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Family Notices

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¡To piard osolnst Imposition, Wit!» Mnrrlarc

neath ond In Memoria m Notices must bo i uheiitlrateil by tomo rcpuUblo larson

rn*.uro their Insertion To wiurd ti gainst error, wrlto all names clearly lu block letters]

Birth Mnrrlnfr, neath, nircatcmcnt. In Memo

rum, Mid funeral I^otlccs up to 0 lines, 3/,

cxtri linc3 at Cd.


BATH -On tile 21st Orlobrr 1030 In London lo loo no wire of Lieutenant J L nulli HAN -a daughter (Doth well |

CROTHERS - (nee Gwen Salter) -On Hie SOIli October In Mr mid Mrs Lex Crothers, Mlldurn - .> ton (llotli well )

PERRY -On the 21st October at Londa private hospital Elsternwick, to Mrs N.R.   Perry- a son (lived I8 hours)


HARRIS-WILSON-On the 23rd October 1886 al Shepparton by Kel M Ta j lor George soungest 6on or John and Mali Harris to Catherine eldest daughter of Edward anti Adele wilson (Present address 40 Baker sticcl North Richmond )


ALLEN -On (lie 32nd October 1030 at his residence White Horn, road Mitcham Walter George tho dcirls Idled husband oí Mahcllc Allen and the diarlv loved eldest son oil a «nd the late Isobilla Allen or bt Kilda

BARR -On Ihe 32nd October 1110 at the Austin Hospital John Smith Hair the beloved .-' .-- - ?-- linn «mi s

n Dan of li

(Insmaniaii eop\ )

BROOKS -On the 22 lil October al li I eth bridge street Mot mc Pindi. Ellan Jam dearly I cloved wltc of the lau Ernest Mark Brooks mid devoted niotlici of 1 lorcnce F M iMrs Continrk fivdneji Adellni M P Gool gc I H unit Herbert A O It In her «flin sear -A friend to all (Pilvate funeral I

BROWN On the 25nd October, at her ri sl drncc Chepstowe rilrabctli widow of the lau .Jumes Brown and loved mother of Janies increased! David tli/vbeth (dieinsedl lessle iVtrs luipi Barbara Nellie IMrs Humillo ' latin idecrasedl William and Alexander, her 87th sear -Deeply mourned

BURGESS -On the 21st Octobir lorn at II private hospital, \\prrlbce Stella \eieoe dcnrlv beloved wife of Truest Arthur Burgess anil loving moihei ot Frnest trie anti Rob tPrlvotrls cremated Fawkner 22nd October )

CHISHOLM -On tho Jlst October, nt lils ic slncncc lllllsldi Cartwright slioct Glenroi

Hugh the lu loved Husband of Isabelle Oils, holm mid loving lather of William I ni7cr und Margaret tdeeiased) nttU 82 jiars, luto of Highlands Vii -RIP

CLISSOLD -On the 21st Octobci at lils resl     denre 24 Lumeah road Caulfield William llud ellUe beloved husband of Harriet and loving father of Oeorgt Mars John and Oladvs and beloved brother of demi (Piliately Interred )

COOPERSMITH - On the ¿2nd October ni     a nrlvate hospital Abraham Coopcrsinllli dearls belovid husband of the late Soph} Coonrrsmllh beloved fnther of Mnurlri Jostph Samuel Hsmiin Isaac Bt,ed »S >euis -May his dear soul ri«l lu peuee (Bv request no flowers I (Mlnjnn at 1JJ Mcilwraith strict

North Carlton-lake Ljbon strict elictrle train and alight al HU harrison street Blindas

Mondas luosdns and Widnesday evenllu,s at

?¡30 »

CURRIE -On the 22nd October at the Caul-   field Military Hospital William Hugh Currie   late of 21st Batt AIF and of Seynour loved husband of Inez of 84 St George's Road   Elsternwick and loving father of John - A brave spirit resting

DEVEREUX - On the 21st October at 124 Tope street South Melbourne Nora the dearly beloved wife of the late Edward William Devereux loving mother of James, Nora, Ellen     'lalla', Edward and Mary (deceased) (Private Interment)

FAWCETT. –On the 19th October, 1936, at Tientsin, China, George H. Fawcett, brother of   Ralph and Nancy.

