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Retained by South

Victoria Defeats N.S.W.

S .UM I, Mind»T.-Soulh Australia retained the Claston Shield whtn It defeated New Routh Wales, fonr ra ii» to one, In the first match on the conrludlnr day of the annual Inténtate base- ball rarnlval yesterday. Score» -

Batteries-South Australia-Sharpe (P), .1 Fltz Mmons (C ) New South Wales-n Mould and G Hltchon (P >, Stone and W Pet tile (C i

The game between New South Wales nnd Victoria wns Fpectaculnr nnd even and marked bj soltd hit- ting New South Welcs placed an altered team In the field with n Bowman and Armrtrong com- prising the battery Victoria, used Cheong and Quin Victoria res aggressive In the opening innings and Newstead scored from a series of errors New South Wales found the combination of Quin and L Stevens (second bate) a thorn In Its side, and runners attempting to "teal second fell victims

to It

Victoria was fielding well, with Newstead (short stop) nnd Paterson (centre field) prominent lu fine running catches that assisted in keepit.» the bon e team s efforts in check Victoria looked dmigcrous in the fourth session, but a brilliant ritch bj Blanch from Ingram'« lofty hit retired the tide with two rumiéis on the bases Victoria broke through again In the fifth Innings J .smith hit safeh to left field, and Cheong followed with nivolher In the same direction Quin then brought Smith home with n well-placed groimdei to centre field In the home team's turn at bat Blanch smashed oui a terrific three-bagger and opened the Ne« South Wales score At the end of the fifth Innings Victoria led bj two

lo one New South Wales unwound an unstaught cn Cheong s deliveries In the sixth, and Langs north hit a srent three-bagger to centre field, and he scored when a two-bagger b> Bllnkhom


Thero was a peculiar Incident in Victoria's seventh with J Smith on second Cheong drove the bali to the left field, Bllnkhom missed It, and it passed under the pickets of the fence nnd travelled up an embankment It rolled back and wns retrieved by Btutich Both runners sel «ed the chance to score nnd lhere was an appeal to the umpire, bj H Kennett the New South Walen captain against allon lug Bmtth to score The umpire declared In Victoria's favour Newstead added another run for Victoria Victoria led ni that stage by five runs to two New South Wales came again In the eighth Innings, and li Mould scored on Turner s hit to centre field

\ Ictorln -19 0 0 1 0.3,0 0-5 New South Wales

-00001102 0-4

Bnttcrle«-Victoria-L Cheong (P ) s Quin (C ) New South Wales-K Bowman and "" Mould (P ), H Armstrong (C )