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Family Notices

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[To Et! a rd ncalnct imposition, Hirth Marriage

ivath &nd In Memorlam Notices must be authenticated by wine reputable person to entire their Insertion To guard acalnst error tt He all names clearly In block letters ]

Birth Marriage Death Brrca\emrnt In Memo

rum and 1-unrral Notices up to 8 Unes. 3/ extra lines ot Cd


BELL (nee Neville) -on the 21st December «t 81 Helen i private hospltnl to Mr and M« Ci Bril-n son (Derrick Ros)

CASSIDY - On Hie ISt li December at the Mercj Hospital to Mo>n, wife of John Joseph

Casslds-a daughter

DEWHURST-On tho 16th Deccmbor to Iheltrv B H and Mrs Dewhurst the Vlcurage Ararnt-n dnughtcr (Stillborn )

HIGGINS -On the 10th December nt Car- bethon East, Mähern to Mr and Mrs H C Higgins-a daughter

LAWSON (nee Broadbent)-On tim 18th   December 101(1 at Mosgiel hospital Burres HUH to Mr and Mrs It H La« son-a son ilion Richard Clay)

SWAINTSTON-On tho nth December at Nurse McCreerj s private hospital Mnlmsburs to Mr and Mrs Alan S»alnston-a daughter

iBoth «eil )


GRANT-KEAM - Tho engagement li  

nounced of Marjorie rider daughter of Mr and Mrs J A Úraut 31 EmblUiR toad, Mal- iern to Oin voungest son of Mr and Mrs r E Kearn of Tasmania


ARNALL-ALLAN - On the 7th November at         Box Hill the marriage was quietly celebrated by the Rev. W H Holtham of Bessie McLay eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs R W Allan of 7 Hearn street Colac to Harold Victor youngest son of Mr and Mrs G Arnall of Elli-

minyt, Colac.


DOWIE-GILDERS. On the 23rd December, 1911, at Christmas street, Northcote, by the 2Anale Gilders eldest daughter of H and Otldcrs Present address 88 Noone sticct

Clllton Hill )

FAWCETT- PRATT.- - On the 2Jrd Decem- ber l8 1 at St George s Cathedral Western Australia Septimus son of the lato Mr and Mrs 8 Fiucctt Numurkah Victoria to May daughter of Mi- and late J Pratt Perth Present addles' 20 Booiool road East Kow


BAYERS-ELMS - On the 23rd December HU at Christ Church NP london by the [let J QulRlcj Augustus Prank fourth :on of the late Ml and Mrs V envois to Lilian Mii-j eldest daughter of Mrs and the late


EASTON-PHILBRICK - Mr and Mrs W C luton Wonthaggi, desire to express to their mun? friends uno îelntlses thetr heartfelt Appreciation for the numerous telegrams, tele

phone calls flowers and personal stslts of congratulation on the occasion of their golden



a'BECKETT.- On the 22nd December, at Windsor, Maud E. a'Beckett, eldest daughter of the late Dr. W. G. a'Beckett, of Wellington street, St Kilda. (Private interment.)

BARTON -On the 10th December at Poslei

Frederick William loved husband of Evelyn Barton and loving father of Jo>to (Mis Harding) Erica and Fred and second eldest ion ol ¡lie late C and M A Barton of Pnjnes tille -Underneath are the LvcrlnstltiR Arms

BEARD. — On the 22nd December 1936, at the Repatriation Hospital, Caulfield, William George Charles, the dearly loved husband of Jean Beard, and loving father of William, Phyllis, Alan and lan, aged 48 years

BEARD-On the 22nd December, 1936 at the Repatriation Hospital, Caulfield, William George Charles the dearly loved son of Mary and the late William Beard, and loving brother of Albert, Olive (Mrs Williams), Sidney, Elsie (Mrs. Hunter), John and Thelma (Mrs.Walls)  

aged 48 years, late of 6 Warley road East Mal-


BEARD -On the 22nd December at Caul- field Military Hospital. William George, eldest son of Mary Beard and the late W. E. Beard, loving brother of Albert and Syd. (Hobart) Olive (Mrs Williams N.S.W), Elsie (Mrs. Hunter, Bendigo), Jack (N.S.W. ) and Thelma       (Mrs. Walls, Lower Plenty)