FISHER. –On the 22nd October at a private hospital, Elsternwick, Florence May, the

loving mother of Florence (Mrs. Breasley) and   William, and dear sister of Lillian (Mrs. Tat- terson) Henry and George Collins, aged 45

years. –At rest.

GUTHRIE. –On the 20th October (suddenly),

in England, William Currie, loving husband of Alice, dearly loved mother of Herbert (Fritz),   Wilma (Mrs. Mae Cuming), James, David, Arthur, Joan, John, and Ralph, in his 62nd year.

HALL. –At his residence, 3 Harwood street, Elwood, Henry, the beloved stepfather of Clifford, Norman and Harold Johnston. (Pri-

vately interred.)  

HARMAN. –On the 22nd October, Walter,

the beloved husband of the late Lydia, and   loving father of Eunice (Mrs. Lucas), Susie (Mrs. Condon), Nathan (deceased), Henry,   Louie (Mrs. Phiddian), Julia (Mrs. Lousada, deceased), Seth (deceased), Selena, Golder   (Mrs. Kerrison) and Stanley. In his 91st year.  

A colonist of 81 years. –Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord.

HARROD.- On the 21st October, 1936, at   her residence, 79 Grosvenor street, East St

Kilda, Ada Caroline, the beloved wife of the   late Alfred Thomas Harrod, and loving mother of Thomas, Estelle (deceased), Richard, Jean (Mrs Beauchamp, deceased), Terence, Gladys     (Mrs. Jones), Fay (Mrs. Barrett), Constance, and Blanche. - Thy will be done.

HILSBERG - On the 2lsl October nt lu r residence Drouin Alice Mars diatlv beloved wile of rteiniiold truest Illlsin ri, and loved mother of Mena Clara Ronald Mnrjurj J iel Lett) and Keilli

HORNE -on the 22nd October at her resi- dence, St. Denis, 15 Spring road Malvern, Blanche, beloved wife of James Peyton Horne and loving mother of Peyton, Phyllis, Loftus, Margot and Nancie, aged 74 years.

HUMPHREYS - On Hie 22nd October (sud      

oeiilj I nt 25 Elm street Flemluiton los. pit llenrj beloved husband of Morj Isabella and loving father or Doris (Mis Morlincr) Norman Cn» and Elva aged CO

JACKSON -On the 21st Oilobir nt Beiwlek   Millie dearls loved wife of Charles Jackson of Officer, and mother of baby Raymond ngid   23 sears -In tho midst of lile vvi


JACKSON.- At St. Leonard's private hospital,

Berwick, Millie, dearly loved daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. J. T. Bell, Hillcrest Howsei and loved sister or Jack. -In Uod s car

JACKSON-On the 21st October at Berwick private hospital Millie, loved daughter-in-law of Mrs. E. Jackson, Officer, sister-in-law it   Ueslon mid Mnj illa and Keith - Dciplv


JUDD -On the 22nd October Edith Mary beloved wife or Thomas Judd 55 Black street    

Middle Brighton and mother of Stanley (Píl- late funeral,  

NANKIVELL -On the 21st October (suil enly) at Kerang Dr Arthur Youl Nankivell Beloved husband of Aneila Flora

McPHERSON - ince Paslni) - On the 22nd october ni Brighton Morj Ann Mcpherson ¡J>ln« mother of Margaret iMrs Marslinlli Cecilia (Mrs Fvans deceased) Merci (Mrs uispmnn) Cathu Ina iMrs O Coii"on John 'deceascdi Dominic (deeeuscdl Pilir ttlul Mrs Evans) Bcnlrlce IMrs McCourli W11

«am (deceased) and Nell (dcicased) aged 71 jears -A patient sufferer at icsl ni P

O'BRIEN -On the 22nd Octobei nt his   t'sldcncc Nar-nar goon William loving hus

»and of Margaret son of Mrs mid the late «trick beloved brolhei of Dan Mar) llcssli

-11% Ntlllc "'"' ?"'" nliul " iCa"

PIERCE -on the 21st Octobei at the resi- nen« of her daughter (Mrs H J Matthews

. Dal) road Sandringham Elizabeth M dum, Movedwife of lllihnrd E Pierce tinte of Uel î,ale",8outhl loving mother of Uea Tcrce "J Clara (Mrs Matthew») ntid Mabel agu! » Sears -A patient 6tirtercr at rest

