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(From Cur Own Oorrnsponflent.

r.YADUK, Thursday.

I (•'rid.iy, <' line JSth, will long i,0

r.-iiunnhe.-ni (ls a historic' tiny at | H.v:it];ik. !» spite of ineleipenx ivea

'J"' 01 ii. Unco aasoiiiblftRe " a; l'r-Nt'nt 'o «'itiis-.'.ii the mcmorablta event ,.,[ iiianlini; i.n avenue of liou I'lir. j'.lr. .1, Scott. chairman,. ex J'liiiiiicl iJmi. ihi'v uere

lll° hruve lads '.villi had left, this 'i'slnct t„ ti^ht f..r King and com "V- Uc had much pleasure in intro ilnnni: Cr. |). Fraser, president. ot

tiu» shir,'.

Cr. Frascr felt tiicy were doinj: a proper tiling in ivluutinn t.lut trees and 1,1- knew tljeir dnt.v would not end there. He hoped tl„.y wouU| Uiitk after (hem and keep in memory thosu noale lads wlio were risking their lives Tor the sake of others.

The Hnv. T. Ridinir said this would liHi-g he remembered as n retl li tter day f,,r Hvadnk. Our lads had left their hrimes to fi;;ht for life lwld liberty, t > day's event was an expression of apem-int.ion • of the mv hie H'Tvte* boys had rt tv lered to the Umpire, Me loiiced that manv of Die tree-enanls I,ore a laurel wreath, denoting that, those whose t'nines were attached had made the supreme sacrifice. Whilst sympathy was "^tended to the relat'i\es and fri Tid-', ft-.- filt with them tli.'it the palh i.f ilwtv Was the way to plory.

Thr Itev. G. Klliott., of Mnear ther, was pl-ased to tie present, at sue), "nMirritii'. Thev were that ilav expressing loyalty t.o our brave I s- •l',i"rs(in the plaiitin.r of th~--e t.reesj

rnd lie felt we were all iimtlv proml of (he la-vs who had helpid to jnalte j Ansl raiia's name.

I Rev. A. n. Cnr'-'r., of War'U'ivv |''i i i. a'.o address d the uatlu-rin^

mii similar Iin"S lo the previous snea kers. It a'-peand to him ttin bti^rs of l'yadnk were, typical Au-trnlians

h-ivini; ivone to fii'lit. for the srniwl i 1(1 l!.?ir. He (the sne;ulter) wan pi(>T'd to b-'lrmg to n family that, hail, sent many to fight- for the same

, cause,

"lie s-ierehes wire interspersed with patriotic rendered tiy the loeH!

-ihool children.

The chairman then- nsked Or. Frasetf to. alaii' the lirst. tree that in honour .d his brother, the lnte l,ieuteni>ivt S. i-'raser—and immediately afterwards the other trees were planted by the relative*: or friends of the soldiers. To each trefl-gimnl, which hart been previously erected. a plate was fixed bearing the nnme of the soldier, to gether with the branch of the army to which lie was attached, ami the of service. Of the 3G soldiers represented nine had made t'he su preme sacrifice, and the name plates

of these also bore a cross.

After the irtturt-mR of the. trees nfteni:-.on ten was dispensed in the


The following is the list of soldiers for whom trees were planted, tot:e tlirr with the name of those who plruted the t.ree 1. W. 11. Kin-shorn (Miss Kinchc.rn) ; 2. R. S. Harper (Mrs. S. Harper) ; 3, S. Fraser (Cr. n. Frnsrr) ; •(, fi. Ross (Mrs- .fi. Ross) : 5, J. T. Scott (Mr. J. Scott) ; A. -T. Boeberty (Miss F. M'Oillivray) ; 7, A. M:GilHvray (Mrs. M'Gillivray) ; S, .1. E.

'Mi's. Monaghan) ; 0, H. A. T. Gib hins (Mr, ll'm. nibhins) : 10, W. T. He.rper (Miss G. Holmes) : 11. A. V. Harper (Mrs. J. Harper) ; 12, V. ,T. Brp.dy (Mrs. R. King-horn) ; IS, V Bishop (Mrs. M. N. Maekinnon', : 1-1, M. Bun worth .(Mr. ,f. TUirvworth); 1J, W. S. Merlin (Mrs. W. T. Merlin) ; 1.,, F. Hindes (Miss A. Hlndes) ; 17. W. S. Kilmer (Miss J. Filmer) ; 18, F. Bimworth (Miss N. Bnnworth) ; 19, .1. M"C;illvvrav (Mts. J. W. Hunt! ; 30, C. D. M'icun (Mrs. I'. Ohristi«V. 21, A. Filmer (Miss 11. Filmcr) ; 22,' 13. ICosnh (Mifia A. Kosoh)'; 2:), P. Kosch (Mr. .1. Kasch)!; 21, W. ttoiitsch (JJra. 13. Rentsch) ; 2:., J. A. Do.s (Miss 1-1. Floberts) ; 2C, 0. Stewart. (Miss Ki. Stewart') ; 27, V. W Ross (Mrs. b. D. Crockett)^ ; 28, (!. H. Brand (Mrs. T. T. Brand) ; 20, «. 0. Miller (Mrs. AlbeTt Harper) ; ■30, A. F. Ross (Miss N. Crockett)

Id' Mr. R. ('.llvljiTis (Miss M. Gi-bbinfi)", ?z' C.. .1- Wnrmnn- (Mrs. O. HnrmanTi

Ij. Whitehead (Mrs. F. W. Brand); :U W. Stewart :(Mrs. W. Christie) :ir,', It. Hanivan .(Miss .1. Harma") :ji;, w. Hai'inaa (Miss Alice lint man'. Those who ha,ve du'l for I hi Rinpire are Private W. R. Klnohorn, Seconl iiient: nant S. Priuwr, i-'ai ri-r S. ltoss, Trii'u-t? H.

T. Gib";ins, Conuvral W. T. llai' iii r, I'rivat.e A. V- ll;i.''t'(i'. Hrrnibar dier W. a. Merlin, Second l.deiit.fn int. Vv. S. Kilmer, and l'riyati'' C. 11. MJ.ean.

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