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18,000 Quarters this



Following the success of the Idom- eneus shipment of chilled beef the Brisbane Abattoir plans to send an additional 18,000 quarters to the Lon- don market before the end of the cresent year.

This announcement was made by the chairman of the Meat Industry Board (Mr. E. F. Sunners) yesterday, when commenting on the Commonwealth veterinary officer's report on the Idomeneus shipment. The report, he iald, confirmed that the technical crooesses employed at the Brisbane Abattoir In the preparation of the Idomeneus beef had been a complete success. Those processes aimed at having the beef landed in a flrst dass chilled condition or, in other rords, entirely free from visible mlcro t<ai contamination and in a soft chilled condition.

The' report aUo confirmed that it Tas practicable to provide ships' chambers of gas-tight construction, and his experience indicated that chilled beef could be stowed so as to rive an economical rate of freight If the ship's chamber was reasonably suited for the carriage of chilled beef.

Further shipments from the Bris- bane Abattoir had now been arranged as follows:-Autolycus, May 10; Idom- eneus, June 14; Port Fremantle, June 16- Automedon, July 7; Jervis Bay, August 3; Meriones, August 27. It was expected that these shipments would comprise 9000 quarters of beef. Addi- tional shipments from September to December were expected to permit of the shipment of a further 9000 quar-



This series of experimental ship- ments, ranging over the. year, should enable the completion of data re oulred for launching the trade upon a commercial basis, but the research laboratories would, of course, be con- tinued, as, no doubt, further scien- tific investigation would be of value to the industry. It was clear that to obtain the best price which the chilled beef market offered great care must be exercised in transporting cat He to the treatment works. If the animals were unduly excited, or in- efficiently rested before slaughter, some degree of fleriness would be caused, and apparently accentuated by the protracted storage period of the beef in a chilled condition. It would Is found also that poorly finished beef would be subject to discoloration, and consequently, quality would be of Importance In securing the best mar-

ket price.


"I am hoping," said Mr. Sunners,

.that for the series of experimental, shipments arranged we shall have the lull co-operation of producers and ex-, porters In providing suitable beef for each loading, and that every care will be given to the handling and trans- port of the animals."

Mr. Sunners added that private ad- rices received from London yesterday Indicated that the Idomeneus beef created a good impression on the Smithfield market and* that it was readily sold. The abattoir was fairly veil satisfied, therefore, with Its Initial ¬°hipment, and with some further experience expected to make Improve-

ments., - ,