PILGRIM-on Hie 23nd oclober ina ni ri A,rnB,"d,,HcntrUc May the beloved wile ni ¡.naries William Pilgrim (Marnoo) and loving lesri" ° clwrl" "ml Norman, nkcd '" READ - On the 22nd October at lier resi- dence no North i oud Newporl Alberta Roberts t.«, "'«dciirly belovid dniightcr of tho lull

ft" °,n? tt"":<^ llc"<l d' Knngaron Flat and »ung sister of John ideccased) lames Grace ".".Jones deceased) and Chrlsllnu Ide «aseoi aged 69 sears -Peace perlcct PCUCL

READ - he 20th o-tobrr 1930 at lils Al,..1-1.," 5? Biitliinlnes read Hawthorn Kast

ii in!!fr Ccorgo Bremner the loved husband H.?.m'"î "ncl d<"lrll loved father of Eunle lif."".?', Jcnn »nd Alex - numltod "nierred Burwood Ccmetcr> 31st October)

n?i ?~°n l,lc 2!l'd October ni Mcibourni, m.« '?"?» ''"'«ved wife or George Joseph n.î? 2' 4i9 Sl Klllll> rolul Melbourne und 'V'K dauehter of Charles Y and Ellen Tord "I Colac aged 36 sears -At rest

RYAN - the 32nd October nt Melbourne vttr-ki' ninn l<"'"lt hlslcr 0l Mr "ncl Mr. ih"JTlrr » '?ofd 'of traralgon) Mr and Í' T.ÍI E, i nrd l0' fauineldl Mr and Mrs ll.rif.no0' Colacl beloved aunty or Challis pata y Fortl UB<,<1 35 >c,u" -No mon SALATHIEL - the 22nd October at his íéari. K. »"»'rbniifc Siittim Orange Mons SKv.°\i1 hu'bnnd of Catherine May Snln

RI«.r.S " 5e"r'1 -At lcfct

SINCLAIR - '2nd Ortobcr ni no} al »5?«f unii110""1"1! Mnrv Corinella beloved »llliîm S"nm 8lnc'»l'- loving mother of Ethel

nari \<Jiyy . ' r"ncls '"" dtcuised) Fmlly riorm.«cicchlllcl 1|0^,"', *?»« IM« Piper)

M«?«je»Ka (M" acccn,so<"11 ",ld t^Mlc TREBILCOTT - On 22 Oct      at Melbourne, the beloved wife of

Alan James, of 8 Maddox St Albert Park. At rest.

TREBILCOTT .-On the 22nd October at

Melbourne,Violet Susan, the beloved daugh-           ter of the late George and Emily Watson, of Bendigo, loved sister of' Annie (deceased)Will     iam, Melbourne, Mary, (d),May (d), James Heidelberg and Jean, Mrs Ash, Bendigo.

b'ïoîi^hu!1,' ,°",lhr - »(l Oilnbri Harold

\VSVUií" "'A',' ÍÍ;,"111 ft""r

1enceSt'.n0u1 in,"" ","1 October nt lils rest

John diLl, i1"."1" .fclrC('1 »rlhliton llinrv

'«ri HiSfiifi îf '.d'1" 'Mrs aibbsi, Jean (Mr> nfi ?.?'? /i«n" !Mr" Roseman I Mavis « Plwlll« ¥i..nnrt J"'ki ''cloved grandruth. r Orihira"'.-^1«,1"'» «alls Jean linda and Mt?«? »S« 71 sears. -Our beloved father



BARNES - In memory of F.G. Barnes, late V.R., died (result of accident) 23rd October,At the passing of the sun and in the morning We still remember you - LB LB CB

BINDING - -In lo\lng mernoo ot Alice, my dear wife mid our loving mother, «ho passed to a higher life Oclober 23, 1027 -lill «o meet again (Inserted by O Binding fnmllj Oakleigh )

BLACKLOCK -In loving memory of our mother «ho died Oclober 32 1931 also Dad «ho died August 29 1835 (Inserted by son and dnughtcr-ln-law Arthur and Lil )

BUNNELL - In loving memorj of Clnrrle, «ho passed a»ny on the 23rd October 1831

With Under love, and deep ícgret Wc «ho lol ed sou never forget

-(Inserted by hi» loving mother and «lfc )

