemetery yesterday atterr.oon. As previously mentioned Mr. Lee's wife died some time ago. The family left to fnoiim the loss of a father possess ing splendid attributes are Henry, oi ^'est Australia . George, eng-aged in Presbyterian missionary .vork: W. B., employe;! by Messrs. "foung Bros. in "'A ill aura .

Alfred, of Dimboola ; the el dest daughter, Miss I.e.", who resi ded with" her father until his death-, .Mrs. Kuah Moore., of c" (widow

r! i - and the youngest daughter, Ber tha, who i-: married to Mr. James


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