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-1 he passing rroin the old to the j new year at Coleraine was quietly j observed. During the evening tlio j main street shops attracted a good |

many people, and the Colentine ;

Brass Band, as 011 - Christmas Eve, J gave a number oE items uear t,i:e j post-ollioe corner. At Holy Trinity j Church a midnight service was held


Through the generosity of Mr. Wm. Waters, Rockview, Nareen, the church atNareou has been furnished with suitable blinds. With the sum mer's sun at its strangest jast now, the value of these shades is much appreciated by nil concerned.


Whilst coming from Casterton one night recently, in a gig, Mr. T. Kane and Miss M'Namara met with an acccident. Just at the mill bridge; Coleraine, the horse foil bj- coming on to loose metal with the result that the occupants wero thrown|out, The lady icceived a se vere shaking and was somewhat da/.ed whilst Mr. Kutio was more fortunate. The horse received some very nasty cuts on the legs.


On Thursday last a partv 'if te i dairy farmers motored from Colac to Bella Vista to inspect the properly and the stock. They were inet at Bella Vista by Messrs. A E. S;siii11 j iV Ca and Young J:!ro" , who. escorted them round the dairy farms, where the visitors expressed the greatest as

tonishment and admiration at the

splendid buildings, the complete equipment, and the numerous ingeni

oils devices for saving labor. TI.eir views were summed up by one member of the parlv who declared " Well, we thought that Colac led Victoria in the dairying business., but we never sau" anything like this before" The stoci; naturally came in for a large share of atention, and die herds on eaeli farm were greatly admired, while

a beautifullot of heifers that were on

view at the homestead called for many c mplimentary remarks. The first portion of the herd will be sold in the Caste; ton yards on Tuesday next, 11th ; inst., atone o'clock, and will consist ' of about 100 cows and 100 heifers due

to calve from April onwards. It has taken five yean of systematic testing and culling to bring the herd up to its present high standard, and rarely if ever, have such high class dairy

. stock as these been offered in this

district before.

? ° 9 8 ° "

" LOLA."

Clara Kimball Young, the prime favorite of all picture artists, will occupy the chief role in the star pic ture at Leitch's next Monday. The study is entitled "Lola," and the central idea is t.hi transmigration of the soul from the body combined with a presentiment of the theory that life can be restored ;>fter death. Scientists have endeavored to pro mulgate these theories into actual reality for years, but Uiougli they

have not sneeeeded there have been i oue or two isolated instances where j , a quivering reaction has taken place,

lasting for some time, in which the

inanimate subject appears to be re- j stored to life. In the story under notice Lola is the daughter of a doc ■ tor who engages on an invention for

I the restoration of life. Lola is killed

in a street accident, and her father thus has the opportunity of placing his invention to the test. The soul ' passes from the bod}-, but Lola

e-nerges as another woman. Death claims her a seco;.d time, hut, broken hearted at the unsatisfactory out come of his previous great success the doctor refuses to use the inven tion again, and thus the tragedy is


o o o o fl c


The Christmas and New Year fes tivities ditl not, apparently, leave the pockets of the general public empty, for at St. Leon's Cirens last night, practically every seat was occupied. The airy and capacious tent afforded a degree or comfort not always felt in the regular building on a hot night, and the pcformance held the close attention oE the audience from the beginning to end. Novelties of -several kinds were introduced. Liv

ing statuary by the Jlentfrews was we'll illustrated in the pose of famous ^presentations, and the acrobatic and gymnastic features were speci mens of agility and cleverness equal to any thing seen before The Klmars showed their posinij and physical culture training. The patter of the clowns had the merit of origin ality, and their initios were really smart. The equestrianism was of the usual type, and as enjoyable a; ever. The concluding item was high jumping by horses. No interval was allowed in the programme, and it was just as well, for a storm at about ten o'cluck must have made the management auxious about the canvas structure As soon as the people were out they hurry-skurried home.



Willaura has had another disastrous fire, several places of business^ includ ing Fitzgerald's hotel, having been de


Melbourne council lias closed its

Turkish baths on account of a loss of , over £000 annually. Is there some- < thing in the name?

] AYe understand a recruiting sergeant

will arrive at Coleraine to morrow.

About 500 trucks of wheat arrive i at Hamilton daily.

I Unless the annual revenue of the I Penshurst Telephone Exchange can

be increased by £(50, the continuous service will be reduced to a day one'—

9 a.m. to G p.m.

Messrs. Ward, Lock and Co., pub lishers, have brought out a very fine holiday number of the " Wind sor Magazine." It contains no less than sixteen colored plates, besides a big number of illustrations, while the circles ^ive interesting aspects of the war and many short stories are supplied by the leading writers of the day. The volume under no tice is one of the choicest collections yet.issued. Mr. 0. Itolfe is the local agent for the " Windsor."

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