BUNM-LI -In loving memon or Clarrie, «ho passed a»ny on tho 23rd October 1934 (Inserted by Mr and Mrs F W Elliott )

BUNSEit-In sad and loving memory of Clarrie «ho passed a«a) on the 23rd Octo- ber 1934 (Inserted by H and K Shilling«

la» )

ItUNNFl I -In memory of our dear l who died on the 23rd October 1834 -I forgotten (Inserted by li D W and P J )

IIUNMII -in loving memory of our dear friend Clarence Earl Bunncll »ho passed a«ay October 23 1934 -RIP (Inserted bj his true

pals Dot and Jack I

CUNNINGHAM-In loving memory of dear   little Merle «lui passed a«as October 23 1924 also duir little Honnj «ho pnsscd August 1

Billi loved and r\er remembered

- Ilnscrtcd b> loving mother falhcr brother

ami slstus )

CURRELL - in loving memory of our dear     mother May A B «ho died 23rd October lfm also our dear father Andrew J «ho died 20th August 1832 (Inserted bj their sorrowing

fomllj i

FINSTER - lo the mernoo of nu husband     and father Arthur Alexander «ho passed a«ay suddcnlv on 21r<l October. 1034 -Until tho day dawns (Inserted by his wife nnd two sons Eva Arthur, and Mervjn Hawthorn )

GROVER -A tribute to the memory of one of   my few true friends who departed this life on the 23rd October, 1914, at Ardmllian road

Moonee Ponds

This is a day of remembrance  

A day that fills me with regret,

But a day I will always remember

A day I shall never forget - (John Vernon South Yarra )

MALTBY - In loving memory of our dear     father and (¡randfathcr Henri who passed a« as on 23rd October 1035 (Inserted by hlR son and daughter-ln la« John and Hella their Uilldicn Olive Filen Harr} nnd Jack treat Kranrison Oraham also son-ln law, W Kerr

taradale )

McARTHUR - In memory of my dear wlfo and our loving mother, «no passed away on the 23rd October 1824 -Loved by all (In «(ried hi hi r loving husband and fnmllj, 13 Plummer road Mentone Hil)

PORTER- In loving memory of my beloved husband Harrj llardcastle dearls loved father of lisle (Mrs J Armstrong Perth) Harry H and Laura (Mrs W A OriRers), who passed

a«ai on the 23rd October 1033

I luce leurs liuvo passed slnco that sod day When the one «e lovtd «as called a»al, The loss «as great the shock severe

We little thought that death was near II h only those who have lost can tell

Du sorrow of nulling without farewell With tender love and deep regret

?\\c who ha\n loved >ou «111 never forget

- (IiiscrUd by lils loving wlfu and lamil} )

POWNALL -In loving memorv of my dear husband and our dear father James Pownall who paised away on the 23rd October 1934 (Inserted by lils loving witt and fnmllj )

ROBERTS -In loving remembrance or Hoj

tin dearly loved con of Alfied and Emma Hoben s «ho «as accidentally killed on tim J3rd October 1030 also loved husband of Iv>

and father of Boyd and Audrey -1 ond memorlt (10 Kellett street )

ROBERTS -In loving mcnior} of our loud   brothel and uncle Hoi who «as acctdenvally killed on Hu. 21rrt Oclober 1011 -Wc who loved nevir iorRU (Inserted bj Mrs Gould and Max, Broadmeadow* Hotel Phillis-Mrs derart! Kell} Warracknabeal )

WALKER -In loving meinori or my dear «Ife «ho passed away on the 23rd october,


Wo have onlv a beautiful mernoo

T o reinenihei our whole life through, Bul Us sweetness will Unger for over.