BRYANT.- On the 10th December 1030 tally Vandeleur (Mjnlc) of 14 Oak grove, Altin Brighton, daughter of the lato Mr nnd Vn J F Holland nallarat loved sister of Helen (Mr> J A lodd) Tiank J Holland

and John F Holland

BUCHANAN-On the 10th December at tho   mldence or her daughter Mrs Don Dande- nong road East Oakleigh Marj widow of Inte tvilflsm mother of Eleanor (Mrs momas Campbell grandma of Ella, Thomas, Margaret, Nell and Alex, North road, East Oakleigh

aged 84 years.

BUSH -On the 22nd December passed peace- fully away at Gisborne Alice wife of the late

Robert Bush -At rest.

BUSH On the 22nd December at Gisborne, Alice relict of the late Robert Bush aged 75 years At rest.

CAPUANO (nee Annie Waite) On the 28th  

November, at her residence, Home Lodge Koo- yongkoot road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia wife of the late J. H. Capuano grazier, late Myrtle Point, Bairnsdale second daughter of William Henry Waite, Shippon Manor, Berk- shire and Jermima Marianne (nee Waller)  

Ipswich, Suffolk; granddaughter of John Doughty Waite and Harriott Elizabeth (nee   Anthony), Shippon House, Berkshire, loved     mother of Francis, Jessie ,Henry, Anthony,  

Ernest, Annie, Nelson, Cecil, and Edith. (Eng- lish papers please copy. )

CHIBNALL On the 18th December at Eildon House Ballarat Mary Ann beloved wife or Charles Chibnall youngest daughter of late Alexander and Ellen Gunn and loved sister   of Robert (deceased), Ellen (deceased) Isa- bella (Mrs J McMath), Alexander (de- ceased), Georgina (deceased) Joe Dan and

Barbara (Mrs C Dukc)

CLEMENT - On the 31st December (sud- denly) Robert James, the only son of William and the late Doris Clement, Newry aged two

years four months

CRIMMINS -On the 18th September 1936 at Hamilton Hospital New Zealand Stanley Percival, dearly loved husband of Gertrude   Crimmins of Raynor's road Huntly New Zen  

Uni tmlj on of the Into John IlcRlnald lind Harsaret Crlmmlns Broken Hill Australia

GAMBLE - On the 22nd December nt his mldencc 38 Mountain street. South Mel

bourne Andrew Mlchncl denriy loicd hus- band of the lote Annie V Gumble much loved filhtr of Roj Leslie Ollie (Mr* tie YouiiRi

lit« of Main rolnt Hotel -HIP (West Amtrallnn pupers piense cop* )

GOOLEY - On the 22nd December ni his mldtnce No 124 Normanby rond East, Kew

Willam George i nilla bcUncd son of Agnes ?nd the lair I uno Goolcs loved brother of Ollie lale oí GceloiiR

JOHNS - On the 20th Drcember ni Cnslle Mint Ulnnifrrd Jo\co dcarlj loied daughtoi «I Mr and Mrs Phill Johns !o\lnR sister of Cyril idecensedl Lllllnn Beatrice Mnignrct lad Bcr>l

LEAHY -_ On the 23nd December (result .laccldcnl) nt Ballona Bnse Hospltnl Michael Ptnli Loahj of Piggoreet dearly beloved son ft the late Michael and Ann Leahs mid loxed »«'her of Mars (Mrs V CnmplRll Camper

do»nl Dnnlel (Melbourne! nlchnrd (Mel- bourne), and John (Melbourne) nfced 51 jenrb

~Rest In pence

MASON _ On the 18th December nt Sjd

J" Henrietta Emily widow of the lnlc ¡Mourabie F C Mnson cx-Spenker of Vic

wla, and dcnrlj beloved mothor of Marie. Maries and nose oucd 00 \cari (Interred Prliatclj Melbourne General Cemetery on th(. «no December )

McCULLOCH. - On the 20th December, Catherine Vance Agnew, youngest daughter of the late Hon. William McCulloch.

