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^he ^Voice of the Silm %fan on pictures and


AC. (City) .-Talking pictures

were first screened in Mel

* bourne on the night of February 2, 1929, when Al Jolson was featured In "The Jazz Singer" at the Athen-eum, and ' The Red Singer" was a sound Ulm screened at the Auditorium

. . .

Glaring Mistake*

Mrs. F. M , Laing Street, Mont Albert. -My chief grudge against films con- cerns those with military and naval set- tings, when the mistakes nre so glaring that a child could see them In a re- cent film, two American offlceis, hold- ing the rank of major and a nursing ulster-apparently in charge of a lead- ing base hospital--suddenly decided they were tired of their jobs and, without "by your leave" or consulting any superiors, they merely commandeered a plane, flew to Vienna, and embarked on a round of riotous living The actual warfare, where the soldiers advance In mass formation, then fall down like ninepins, only serves to stir an audience to derision, and when the producers get busy with the British Navy the mistakes and Incongruities arc amazing in both quality and quantity When it Is re- membered that while producing "Pina- fore" W S Gilbert conferí ed with naval officials, and that e\ cry thing aboard the good ship Pinafore was ac- curate down to the last knot-surely film producers might take a little more trouble to achieve even a modest degree of accuracy.

Tickets to see Hie programme at the Stale Theatre have been sent to the writer of this letter.

. . .

E.V.R. (Caulfield).-Thank you foi 5 our interest and remarks You are hard on your sex when you say that ' all women are little better than mnnnl klns", but I agicc with >uui other criticism of certain Ulms

. . .

Small Talk

"Please Kxplain" (Clirkr Street, 1 ootstray).-I am puzzled Takp the case of Ginger Rogers and Lew Ayres More than l8 months ago those of us who study film Journals read auch things as these:-'"The first day he de- clared his love there was an earth

quake, and they wondered guiltily if it was their fault" "She plans to be hi*; cook and housewife and be able to help him In every way " In shoit, tile world was told of the undying quality of their love for each other So far, so good And now Miss Rogers lins Hied lier suil foi divorce I Theirs Is not mi fc-oiaU-d tase We swallow the same goody goody talk of two about-to-be-man led film folk, and some months after we hear of their looming divorce Wliv must they assure us before their mar iinges that they are "never going lo

HJ., Geelong Ito,id, West Footse-rav. -There Is too much advertising in theatres of the next film to bo screened "It's magnificent!" "It's marvellous!" "It's the best picture that has ever been screened here," Is the claim. Why not "The ne\t picture to be screened here is a Jolly good one," and let it go

at that.

. . .

On Posters

"J.A. Fan" (Warwick Avenue, hurrey Hills).--Why is it that the posters advertising films are usually such evesores? For the most part they offer a gigantic, uni ecognisably hideous portrait of the star In the crudest colours An attractive cartoon poster was used by one locul theatre to advertise "The Winning Ticket," and It made one realise how unattractive and unimaginative is the average posier.

. . .

Jt.P.B. (Grant street, Cast Mahen»). -"Colour Schemes" will appear next


Smoke In Our Eyes

K.A., Dalgety Street, St. Kilda. Could not something be done to pre- vent smoking hi picture theatres One goes to enjoy a picture show, not to for shrouded in tobacco smoke Men and women arc equal offenders Worst- sim Is to be seated near a pipe smoker Picture theatres should follow the rule set down by other cnlci lalnmcnls smoking only in foju during inter-


Film Critics

D J*_ Toorak Road, Camberwell.-The majority or pioturegoers rely upon the newspaper criticisms lor their choice of

Question'; of general interest to motion picture goers wdl be ansWacd on //its page eavh Salurdai/ Te Pana ' ' /7ie

Irgus oßitc is sufficient ad' dress for your communications

iilm entertainment Willie avoiding un welcome comparisons I wish to ask why except in the case of indisputably treat films there Is so seldom unanimity of opinion. Admittedly a film cannot make the samt impression on two or inure critics but It is most disconcert

hi-, to find one writer going into (ulogie., willie the critic attached to mother new spaiier disparages

. . .

W11 (Icrsey btrect »alwyn) - lliank j ou for jour interest and re- marks You will appreciate that iden- tification of the pla}ere jou name Is difficult Their bit part Is seldom mentioned In tile ciut sheets Here s


. . .