Dear otu as wc think of sou -(Inserted by her loving husband )


Al«nvs unselfish and lind

IV» In the «orld her equal to find

One of tho best that God could send A wonderful mother right to tho end

. -(lnscrtul tis her loving son dauglilcr-ln law and grandchildren, Keilli and Fay )


HAWKEN - jvympftt.>y in Uielr recrut ead bfreuvemrtit csprclulli, Mrs J Murrny ami Dr V,illlums Glen

in >rp Itnxter


ALLEN - the lato I WAI TFrt OFOllCIE ALLAN are lnformrd that lils reinnlns «III bo privately Interred In the

Hi nunn »ra Ctnictir} Ki» I

flic (unirai »111 leave lu» residence Willie Horte mud MHUiaal nils DA\ (1 rldas 23rd October)

ni I li lil

II 1 INI AND BON PT! LTD , Funer-il Dtrcc

I JAUH- Hie 1 rlcnds of Ula lain JOHN SMITH

I > HARK are luUlrd lo Ioho« his rrainlns to Hie |

N i Mi Hw una Ornerai Crineler)

Ibu titncrnl um le np Din pirlntrs ol Le. rino and |

h m lliiiki road Camberwell Io ill» tin .4lh Ortouir) al 145 p

i r> al . 30 p

BROWN I Ho 1 rlend» or the lite Mr»

I 11/AllCTH IlliOMN »Ido» of Hie Into Mr

time:, llro«n ire respectfully Informed that her I lan nil »ill leave her residence Clupstowc morro» (Saturdni nth Orlober) at 3 30 pi

Um place ot lllliriilent the Carngham remeter}

CtlllhllOl M - lb" Friends of tile Into HUGH

' CIIISHOIM ol lllllsldi. Cllcnro)

loured tint lils rmnliis »III bo Interred In the

Nea ßriinour Cenirlrri

Hie fiincrul Is a|i|X)lnleil to moto from lils Inle rriidenci alcaro} lo morrow t Frida} 31rd Octo bri) at 11 a in proceeding lo tilo Roman Catholic I litirrli Rtîiinuur «hero a sen leo »III bo held

leuiliiK cburcli nt 3 pt

/-(OOPERHMITH -The Rclntlvrs and Friends of Kj the Into Mr ABRAHAM COOI'EKSM! I II on. inprctfiillv Inlonned that lils remains «III be intern c1 at the Ne» Melbourne ueneral Cemetery


I ho funeral Is appointed to leave the résidente or lils NU !.. Mell»milli street North Carlton Hike I m m Mreet rlcurlt tram and nllsht at HI harrison stieill 1HIS DAY (1'tiday 23nl

t> te bei ) al 12 30 p ni

W C1 API1 AND SONS 111 Lit), JIUi

(lURItll - Ila Friends of the lato Mr

WILIIAM IIUC1II CURRI» nrn respectful!} hil mini lint lils timallis «111 be cremated at

tin Hprlngvali Crrmiitorllini

Tin lmiernl »111 leavo lohn Allisons Hmeral Chap 1 rurncr of Olrnlninlly ami Ha» thom road» Cuulllilil HUB DA. Urida} tho -3rd October) at 3 o clock . .

JOHN ALLISON (Ro} comer cilenliuntly ano


FISHER The Relatives and friends of Mr  

JENKINSON FISEHR and Family are respe    

ctfully requested to follow the remains of his       dearly loved wife and their mother Florence May   Jenkinson to the Springvale Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave her residence

110 Eskdale road, Caulfield THIS DAY (Friday)

23 October at 3pm      


All') lum ral Dins-ti rs rnrurr Cllrnliuiitly mid Kousoni, roads Cillllkld I'honi LG3J7

bo Interred In tim UrWitou O meter)

Hie funeral »III leavo Drayton and Gurson s Funeral chapel .11 Hluli slrecl Malvern lo mor- ro» (Butlirdii} the .Uli October) at 11 um

HARROD The Friends of the late Mrs  

ADA CAROLINE HARROD are respectfully in    

formed that her remains will be privately interred in the Necropolis, Springvale.

The funeral will leave her residence, 79 Grosvenor   street, East St Kilda, THIS DAY (Friday, 23rd

October, 1936 at 11 o'clock

JOHN ALLISON (Roy V Allison) Morticians, head office, Richmond (tel J1003)


HORNE are informed that the remains of his beloved wife, Blanche, will be Interred in the

St. Kilda Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, St. Denis,   15 Spring road Malvern, THIS DAY (Friday, 23rd  

October) at 2,45 p.m.  

DRAYTON and GARSON, Funeral Directors, head office, 217 High street, Malvern. Tel. U1228.