McLEAN.-On the 2in<\ December ni n pri-   ste hospital DniidinoiiR Margaret McLean J i Close sltcct Dandenong and lato of »'rracknnbenl aged 08 jours -At rest

McLEAN - On Hie 32nd Dccembet at 81

¡wens Dandenong Margaret loved aunt of ¡aijrlei Watson Christina (Mrs Kinnoul *«i« IMrs Grnngcn, Margaret (dcccascdl too Morac

MINTERN _ on the 21st Dorrmbrr. n. Jloreham Alfred dcarlj lo; ed husband ol

»«itrct mid father of Wallace lorn and We «ßcd 01 jcars -Safe In the arms of

MORRIS - on the loth Derember ni Ljnd J»'« atrcct Richmond Michael beloied son !.,"' Michael and Mary Morris «nil »Uns brother of william Jane (Clssi John '»«Pn and Mollie (Mrs Plt7pnlrlck ile is $' """I 6B >Pn" iPrlsntoly Interred on »« 2Ut December i -RIP

NOAR.- 'he 21st December 101(1 al Ills "idfncc 38 Brickwood street Flstemwlck inarle« Hcnrj the beloved son of the late nmry and Marla Noor nfced OJ jenrs il'rl "'«li cremated |

OSBORNE -On the 22nd December (acci- dently drowned) Robert William beloved only son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Osborne, of Regent, loving brother of June, aged 11 years. - Our loving son at rest.

PETRY.--?11 Ulr «nd December at her rcsl î?ih..!M 8 '»'leimirv »nrnric Northcote N 16 oT"1"? the dcarlj loi ed wife of the late ïLÏ!e !oMns mother of Kate Anne (Mrs IB5MIÍ" acorl" nndllrzlc (Mrs Ifcwctt)

"" 5 »cnr» -Resting

ROBERTSON -On the ¿oth December <»ud K ,",' 'i'" residence Carin j n Mar* si Hie »Ti J10- eeloied husband of Mars Ilobcrt »» ajed it Jclir"

WEBB On the 20lli Derembei al Hie   ¡jiidencc of her son In law iltlrhnrd Cnfln 1

0! ih.r'ícíí0" ""el Fssemlon, Bridget, « Idow   « u..i,,.c cl,l,l*'es B Webb helmed niothei Illili 'i'5'1 I"T ""'?I" riorenre (Mrs R Ci»,»iL"ur" IMr,i HnrdliiRi Miiuil (Mrs R IIM, "nd "'e late Kulhleeii and Mau îl.nLÎ' inn -Mother llnlcrreil pilenlcly "JT"« Cenieterj on Hie Jlst Derember I

YOUNGSON.--°» the Mill December rolled   to?!11!,",!,01111 aged 13 seats loied little nan of SA Hired IM« Allred Pitt Morning


w11 oí Honour-On Active Service »»"ffi")''--1" loving memory of my dear

UlimTO,1 n°>>"' Ewen coventry. 14th nat-' Hemltii lP-, who ""'d' »<. Wareham Mllltnrv, «Uatïï fîF'1""!. December 31. lOlfi: also of

autrui I'.'T/' *>>° <"«d Decombor 33, 1803.1 "."".. W his mothor and brothers.)


AGER.-Loving memories of our little girls, Jocelyn and Pam, passed away December 23, 1934. (R. and E. Ager. )

BRADDON.--.T '5 8î.d nPd lovl"K memory of

mj dear husband Stephen and our dear

ceniber 1034 pn"5Cd nwny on thc 23rtl Dc

Loved in life treasured in death Too dearly loved to c\cr forget

-(Inserted by his loving «Ho and sons )

BURNS. ~Pontl »n»morlcs of mother, who SÎH5CHd./wn,y on "Io »3rd December 1030 1833 (Alice )° pn6scd av"ly on tl10 al,t May

COOK-In loving memory of our darling

h.1r,aini«*h0 pr?f.d.,aw,,,}r 0I1 'ho 33rd Decem? ïnr«,,Hm. T/,"".1,0 ,toiccn- lruo nnd tender

luraudmn and lamil) )

COSTER.-In lovng memory of my dear  

Not Just to day but every das

In sllcnco wo remember

i"T¿,n'iyte.d b* 1,l, ,ovm* *". Rnd children

Jack and Jean )