Baxter and Cooper

I- B S Anderson Street, East Malvern -We often hear discussions about tho best actor on the screen but who is the most versatile? I consider Warner Baxter und Giirv Cooper two very strong aspirants for this title Warner Bax ter has given us some pollbhcd per foi mmccs since ills flnt outdoor tall ic

li Old Atizona Mich ils his varied role in Daddv long Lets Dot tor* Wives ind The faquuw Man In lils ti I two films Hobin Hood of Eldorado and King of Burle&qu thf last a musical he shows us lliat he still retilns that vcrsatllltj Although Gary Coo|x.r has given some very good per- formances I cannot see him reverting again to the outdoors type such as ' The Virginian * and None But tho Brave " or to gangster rolee, euch aa that in

"City Streets." Of late he seems to have been reserved for roles as a lady's man. Nevertheless, lils career, on tho whole, has been a versatile one. Inci- dentally "Robin Hood of Eldorado" Is, I think, the most thrilling outdoor pic- ture since "The Virginian."

. . .

Time Marches On

C.II.W. (Grey Street, St. Kilda)_ Kindly allow mc to express my appreci- ation of that excellent news scries "Tho March of Time." Some of tile scenes lllmed aro nothing bhort of nmnzing, und the commentary is particularly in- teresting. I am sure that more of this series would be welcomed by the lllm-golng public. Tho subjects are handled in so refreshing a manner that very often they surpass the mutn fenturo of the programme.

? . .


V.C.. Hampton.-The wonderful preci- sion, excellent marching, and dignity of the British Anny were portrayed in ii recent newsrcel, followed by an im- pressive speech by the King to his troops. On tile same programme some Aus- tralian Scottish troops were shown, who did everything soldiers should not do. Some even chewed gum while in line. Why, oh, why was not this sequence deleted from tho Australian newsrcel ï

Two Pictures

K.B., Chapel Street, Windsor.-Here are tho titles of pictures which liuvo bored mo to extremes, "Heritage" and "Drake of England." Both are attempts to provide historical drama by Aus- tralian and English producers respec- tively. "Heritage" showed the growth of tile colonisation of Now South Wales from the time of the early pioneers to tho time of the opening of Parliament hi the Federal Capital Territory. Al- though a wealth of excellent mutrrinl has been provided, lix; .sequen*'** of events is broken, thus forming a -.cries of Jumbled pictures. I!, required the nrtlstlc touch to mould It hito an effective and com- pact drama. The picturo "Drake of England" has simply been taken from the stage and dropped into a fUin. Peoplo vrant scenes to be real or to

appear to be realistic, but with stage scenes in pictures the film loses in- terest. "Rhodes of Africa," by the way. Is one of the finest historical dramas I

have seen.

. . .

For Franchol

I.L.W., Como avenue, South Yarra. I should like to pay tribute to the excel- lent work done by Franchot Tone in "The King Steps Out." Ills beauti- fully finished performance as the lov- able, easy-going Emperor, ruled by his Iron-willed mother, was, to my mind, one of the finest things he has done. Ills bearing at all times suggested loy- alty, and he wore his uniforms not with

the usuul musical comedy .swagger, but. as a king should 1

: Like the man who swallowed I

| Uu: sixpence iii Shirley ; I Temple's birthday cake. ; í I' hy Hill. Illrh. ulm, willi lil-. \

1 partner, ..dalr, still brjln a wa.ori f £ Ht Ihr Tis oil 'Ihralr* on Munday in S ?= "Laugh. Town. Lamb," a new revue 5 g preteutcd bj* Wallaco I'aruell, S ^iiirninmiiiiiimiiiiiiiiuiiiMiiiiituiiiiiiiiniiiimiiiiiiiiiiimiiiutniiiiinii^

High perfect. To expose all the nietas by which tho oilects are obtained would bo WTong. But here are one or two secrets. The Interior of the hall wl»« the tremor first strikes was built on rockers and struck by the boom ot a ernno; tho street which splits into a chnsm was constructed Indoors on i oilers; much of the window glass waa made of gelntine; the deep earth rumble, both felt and hoard was .... Bui I hero aro somo thbigs better left uti.


* -X -X

Unknown Actress

r HAVE been looking at the cast or i

war picture filmed some j ears ago lo show the part played by women In 1914-18. "Lil" Is described as "a wise ciacking ex-show girl with a heart ot gold." played by "Marjorie Kello«," ... There is no Miss Kellogg In tilts Ulm or in any other, before or since, for the liait was played by Lilian 'freshman,

who died in 1031.

* M M M

" i C'C DRUMMOND," a ne»»' (Uta

* serial, features Lou diane», jim, House Peters, jim., mid Noah Emit. jim. . . . Hardly a major event,


And Now it is the Chinenwi

* M M

'PUK revival of "Tbe Min j Mido»"

1 al His M-jc-l)V Hicalre irmliiils mc that (lie first Illili version of Lehar's operetta was released in Australia In August, 11128. Mae Mur i.iy and John Gilbert wein Hie start, 'Hie talking Him willi Maurice ( bcvalli'r und .Tcancltr MmUon-U ».III lie ficsh in the niemur*.

