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Tn connection with the scheme for the 50,000 extra recruits, over a hundred replies (so far unopened) have been received by the municipal re cruiting authorities for the Shire of Wannon, and during the next week or two (when holiday makers will have returned to their homes) there is ex pected to bo a hi» budget of answers. In fact the number to be received must equal the number of enquiries sent out, and everyone is to be ac

counted for. It is' said some persons have torn up their paper0, imagining that by doing so they have disposed d them, but this is a delusion which will entail an enquiry and pos sibly discomfiture. Neglect to send the papers in is illegal, and everyone so offending will be dealt with accord ing to law.

« O O » O O


Colernine showed its usual anima tion on Christmas Eve. The main

street was thronged, the shopkeepers were kept intensely busy, and the weather being pleasant everyone seemed to bn in the right seasonable mood. The air was enlivened by a programme of music given by the Coleraino Brass Band which is sliow ■ int; distinct-improvement.



" A Hero of the Dardanelles" is

the title of the premier subject to be shown at the Red Cross picture show on Saturday evening, and this

will combine all the attributes of a i good lovo story and the thrilling features of actual warfare. The story is founded on the notable ex ploit, which has beeu chronicled iu almost every newspaper, wherein an Australian and a Turk engaged in a struggle for life on the edge of a cliff. This incident is shown with all due regard lor the requirements of reali ty, and is generally recognised as a real -thrill. In other respects the film shows a young fellow engaged \ in various sports, with which he be

comes uninterested when the call to arms arises, then he follows rifle I training, and qualifies tor enlistment,

and thence onward the spectator is taken through the embarkation for the front., life in Egypt, the lauding at Gallipoli, the fighting which there took place, including the charging of Turkish trenches, firing on the wounded and the Red Cross, retribu tion, and a safe return home. This specialty is well worth seeing. The balanco of the films will bo of enter taining variety. The whole of the net proceeds wili go to the Red Cross


• a o o o »


The Minister for Customs having

prohibited the export of butter at [ present, the industry is threatened . with serious results. With a view to I having the regulations modified to a ! loss harsh extent, the directors of the ! Coleraine Butter Factory Company have summoned a mealing of dairy men to be: held tomorrow evening at the Mechanics' Supper Room.

MCTtt>;5 V Entering on their

gramme LeitcVs will t'rM fine bill tor Moil's d;SI)C~K cWuig amongst oft*, »*&£ Ceho drama entitled "Ts,^.'.v

Ironmaster." The name plies tlie sturdy

of this yreduction, which u/4; with tvu>st fascinating sitaaft^: strong UisVrionic features,

being set amid a vaw\{\ <i'£\ y;McW captivates most cktir^Jk This choice drama will U ,,/.j melted hy the eleventh ic^vV oi " The Master Key," so

vban scenic tletaiVn.s iW

0[ " Around Ti'mvIaViI,-.,^? special of international imp-.j;^

depictwit "> moving Sutra 4 ȣ'

Map i'f ^aYdMielW

warned is of wore than u;^;Et3; owing to the ilcvelopmstits -\V

have lecenth taken place

gicrn where so manv > - ■

livesihavellcen loTV^

all the stages of t}Je .-■- • step, and „Iie h ~ pressed wit), the

i wluch was nnde«at "U ' : , amount of work nii f'-ii:

i empire's troop,,, -rl !'1' . ;"J , panjr Nbc{;; H;C; I

styled " A Miied-unfi ?f 3

there will be two ^°P V- :3

1 l"ei tOffe r

! t, . a «i'k SIGJTAL f

I It W not always that tV <«" 0

l^htyoftheGoverum^'t- 3

| observable to everyone,/

! and value just „mr.

atahons there is bein» po t«i I ' printed i„ red ink and hea ,; .¥r

attention to a lon».exhi2 ) - -3 tiou, which provides that ao ' driver, when he sees a J',* near a ra.lway liJ)e, ffi[!St ^ | fact, by Ins whistle, to t^X '

: j)airers nearest to the fire

{ be w asked to educateif,eIl. ,.pi

warning yf the signal

short, one long, and one shod,* ~

I e. 1* Hi ther, anyone Iieaiic- I*-"'

three-fold whistle is reqae h\ f " h-st ... jniltin, the Ere out ] ?■' only reasonable to think thu o 1

son would do other tban»-rt^ they bear the warning s,SP,i J|.;; tc"' , ,ifc maY save thcWc

pounds worth of prc.-vrtv -A nothing cf human life.

nay thousands, of miles of ra# lands throughout tlie Siaj; I

burned off during j|:, j3c|i.'

and they act as fire breitsff4:;

valnable proportions. p£


^ Next Wednesday night it Cuv! '" tjus. St. Leon's world-famed and Is

class circus will play

only. The circus consists of TOE-I'5

and -10 people, and St. Lew's fc-1. ^ 14-piece challenge band !}=•< " gramme consists of great *nd : ' artists, such as the Huiar*, tic ?=S -.;. frews, the Soles, Miss Lomtn

W illison, Miss AdeleHenzandCp!r

the five 8t. Leon's, Senoriti FL'!

pitia (the world'sgrcatesthor h-|? the Jinglers, and Li Belle Ms* Tnere are aluo educated and 'c ^ !

jumping hones. This circtii f-'ift- •: the record season of frn. n,1 L

( Hamilton nearly two r

Watch for the p.inule nMtlUl'jj'' day at about 11.30 a.m., itur «l

the usual location will le 0. jt if

the company and its pir p'ti,:''' The circus opens the H im 0

011 l'riday, the Tth Januarv. 1


A very pleasant evenin?na$!f;f

last Tuesday, in the form ot a er.i;:, in the Tempeniuce Hall. Afie:e|;V penses had been deducted, theres^:;; a surplus of 2«».3, aud it bs itf? decided to hand it to the Red C: |

Funds. f

After band practice on II !■

evening one of tlie member ' ' j instrument witli his bicyil 10 t-(i yards away from tlie band

on returning in about toe 1

saw the machine in the same Hil but the instrument bad been

This is probably considered wJ; offender "a lark," but it is a dly4 at best, and may involve tlie

tn unpleasont circiitnstances. [

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