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At the Hamilton hospital vestev

day morning, Mr. 'YPIiumas J/evi. Wyatt, all oI*1 and respected colonist,

massed awav alter a lout: illness. Up wards of twelve months uco- the de ceased was taki u to the hospital

where, at times, under tlic skilful treatment received at the institution lie appeared to rally, but, during thi lust few wcekd it .Iwea'iivi evident that hu was fast failmii;, -,uul death eventually came to liim »s a wel come release. Born at Bow, l.ondoiv in 1831, the late Mr. Wyatt was married jvt tU. Uridtl'a church, Lon don. in 1S53. Two years later hti and 'his wife and child, accompanied by his "brother .Ta-nirs, . sailr.1' froui Plymouth in the ship Anna' Maria, landing at. Port lain! on February 10. 1856. Mr. Wyatt retnaiuoil in Port land for a mmii-er of years, where the other menHnrs of -tiie family were liorui Following the trade ,>t a pi \:i teret. lie thou made the acquaint ane;:

of tile lute Mi. H. Potter, wh.mi ' be took into p.-.rtnership, ami toge

ther they assisted ia the. erection . of, many of the buildings nf the eur'.v

days, some of whieh still stand as! monuments of their hnndicrnft. Wit h I !hct promise of an increasing demand

for their services, tlie part-1 iters left Portland lor Mount' r,, about 1-SG7, and hero' ■''Vii'in th:y were successful in sv-'curin^a j work in connection with the hospitMl,- I t'h' Glinrehf of Rnerl and. and many , other impcrtanl, structures. Five years Infer found the firm psbnh-lished in) Melbourne,. hut preferring the' coun try their stay in tlie inr,trope,Sis was short; ami thc.y rtturnul to iPiortland for a time. In lST-l Mr. Wyatt1, with his wife) and family, (1,-i-Kicd to re moo t to Ilu-.r.ilic n. jt-t which pJaen li/"

and- his, late partner • work, d a't. their > trade as plasterers alniviwt up t„ the time c! the death of the latter ab out IS months r-is^ssini; a wiry frame, the late Mr. Wyatt. <i<i to tiid Mmc of his last sickness, w wonderfully energetic jiiitl active in connection with his tradv. He was WW ot th:i fott' (.f the'OddteUo'ws lAjdge at Portland, ar.d at his death h:ul a record of over l'>0 years' mem h;i'sliip. Upright in his business transactions r.nel with u- cb<vry word

nc ai! temes h-.' will iie sadly missn-d ' b/ these with wbo-m lie had come i in contact. Two brc-t-hers 0{ decea^- i od (George Duck Wya'tt and' Jolin I Wveitt; landed at Portland in 1V53, both ot whom died some- years.- ago, the feriner b-iivz the second mayor of Mount (.xftinWer. Tire deceased leases a widow and two sons

J. Ij, Wyatt, of Port land, awl Mr. T. E. Wyatt, of Melbourne, and' three (lav-gli tiers (Mrs. OakJandf, Mies Alice Wyatt, ami Mrs. I'.o-lvb, of Hamilton'.} to mourn loss. Thefuncra'l will take- "placid this afternoon', leavting tli» dic:astd's late- home, Gra.y-s'tristt, :et.

thro: 'o'clock.

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