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Maurlee Ches alter: "Ou, la, la, willi ni)' looks and my brains what a

team wc two will make." j

î Hush Slneliilr and llazr| Tcm i principal plajcrs lu "The Marri«,' '

of Corbal," "




Film Stars Parade

Claimed as one of the really "big" pictures for 1936, the Metro-Go)chvyn-Mayer production of "San Francisco" ?will follow the current programme al the Metro. One of the highlights of the film is the San Francisco earth- quake of 19D6. . . . And there is one actor in Melbourne at the moment who knows all about the thrills of thal terrifying upheaval-Mr. Reginald Roberts.

ON the morning of the 'Frisco

'quake he was sleeping when the rumbling disturbed him, and he had only time to leave his

hotel before it crashed in ruins. He was duo to leave for Australia, but his vessel was tied up in mid-stream, and it was many days before he embarked. With thousands of other homeless people, ho camped in Golden Gnte Park. In 1929 Roberts had another thrill. He was a passenger on the Union liner Manuka when she foundered oil the coast of New Zealand. He was one of the 286 persons picked up at sen. i

* + *

One Hollywood restaurant has become such a centre for heated debates between film players that the management is thinking of hanging eui the shingle . . . "Open as usual during altercations."

* -K +

Social Liones**

PROM Hollywood comes the latest

'- gossip that all the social lenders in Los Angeles and the film centre have taken the new blonde and very lovely Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks to their hearts. There have been parties galore with real tea to drink, and the top film stars have nil looked lier over-and approved. When the last mall lef I the only important person in Hollywood who had not yet said "How do you do?" to the former Lady Ashley was the previous Mrs. Douglas Fnlrbnnks -Mary Pickford. . . . Anti, by the way, nothing has been heard in weeks of Buddy Rogers and his reported affection for Mary.

-K -K *

Jessie's Progress

IF it were put to a vole I suggest that

the British film star most popular with American audiences would be Jessie Matthews. She is already being labelled "The Dancing Divinity" along Broadway anl by the men and women writers who make and break actors and actresses with their fountain pens and typewriters. Jessie Matthews of the tilted nose, the poetic legs, and irresistible personality lins an appeal that bridges the Atlantic, and thus tile "dancing divinity" should provide Elstree with encouragement concerning other things to come.

-K -k -K

OLLYWOOD'S matrimonial fickle-

ness is at last explained by Vir- ginia Bruer, who says: "Acting is a por- trayal of life, and certainly the liest and quickest way to Rain a knowledge of life is in matrimony." . . . Tor years and years I have been wondering why so many stars ssere so versatile.

* * *

Local Film

SEVERAL outdoor sequences for the

, Apex Films production of "Pearl Lust" have been taken in and around Melbourne, and on Monday in-

terior scenes will _S___


be "shot" at Clne sonnd studios, St. Kilda. Under the direction of Mr. A. R. Harwood, with Mr. C. Arnold as his assistant, progress on filming lias been rapid, and already some

thousands of feet ( of positive is ready

for editing and , nutting. Miss Fay lîcvil, a local ac- tress, and Mr.

l'a y Kcvil.

John Bowden are the principals in a story which deals with life in the South

Sea Islands

* * *

Dr. Da foe, the Canadian medico who has charge of llie Dionne Quin- tuplets, stars of "The Country Doc- tor," soon to be seen here, has seen only one film in Ins life . . . That was

"Sunshine Susie."

* + -K

Far From Home


actress, who has a leading part In 'The Flying Dock»" and who left for Hollywood three months ago, has gone on to London Before leaving the American film centre she said she would return to Hollywood next year . . . Mary Maguire, the Queensland girl who played the feminine lead in the 'Doctoi." left for Hollywood last week Miles Man- der, who directed the picture nftci a short visit to England is now In Hollywood He Is occupying Madeleine Can oil s home while she is touring the Continent

-te * *

SAID the dim loi-.iflcr Hie tenth

take of -i scene "Tin rp .ire onlv two things wong with htr cviivthing fchc sajs anti even thing, she dois "

-K * _K

Back lo .Stage

THERE seems to be a back-to-the-stage

movement among Hollywood's femi- nine stars Katherine Hepburn lias announced that she will play the title role in "Jane Eyie," which is to be staged in New York in January, Margaret Sulla van is to return to the theatre this year in "Stage Door ' a new play bv Geoige S Kaufmann, and Kitty Carlisle will bo seen In the lead in White Hoi se Inn '

* * +

CHARLES LAUGII10X, .liter a Iioli

daj from screen work, is non plav- ins the tille role in "Rembrandt," which Is being made in London by Ale\andcr Korda. Laughton has grown a mous- tache for the part. . . . Carne the


¥ -K *


TV/TM. R. A HARWOOD, who is IVA making "Pearl Lust" In Melbourne,

told me this one An old actor, after weeks of standing on the doorstep was told to report for a film test In a scene In which he had to toss some playing cards into a hit He arrived piomptly on the set, but without the cards "I as- sumed," said the direr-tor, ' that you w ould bring your own cirrts 'Sir,' answered the old player, haughtilj ' I am an actor not a property man '

-K * *

Some of these film actors make careless statements Listen lo Clark (heavy screen lover) Cable. "Max Baer will have to do heavier training than sa.ingi.ig a baton before I lake him seriously."

