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(From Our Own correspondent.)

BYADUK, Thursday.

Friday, June 28th, will long be    

remembered as a historic day at Byaduk. In spite of inclement wea  

ther conditions, a large assemblage was present to witness the memorable   event of planting an avenue of hon our. Mr. J. Scott, chairman, ex plained that they were commemorat

ing the brave lads who had left this district to fight for King and coun try. He had much pleasure in intro ducing Cr. D. Fraser, president of

the shire.

Cr. Fraser felt they were doing a proper thing in planting the trees, and he knew their duty would not end there. He hoped they would look after them and keep in memory those noble lads who were risking their lives for the sake of others.

The Rev. T. Riding said this would long be remembered as a red letter day for Byaduk. Our lads had   left their homes to fight for life life and liberty, and today's event was an     expression of appreciation of the no   ble service our boys had rendered to     the Empire. He noticed that many of the tree-guards bore a laurel wreath, denoting that, those whose names were attached had made the supreme sacrifice. Whilst sympathy was extended to the relatives and friends, he felt with them that the   path of duty was the way to glory.

The Rev. G. H. Elliott, of Macar ther, was pleased to be present, at such a gathering. They were that day expressing loyalty to our brave soldiers by the planting of those trees,  

and he felt we were all justly proud of the boys who had helped to make Australia's name.    

Rev. A. R. Cocks, of Warrnam   bool, also addressed the gathering      

on similar lines to the previous spea kers. It appeared to him the boys of Byaduk were, typical Australians

h- having gone to fight for the grand old flag. He (the speaker) was   proud to belong to a family that had sent many to fight for the same


The speeches were interspersed with patriotic songs rendered by the local

school children.

The chairman then asked Cr. Fraser to plant the first tree that in honour of his brother, the late Lieutenant S. Fraser—and immediately afterwards the other trees were planted by the relatives or friends of the soldiers. To each tree-guard, which had been previously erected, a plate was fixed bearing the name of the soldier, to gether with the branch of the army to which he was attached, and the place of service. Of the 36 soldiers represented nine had made the su preme sacrifice, and the name plates

of these also bore a cross.

After the planting of the trees afternoon was dispensed in the  


The following is the list of soldiers for whom trees were planted, toge ther with the name of those who planted the tree 1. W. R. Kinghorn (Miss Kinghorn) ; 2. R. S. Harper (Mrs. S. Harper) ; 3, S. Fraser (Cr. D. Fraser) ; 4. S. Ross (Mrs. G. Ross) : 5, J. T. Scott (Mr. J. Scott) ; 6. A. J. Docherty (Miss F. M'Gillivray) ; 7, A. M'Gillivray (Mrs. M'Gillivray) ; 8. J. E. Monaghan

(Mrs. Monaghan) ; 9, H. A. T. Gib bins (Mr. W. Gibbins) : 10, W. T. Harper (Miss G. Holmes) : 11, A. V. Harper (Mrs. J. Harper) ; 12, P. J. Brady (Mrs. R. Kinghorn) ; 13, P. Bishop (Mrs. M. N. Mackinnon), 14,   M. Bunworth, (Mr. J. Bunworth); 15,   W. S. Merlin (Mrs. W. T. Merlin) ; 16, Hindes (Miss A. Hindes) ; 17,   W. S. Filmer (Miss J. Filmer) ; 18, F. Bunworth (Miss N. Bunworth) ; 19, J. M'Gillivray (Mrs. J. W. Hunt) ; 20, C. D. M'Lean (Mrs. P. Christie); 21, A. G. Filmer (Miss R. Filmcr) ; 22, B. Kosch (Miss A. Kosch) ; 23, P. Kosch (Mr. J. Kosch) ; 21, W. Rentsch (Mrs. E. Rentsch) ; 25., J. A. Rosss (Miss H. Roberts) ; 26, C. Stewart, (Miss E. Stewart') ; 27, W. W. Ross (Mrs. L. D. Crockett) ; 28, G. H. Brand (Mrs. T. T. Brand) ; 29, B. O. Miller (Mrs. Albert Harper) ; 30, A. F. Ross (Miss N. Crockett) ;

31, Mr. R. Gibbins (Miss M. Gibbins) ; 32, C. J. Harman (Mrs. G. Harman) ;

33, L. Whitehead (Mrs. F. W. Brand); 34, W. Stewart (Mrs. W. Christie) ; 35, R. Harman (Miss J. Harman) ; 36, W. Harman (Miss Alice Har man). Those who have died for the   Empire are Private W. R. Kinghorn, Second Lieutenant S. Fraser,   Farrier S. Ross, Private H.  

A. T. Gibbins, Corporal W. T. Har man, Private A. V. Harper, Bombar   dier W. S. Merlin, Second Lieutenant   W. S. Filmer, and Private C. D. M'Lean.

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