* M ¥

.Jiisl Like Home

'Pilli,1 picture star was showing a visi-

tor over her new house. They had walked past sunken gardens, marble fountains, and acres of rooms, and now stood on a terrace-something like a smaller callion of Versailles The star looked about "One thing t did lndrt on," she said, with a touch of pride. "I told the builders to 'go ahead and rio what you like, but. icmoinbcr, tho house hits Just to be home-like and com«



ryitt'MK f<¡ ,i lillimur going the

' rounds Unit Hollywood, .ilarawi bj- the advanrc of British films In America, is sculling "scouts" io Enr«

land to look for latent among the I A merle.m stars brought fioin Holly« wood by llrillsh producers. But perhaps it is only a rumour.


Arrangiug a Murder 1

IT'MLYN WILLIAMS was inspired tt .*-' write "A Murder Has Been Ar« ranged" by the sight of an empty theatre. When he produced the play, however, the Iheatro was far from empty. Bookings indicate that that will also be tho cusu at the Garrick Theatre to-night, when Hie To»» er House, Duimntic Club will give tht first per- formance of the play in Airlinlla. I um told that the only members of the audience who will no1 fiel their bair .standing on end will be those who ora bald. The joung people In the play most of them ure seasoned amateurs havr been helped by the competent pro- duction of Tcience Crisp to «el the last ounce out of the situations

M M ¥

\V1U:N bigger and better superlatives

nie coined llolljuooil will coln them. . . Tbc wife of a picture execu- tive official Milli lu court that lirr hus- band was sulTciing from "supreme hupciiorlty."

M M ?¥

Fungs and CIhm.

T NOTE that Frank Bin k Is about to ? bring 'em back alive again On this occasion lils wild caigo, nptured for poslcilty in celluloid, will urihe at tho Comedy Thr.itii' Duck is a human kind of explorer With his half I'lolhed natives lie hus braved many a tungie, and it the faiinii he photograph» Is sometimes out of Us habitat, what matters? The show's (he thing mid Frank is just the mun to provide It. "Fang and Claw" is his nest offering, and September l8 the date of Us release

at the Comedy.


In "silent" datji, Theda Bara used to play the siren on the screen . . . Now it's the sound effects man in steamship pictures.

M M ¥

Kellawny'b Spcoeli

T llie conclusion of 'The Merry Widow" at His Majesty's Iheatro on Saturday night an incident A

unique In Melbourne theatrical his- tory occuncd. . . . Cecil Kcllavvay mudo a "curtain ¡>peeeh " This comic genius, who lins enti'itntnrd local audiences oil and on foi the last 15 years, has never previously "taken a eau," mid as he said. Mt was a grand opportunity to make his debut as an orator." Kcllaway came to Austral! under contract to "the Firm" for sis months: the contract has slnro been re« nevved and extended to 15 >rirs-a re«



And then lhere is the bon mot of the .Inicricrtfi Working girl who suiJ: 'V never read books. I mail until //ici/ make the gnuie iii the



Very Ohllimer

AMERICAN plclurs-goeis are very ?fv loyal to their favourite films, »ni I notice that that old GiillUb ilnss» "The Blith of a Nation" was revived In Los Angeles last month. 1 wonder no» many times ii lins been ri'-srrccnea since inlSV Wh-never Hie picture u mentioned "The Little Colom I" of Henry 0. Wnlthnll Is envisaged Ile is ion« now; so, too, nre maiiv of Ihr einer oilglnal pluyi'is In the film - Ro«rt llHiion. Wallace Reid, GroiRcSelgnuui. Spoil Iswoodr Alt ken, Josephine Co- well . . . And among the ming. M.00 Mmsli, Lilian dish. Ralph beT; Mil lam Cooper, Mury Alden, Haom Walsh, Waller Long, Joseph lienaberj.

und Elmer Clifton.

M M ¥

"Pearl Lust" Filmed

WORK on the local piodiictlon of

"Penil Liisl" was completed al Clnc sounri Studios, St. Kilda, last week, ann Ibu sequences nie now being Vul ona (dlted by Mr. A H Harwood, In bsaWi The Intel lor "shots" were all li"»«1 within seven days, mid Mi. C Ariioia, nsslslniil dhcclor for Apex I"Urns no. who mude the picture, lolls me Illili wo pi lui w11] bo iniriv foi i neening WOTe

lill' end Of nest week

* + *

A SCENARIO writer vus Irving K*«'11 ' » a pioducer mi oiiglnal iloft ' liusn'l n unitlm- llnWi' the »riler» plained "It has nu unhappy c"01"*' The last scene is In Venltc, and t" hero is killed by a gondolier. . _, «.»

"You mean," replied tho producer^ vw iall_ right from tho ceiling on Mn»