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Tlic doftVn of Mr. John Huxley, ow II"r of St ruyn. nean Merino occurt edi tiiUi trauic siHltlemifiSR at his sea side residence, '■Konly." Portland yesterday ■mormmi'. Hp. r.rosc on Sua <lav monrine. apparently in his r.s

ual health. luit Was shortly alter ward* siir.t-d with aiisir.n pectoris nil'). although he. received skilful medical attention. the malady prov

ed fni.nl. and he expired as stated

Mr. Hiixlcv was horn :?t Por.llaiul n! '<jI«t. 55" yours k«. and Was Mic ro.n of the late Mr. .John Huxjcy, one of our o.-.iliest colonists. In, th" enr )v nuiRi.i'K when t.lic discovery of •■old in Wist. Aii^frciliti created a. fur ore of- exciti-wcnt. Mr. Huxley. in roniiifinv with Mr. John Mills, o! I'bwprsconrt., and four others, di.-i enverrf the -famous •konOtim-itory jm.lrt mine, ne-nr Co-oiirardie. The, mine owjnc t.o its maenitieeiit rir-,Hij«-.f»-t eirjitc<l tremendous excitement, and a ralvariised iron fonce was erected ar ound tJii"* shaft to "reveut any but nr'ivi!c_-cd persons beinir allowed n r it. The faTivn of the mine .--prei'-d l.c Biiplnnd. and eventually a rou

svii'lienTc. represeivtini: Colonel North mv.1,-the I?rrl of Pineal, purchased it for a sum sc/ine-.\iic_*re in the r(jt?io:i

of a,''farter of a million. Unfortun

ately for M.cse speculators the mine did no', justify anticipations. and after sinkinu' a foot on the- reef the Eoltl pf't-jred out. After tli: sale c;I the. mine. tJi-i late Mr. Huxley re turned -t.o his native, heath. a.nd s'-ortly nftcrv.-r;rrts iniTeh-i.ied lilt Strnnn estate, where he carried on rrnzin? pursuits. Btfni' of sport ing turr. of mind. Mr. Hnxlev iie c—ne rlic owner of st-v-ral rac-h.'ir ses, tli-e most successful of which -,v-)S the wrll-known steeplechaser Flur- list,. trained hv Mr. .J. A--■ney:

o', H.vnilt-n. v.bo w.vii ov.-r WOO vr, ptn-Vrs. win-ninr* the Great Western •St-enlechase at Hamilton in Sep t"T->'r Inst, carrying 12 stone 2f>s. This hors- -also s-e -id irn the llrieriv St^'ei lcch;is ■; at Wnrrn-. 'n hool annual meetim- an-d twice srr o'id in til" l.i-' .steenlechase at Mount, Cl.nnbicr. Mr. Huxlev- had onlv en: brother, th" late Mr. Tho m-is Htitle-. who died . t, Portland

tv.-'l r. months aeo. Two ais trr.-- survive him. Mrs. .1. A. Ilov.'

of fiatnilton. a-ivd Mrs. Brent. of C'ssv t"f' n. The interment will take plaec •it th> sout;'i cein'-tery Portland. to morrow afternoon.

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