CRONE.-- T!Ji lm\}}* memory of ray dear husband William Herrn Crone who d ed on December 23 1031 al Donald also Winifred who died on May l8 1814 - Atwais so loving unselfish and kind (Inserted by his loving

wlfo and family )

DE FREDERICK ~ In l?Un* memory of my dear husband and our doar father Thomas Henry who departed this ltfo at Hopetoun on

December 23 1835

Ile I» not dead the brightness of him lingers

rho sweet remembered smile and words

once said

They touch my soul with fragrant vanished


He Is not here bul oh he is not dead nesting whero no shadows fall

In perfect peace he waits us all

-(Inserted bj his loving wife Kitty) Loving and true in ali his ways

Upright and Just to the end of his days

-(Loving son Keith )

Two little words not hard lo write I will remember them all mj life

My dad

-(Loving son stanley )

DE FREDERICK - In loving memory of c.   dear 60ti Thomas Henry who fell asleep In Jesus at Hopetoun on the 23rd December lMft

In the garden of memories we meet every das rivcrc Is no death In the lose that lives

Nor the faith that stands serene

Ho is walting for us the ono wo love

With onlj a shadow between

-(Inserted bj lils loving mother and

father )

DRAYTON -In loving memory of our dear friend Margaret Drn>ton who pnssed Into the higher life on December 32, 1035 -Safe In Ood s keeping (Inserted by her loving friends LjnU, and Dora Lannln )

EASTWOOD- In loving memory of our dear sister Margaret Tatt (Peg) who died oi the 22nd December 1031 (Inserted by her loi tug brothc- and sister J S and Tas Bust

wood I

FIDGE -In loving memory of Mary wife oil t 1 Idgc Undera died December 23 1834

GAWNE - in loving memory of my deal wife and our dear mother who passed awa\ at Shepparton on the 23rd December, 1033 -Ever remembered (Inserted bv her loving husband T Oawne and daughters )

GRIFFITHS -In loving memors of my dear husband and our dear lather who passed on the J3rd December 1020 at Hurstbridge

Not only to doj but every day In silence wo remember

- itnserlcd b> lils sorrowing wife and family ) HOSKING-In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Hosking who passed awov at Middle Park on the 53rd December 1028 -Ever remembered (Inserted by her loving daugh- ters Mrs II L Watson Prahran Mrs I Chapple Middle Patk )

LUNDQUIST - In meillon of riagnar be   loved husband of Marv Gilmour who died In Cairo December 23 1035

PARKIN - In fond remembrance of my deal wife Jinnie und otu dear mother who pabscd nwav on the 23rd December 1034 -rond memories (Inserted bs her los tug husband Flank daughter Winnie and son Howard )

PATERSON -In loving memory of W H,   husband of the late Sarah Paterson and father of Arthur B Paterson who died on the

23rd December, 1906.

SHANKS.- In loving memory of our dear friend, William Shanks, who passed peace fully away on December 23, 1935 (Inserted by F. and E. Marshall.)  

WARREN.- In loving memory of my dear wlfo and our mother who departed this life on the 23rd Dcrember 1029 -In silence wo le member (Inserted by her loving husband sons

and daughters I

WASBOURNE - In loving memory of out dcui ton William (Bill) who was nceidentnlh drowned on the 23id December 1028

Bentitlful memories ot one so dear We treasure still with love slncorc A beautiful life caine to an end

He died as lie lived everyone s friend

- (Inserted by his loving fntlioi and mot hoi

Frank and Maud )

WASBOURNE - In loving memory of m) dcai grandson William iBlll) who was accl dentally di owned on the 23rd Dccembei 1020

Sweet Is the ivord remembrance

As theo few lines will show

That 1 still hold lou In memory

As the sears they come and go

-(Inserted bj his loving grandmother E

riold I


deep APPRECIATION to all kind relatives and friends for expressions of sjinpitliv and floral tributes In their leccnt sad bereavement Will all please accept tilts as a token of our sincere gratitude 11 Connor street Last Geelong_

1AIDLAV, -rile rnmlly ot Hie late Mrs

-i I AIDLAW desire lo THANK all kind friends and relatives for cards tclcgrnms floral

butes and expressions or svinpntliv in their recent


THANKS to »li kind friend« for letters cardi telegrama floral tribut CB and personal expressions or fl>mpith> In their recent sad bcren\emcnt Will all pleine accept thin a« a terrenal ackno» ledgment of their deepest gratitude