* * *

Simply Colossal

ONE has to travel far for local film

news these davs In the 'Motion Picture Herald ' published in New Yoik on July l8, there is an article bj Mi

Cliff ,Holt (Australian repi esentativ c of tbe paper), covering the of Gene . al Theatres Corporation and Hovts Theatres Ltd in 1935 Duiing that yai 26,152,986 admittance tickets wcie sold by these companies the figures being more than four times the total population of Australia. Other figures show that in the six years ended June 30. 1935, Hoyts Theatres Ltd returned a net pioflt of £173,313, and In that period the com

pan*, paid in tasntion £140 190 It also collected in amusement ta\ £450 000 Seemingly there Is money in the bus!

ness-for someone

* * *

q"_lE Comedí Theatre Ls biingint, J- back. Prank Buek who brings em

mick iliic This e\ploiers latest film Fang iiid Clnw which deals with wild life in the Mila*, Peninsula is on the list of pictures for screening at the Comedí The Petrified Forest with Bette Dn\ is and 1 cslie Howird Is anotl ci of the diffeicnt films for relcisc at this theatre

?K -K +

Vci "«ililli)

VILIAINS nnd heroes are all alike to

Lance Nicholls who if he docsn t acuialh meet himself coming out of one

Lanrc Nicholls

door, is al least a very versatile actor. He was lost .seen in Grogan McMahon's pro- duction of "Richard of Bordeaux," and when this highly successful play is again produced on September 19 and 21, at the King's Theatre, he will be in his old part oí Henry, Earl of Derby. Ile will also play a leading part in "Crünc at

Blossoms," which Grogan McMnhon will produce on September 12 for u. four nights' .season. He is in the cast of the film "Pearl Lust." which is being shot in Melbourne nt present by the Apex Film


A writer claims thal Hollywood is the Athens of America . . . // sounds

Creek to mc.

-K * *

Cornhill Home

Russian Ballet now on its way to Aus- tralia is Daphne Deane, who before going to England some years ago was a well known newspaper woman and actress. Her first stage appearance was at the Palace Theatre, Sydney, in 1925, when she played the lead in "Amia Christie." In recent years she has been on the managerial side of concert tours con- ducted by famous artists on the Contin- ent, and when this ballet of youth arrives willi Helene Kirsova as Its principal. Miss Deane should have a busy time renewing old friendships.

* -K +

On I he March


dance bands are on the march for new plans are out for 1937 to feature such learned professors of the art of jazz as Harry Roy. Jack Hylton, Henry Hall, Buddy Rogers, Paul Whiteman, Ted Lewis, and others hi screen musicals. You have already heard the whining crash of side drums and the moans of saxophones in films; but these will be as nothing hi the new pictures. The conductors are to be featured, and already the cameras are turning on these mysterious personalities -the unseen emperors of the air whose nightly ollerings are wafted to us by our own and neighbours' radios tuned in to "B" class stations. Oh! well, we can stand


-K * +

IN" a Idler to mc a country reader

says (bal he thinks Anna Ncaglc is mis-cast as reg Woffington. The Square Peg of Old Drury, perhaps?

-K * *

in British Films

LATEST American recruit to British

pictures is James ("Schnozzle") Durnnte, who has been engaged for a leading role in "Land Without Music." Richard Tauber is the "star." . . . Eugene Palette has been signed for "Dishonour Bright," Tom Walls's latest comedy. . . . "Love from a Stranger" has been decided upon as the subject for Ann Hardbig's British production.

* * *

SIXTEEN' new vaudeville artists will

begin a season at Hie Tivoli on Sep- tember 12, when "Laugh, Town, Laugh" will be presented. The Australian come- dian, Itoy Rene ("Mo") will be Hie principal comic, appearing in several new sketches to be presented by Mr. Wallace Parnell, the English producer.

* * *

Early Widow

APROPOS the forthcoming appearance

- of Gladys Moncrieff in "The Merry Widow," at His Majesty's Theatre on Sep- tember 5, the first performance of Lehar's opera took place in Melbourne nt Her Majesty's Theatre on May 10, 1908. The title role was played by Carrie Moore, nnd Andrew Higginson was Danilo. The last revival took place in Melbourne at the Theatre Royal on November 7, 1931, with Dorothy Bruuton as the widow and Frank Leighton as Danilo. Previously it had been revived at the Theatre Royal on April 26, 1930, with Gladys Moncrief! as Sonia and Michael Cole as Danilo.

Herbert Marshall and Gertrude Michael in a scene from "Till We Meet Again," which begins a season at the Capitol Theatre to-day.

Search for Types

ryiHERE is a frantic search for new

*? screen types being conducted by American and English producbig studios, but it is stressed that amateur talent only is acceptable. Men and girls who have already cnteicd the thcatilcal nnd caba- ret field are not encouraged, how e'er strong their film aspirations Rather nre the studios looking foi the new Garbos among typists, shop giris or factoiy workers, and for the Claik Gables mid Montgomerys of the future in insuranLc offices, the army, the navy, and the field of sport One studio claims that It has the greatest find for IO years in Simon Simone, a little French star snapped up by Hollywood.... We'll be seeing her.