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~ for the empire.

pte. Win. West, of Sailor's Gully, - bpjng invalided home to Australia. ue ]efi for the war zone oveng months %n0 with Beaufoits second' unit, and w-js severely wounded in France. Mrs > ^j'ar jn. of Beaufort, has been officially

notilieci that her son, Pte. Jas. Martin, j< on his way back to Australia. Fie. Martin enlisted over 18 months ago, a„cl was wounded whilst serving the

Empire in France.

I he Raglan relatives of Pte. Geo. Coi dmi, a member of Beaufort's second unit, have received an official .notifica tion t; at he lias been wounded- The nature of the wound is not stated. Pte. i;,rdon, who was employed in the lewnship prior to enlisting, left Aus tralia about IS months ago and has ex perienced a long term of strenuous ser


A letter has been received by a viiutw lady in the district from Pte. A. J. jlixon, of Beaufort, who is a prisoner of war in Germany. At time of writ ing he was employed in the harvest ,v<'d. and he stated that he was not get

ting sufficient food. • j

Pte. Robt. Dawson, of Beaufort, was ! on leave at the end of last week. .

Lieut. G. J. Huse. son of Mr Huse, J,ake-road, StawelJ, has been mentioned in despatches. Lieut. Huse went away witji the 14th Battalion, and has been nearly tliree ye-trs on service. He is a brother of Mrs C. Loo, of Beaufort.

Pte. W. J. Angus., only son of Mr F. A. Angus, of sjcipton. has died of wounds at the front. The deceased .• soldier, who had seen 2I years of ser vice, was 2i years of age, and leaves a widow, who is residing in England.

.Mrs W. Gardner, of Snake Valley, has been notified that her son, L.-Corpl. Walter Gardner, has been wounded by shrapnel in the wrist (severe), and is in Devonport Military Hospital, England. This is the second occasion that he has

been wounded. I

c Mrs A. Shaw, of Skipton, who lias

been residing at Snake Valley with her ;1 nt, Mrs J'olin Stevens, .has received the sad news that her husband, Pte. \ Adam Shaw, has been killed in action. » Pte. Shaw leaves a widow and two

children to mourn their loss.

Mr J. F. Wofherspoon, who is a wire less operator on an Australian trans port, recently returned from the scene of hostilities, and is now enjoying a few days' leave at home. He is the only son of Mr and Mrs J. R. Wotherspoon,

of Beaufort.

Lieut. R. V. J. Stnbbs, son of Mr John Stubbs; of Skipton, has been pro moted to the rank of captain.

The Rev. R. E. Saunders conveyed the saci news to Mr Thos. Nunn, of Snake Valley, that his son, Pte. William Nunn, has been killed in action in France.

Mr and Mrs John Phillips, of Beaufort, have received official advice that their son. Pte. W. G. Phillips, has been wound ed for the third time. Pte- Phillips has experienced a long term of active ser vice in France, having left Australia

,about IS months ago. |

The Ripon Shire flag will be fiown at half-mast from the fire station belfry on Sunday as. a last tribute of respect 10 the following district soldiers who have fallen recently :—Pte. Thos. Nunn, Snake Valley; Pte. Adam Shaw, Snake Valley (formerly of Skipton) ; Gunner Bert Williams, Snake Valley ; Pte. W. G. Waldron, Shirley.

Pte. Jas. Bending, of Beaufort, who was recently invalided home from the war zone, has been discharged for six


Mrs Geo. Nothnagel, of Beaufort, has received advice from her sister-in-law, Mrs Harold Pimblett, of Sydney, that she was informed on 12th inst. by the base records office that her husband, Pte. Harold Pimblett, was admitted to Essex County Hospital, Colchester, Eng land, on Oct. 14th, suffering from a severe gunshot wound on the face. Mrs Pimblett had previously heard from a comrade of her husband's that he had Aeen wounded. Pte- Pimblett was also 'Wounded some months ago.

In the lists of returning soldiers, pub lished on Wednesday and Thursday, appear the names of Sergt. G. Smith (Waterloo) and Pte. F. J. Martin (Beau fort).

Mrs S. J. Roberts, of Beaufort, on Thursday received notification from the Defense Department to the effect that her son, Gunner T. H. Roberts, has been wounded and gassed. Gunner Roberts, who was invalided home from Egypt during the Gallipoli campffign and dis charged, again enlisted and sailed for England about 12 months ago. A few months ago his only brother, Gunner J. £• Roberts, was killed in action.

Mrs Wm. Topp, of Trawalla, received the Ead news on Friday, 9th inst., that her brother, Trooper Walter Kinghorn, of Byaduk, was killed in action' on 31st October in Palestine; the late soldier's .. father having been notified that after •i noon by the Defence Department. The ij ^deceased was the son of Mr Frank King

horn and the late Mrs Kinghorn, of jtyaduk, and was a farmer by occupa tion and greatly respected by his friends and acquaintances. He left Australia with the first expeditionary force nearly tnree years ago, and served in Egypt as ^ transport driver attached to the Light Horse till last May, when he joined a combatant troop and went to Palestine, ine late Trooper Kinghorn was 26 years 01 age and a single man. Much sym pathy is felt for the bereaved relatives.

The name of Pte. T. B. Allan, Skipton |^ounded), appears in the 352nd casualty

Mrs Jas. Kelly, storekeeper, of Snake valley, has been notified by the Defence department that her son, Pte. Henry

6th Octob ^6en rePor^e<^ mi8sing from

Mrs A. C. Roddis has received the sad news that her nephew, Gnr. Bert Wil tams, has been killed in action in France. Gnr. Williams was the eldest son of the late Jenkin and Mrs Williams, of the »5an o' Kent hotel,- Saake Valley.

Mr and Mrs G. Waldron, of Shirley, who were recently notified that their s°n. Pte. W. G. Waldron, had been kill ed in action and were doubtful of the fact, owing to the wrong regimental number and the father's initial being wrongly given, have since been officially informed that the sad news is only too |tue; the errors having occurred in transmission of the telegram. Deceased ?.a8 greatly respected throughout the district for his manly ways and sterling Character, and much sympathy is felt

or the bereaved relatives.

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