MR and Mm \\ ii >OOAim wini, to THANK

nil relutIvcn and friends for letters tclegrau floral tributes and personal expression» of ."'

pat li \ in their recent herein cnicnl especially thanklmr Dr SUinlcj A McKonslo J47 Unttlo \allp> road Cimbcrurll _


BEARD The ITIcnds of the late WILLIAM

GEORGE CHARLES BEARD are rcspectlull) Informed that lils remains will be cremated at the Springvale Crematorium

Ibu funeral is appointed to move from lils resi- dence fl Warlev road East Malvern THIS DA! (Wednesdss 23rd December) at 3 p ni

It McKLNZIE Funeral Director (all suburbs) Head omeo Ititi clarendon street south Mel bourne Phone M3I07 12 lines)_

BUSH -The Friends of tho lato ALICE BUSH

> aro respectfully Informed that her remains Hill be Interred In dlsborno Cemetary

M MURRA! Undertaker Phone Gisborne, 51

BYRNES-The Friends of the late Mrs AGNES

BYRNES are respectfully Informed that her funeral will leave her late residence 37 Victoria street Coburg THIS DAY (Wednesday 23rd December) at 11 a m for the Coburg Cemetery

JOSEPH ALLISON PTY LTD Funeral Direc-   tor 788 Sydney road North Brunswick Phone

Bwk. 839

GOOLEY- rho Friends of the late WILLIAM

GEORGE (Bill) GOOLEY arc informed that   his funeral »111 leave lils residence No U4 Norimmb) roid East Ko» To morrow (Thursdaj )

at It o clerk for the place of Interment In the Box HUÍ Cometer) arriving 1120 a ni

RAMlOUIDSrn I ID Kew Tel Haw 374J

LEAHY.--Requiem Mass will be celebrated al     J KI Palrlrk s Cathedral Dallarnt THIS DA\ (Wrducfidn) 23rd December) at i o clot k for the repose or the soul of the late MICHAEL DENIS LEAHY of Piggoreet .".,.,,, ,".

The funeral »111 leave the Cathedral at J o clock, for (ho place of Interment the Snuthesdale

~ ictcrj

., W HAOFR and SONS runoral Directors Ballarat Phono 4M_

McLEAN -The retends of tho late MARGARET       McLEAN of 7 Close street Dandenong and     formcrl) of Warracknabeal are respectfully notl

fled that her funeral »III leave Wm I O arila r s pai lour IO Walker street Dandenong THIS DA! ( Vi educada j 33rd December) at 3 30 o clock for her last resting place In the Dandenong Cemetery

Head I

PETRY^^Friends of the late Mrs KATHERINA

PETRY ars respecttully Informed that tier remains will be Interred In the Coburg Genera!

Tho lunera! Is appointed lo lcai o her residence 124 Shattesbury parade Northcote "IBIS DA! (Wednesday J3rd December) at 4 p ni

HENRI. J R IFWI8 Furoral Dlr-clor l61 Johnston street Fltrroy 247 High street North

Phono Jtofifl_


This C. moir!) »Ill bo CLOSED for FUNI HALS as follows -Christmas Da)-All Day



this Cemeler) Will le rlOSrD for PUNFRALS


After 10 30 a m




By Order of tho 1 matees

i (IIBLIFNHAM CFMETFR! "lUS,1" Ki nodi (he Cemeteries »III bo CLOSED »li DA! on Christmas Da> 2Mb December 103«

»nil Ne» !ear» Dav 1st Jauusn 1037 and on1

Bo».,., Day ..II. December m^ ¡¡ ¿lf ^


/-sOBtma GENERAL CEMETFRY \J Thl» Cemelerv will be CLOSFD to rUNERALS Christmas Day-All Day, Boxing Da>-10 30 am New Year s Day-All Day. By order of Trustees



Will be CLOSED




I For Cremation, Mounmental, funeral

rurnisherg, &c, Missing friends, ( Messages, Mntrlmons, Lost and [ Found, sec Page 15.