»111 be iiitrrrri! In Hie llcr

JOIIN ORAN I Unilerlnkir Denlik 1 linne

AlclHUlKON The Primo» of Mis MAR\ J'f ANN MilllbRSON am respecllully interinad that her limerai «111 leave the rrslilcnri of her duiiRliIrr Mrs O Connor 40 Hohnes road Moonee p iiul» Tomorrow (Bnturdn}), at 10 30 a in for

tho Ia»kiar Cemetery


"VTANKIVELL. - Tho Friends or tho late Dr. J 1 ARTHUR YOUL NANKIVFLL, or Kerang, are Informed that lils remain» »lil be cremated at tho springvale Crematorium, THIS DAV (Friday, the 23rd October), at 2.45 p m.

A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Central 410.

1>IERCE - Tim Friends of tho lato Mrs.

ELIZABETH M..PIERCK arc respectfully In formed that her remains »111 be Interred In the New Cheltenham Cemetery.

Tim funeral »111 leave tlio residence of her daughter, Mrs Matthews, S Daly road, Sandring- ham. THIS DAY (Frida}), it 3 -li

MORTICIAN COMPANV, Funeral Directors.

Phone Ha« 0428 (3 lines)_

13ILORIM. - The mends or Mr. CHARLES

WILLIAM PILGRIM, of Marnoo, arc respect- fully Invited to follow the remains of lils dearly loved wife, Beatrlco May, to the place of Interment,

tho Avoca Cemetery

The funeral will leave the rcsldenco of Mr Win. Coates, North-Wcstcro road, St Arnaud, THIS DAY (Friday), ut I o'clock, arriving at tho cemetery

about 3 pm.

W. L. KELL, Undertaker. Est. 1860.

I} YAN -Tho Friends of Mr GEORGE JOSEPH it RYAN aro informed Uiat the remalnn of his dearly beloied »He, Elvln irene, »III be cremated at the Springvale Crematorium

Tho cortege «ill lenve Btclglil's chapel, 138 Flin- ders stroet, Melbourne, THIS DAY irrida), the 23rd october), al 3 30 p ni.

A. A. SLriOltr riY. LTD. Central 410

vlted to folio» her remains to Ibu placo of inter- ment, I'SAukner Cemetery.

The funeral will leave Rayboulds' Funeral Par- lours, 103 Lonsdale street, To-moirow (Saturday),

at lo a ni

RAYUOULD8, Funeral Directors, 103 Lonsdolo Pt red, itty Phone Cent 301._

STEPHENSON - The lYIends of Mr. JAM»8

STEPHENSON. Jim . »re Inrormed that tim remains of his dearly beloied wife, Mnrige Crerar, »111 be cremated at the Springvale Crematorium

Tho rortrgo »III lean Sleight's Chnpel, 138 Hin- der» street. Melbourne, TIIIO DAY IFrldoy, the 33rd october), at It o'cloik.

A A. BLEIGIir PTY. LTD, South Melbourne. M2885_

TREBlLCOTT-The Friends of Mr. ALAN J. J. TBEBILCOTT are respectfully Informed that the remains of his dearly loved wife Violet Susan, will be interred in the Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral Is appointed to move from his residence. 8 Madden street. Albert Park, THIS DAY (Friday, 23rd October), at II a m

H McKENZIl:. rimerai Dlrctlor, bend oOJce, 109 Clarendon streel. Bouth Melbourne, and all suburbs. Phone M3107 (2 lines).

WILSMORE.—The Friends of the late Mr. M. C. WILSMORE, of Inglewood, are respectfully     Invited to follow his remains to the place of Interment, the New Melbourne General Cemetery,


The funeral will leave B. Matthew's Funeral Parlours Tomorrow (Saturday, 24th October), at

10 am The friends of the late- Mr. HENRY

T ? JOHN (Jack) WISE aro rospectrully Informed that lils funeral »ill leave lils residence, 29 wllllutu street, Brighton, for the Now Cheltenham Cemeterj, Hollo»av road, sandringham, THIS DAY (Friday),

ni 2 p in.

J. MONKHOUSE and SON, Funeral Directors, Carpenter street, Brighton. Phono X116J.

\yiSF- IOR. Brighton-Members aro Invited l » lo attend tho funeral of our esteemed Brother. JNO WISE, leaving 29 William street, THIS DAY (Friday), ni 2 pm, for the Chelten-

ham Cctnetcr}.