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Family Notices

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FUNERAL NOTICES. WARD.- The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. G. Ward, and Beverley. and Mrs. G. Ward. Sen.. are invited to attend the funeral of her beloved Hus bnnd. her Father, and her Son George Ward). late of 13 Videroni Street, Booval, to leave the Funeral Chapel. Limestone Street. at 10.30 this (Saturday) Morning for the Ipswich Cemetery. Service at 10.15. 0. BOTTCHER & SON WARD.-Members of the Aber dare Extended Fishing Club are invited to attend the Funeral of the late Member. George Ward, to leave as per Falily Notice above. E. BEITZEL, Secretary. yWARD. - All Members of Ry lance Colliery No. 3 (New Chum) are requested to attend the Funeral of their late Com rade, Mr. G. Ward, to leave as per Family Nottce above. J. P. LUCAS. Seeretary.

DEATH NOTICE. LINDSAY, James Ross.- At Brisbane, on September 6, dearly beloved Son of Mrs. E. Foster, and beloved Brother of Edna (Mrs. R. Jamieson), Dor othy, Kitty (Mrs. C. Shuttle wood), Freda, and Fred. IN MEMOBIAM CUILLEN, Lilly. Treasured memories of our dear Sister, who passed away on September 12. 19B; also our dear Brother Charles. who passed away on December 7, 1952. Beloved n life, not forgotten S.In death. ?slerted by their loving SL er, Brother Ben, and Niece Roa. DAPlKEWITCH.-In proud and loving memory of my dear Hus band Steph. and my Daddy, who was accidentally killed on leptamber 13, 1953. "ou left home with a amuning fayre, ?ft dreaming death was not tnng you would never return -To the ones who loved you dear. We cannot express our feelings. T some they wouldn't seem pnly those who have lost a C-. loved one * an understand how we fee. :.?nerted by Iis ever loving Wie Doss, and Daughter Jan. MAYN?, Reginald John.-Inr loving memory of our dear Son and Bmroner. who passed away on beptemoer 11, 140. Time may cange in man, ways. aut one thing changes never The memory of those happy When we were all together. silerred by nis roving yar arls 0an Sister Grace. ah?thfUN.-ln loving mem .y .o y dear Wise anr my l?athe wno passeon away on betember 12, 1953. tur u?eart ill acne with sad ness. Our ayes ased many a tear; Wosta would we give to see Syour luse. And hoa your nand. mum. Juat or awhlle. You can tomy nave one mother, no ,svmt. kan., and true. to other triena in au the Coinan ue so true to you. l."a-ving heast aer smiling echa wonderful mother We coaso never reptace. ?---gea tor always, by her loving liuosoani tst, and bol NiiOfEONr.-In loving mem cry or our near Mother. who paed away on beptemoer ., biioy.Mised. Ever Remembered asertao py her Daugoter and -op-miw. Jean anria Bernie. OJiuusoN, Violet-In loving laW eUd Aun?ue, who paised away. on beptemoer 12, 3a1. Aewaey stememDered. .oaectea by Lorre aria Bay AtsNOLSON, Vtole.-In loving memory of oar dear Siluer, &Ba t--In-saw, and Aunt, Violet, wed piasoed away pn September uiways Remembered. - mod Mosley. P1CIUMSON, VileL.-ln loving memory of our ae?r istoar, SldsNin-law, and Aunty, b~-Pao away aon -eptem -Awaya /Remembered. Inheres by Marla, Osgar, OB?ScT , Sdveaste.-In sad haut loving memory of my dear Etehena. and our Father. wnho paa away on September 12, iz mad years ago today. God took your bands and made uea part; Re closes your eyes and broke our hearts. We use arenia seem carefree, But no-one msses you more, dear da. thaan we. teteled by his Wife and 'amsey, Olue, Shella. Mane. ani Brian S?'AIaUNUW, Wlliam.-In lov ing memory of my dear tus hand, who passa away on epstemner 11, 194. te in waiting min God's garden, By the gate he stands; One day the gate will open, Ann together we wit, walk hand in hand. Always rememocred by hisl loving Wife Lucy. TIM1?BLEY, Frederick-In lov ng memory of our dear B-rother aid Brotner-in-law, .ed-, who passed away on Sepember 12, 1852. ind, nelsh, a brother as true, Our greatest possessions are ,memories of you, Forever in our t(noughts. Inpertea by Did and Jim. TIMPEIcLEY, Frederick. - In loving memory ot our Uncle FreS, who passed away on Septa?noer 12, 1952. Memories always fond and true, ro?m us that thought the world of you; A wondertul pal and friend. only lent, But one of the best God ever Ssent. Inserted by BIll, Janet, Rus sel. and Alan.

BEREAVEMENT NOTICES The FAMILY of the late Anrea is. Anaerson, of Bourke Street, Brassall, with to lin cerely THANK the Doctors and Nursing Staff of the Ipswich General Hospital. Rev. King. lso all kind relatives and ?rlends for their cards, letters, sd. expressions of sympathy in the loss of their dear Mother. Kindly accept this as their personal thanks. The GEMMELL FAMILY with to THANIC Doctors concerned, Slaters and Nurses of the Male Medical Ward of IPswich Gen eral Hospital, for their klnd ness and attention they gave their dear Father. Please ac cept this as their personal thanks. The FAMILY of the late Gearge Gemmell. New Chum Rnad¢ Dinmore, wish to THIANK all relatives and frIends who sent floral trl butes, cards, and letters, or In ny way sympathised with them In the loss of their dear Father. Please accept this as their per sonal thanks. Mrs. E. JEFFREY wishes to convey her THANKS to all kind relatives and friends for their expressions of sympathy In the recent sad loss of her dear Sister, Mrs. Hannah Price, Please accept this as her per sonal thanks. Mr. and Mrs. E. McNAMARA "and ERICA, and the WILSON FAMILY, sincerely THANK Doctor concerned and urs. ing Staff of General Hospital for their kindness and cars of their late beloved Uncle; also relatives, neighbours, ano friends. who sent floral tri? hutes. letters, cards, and sym pathy in their recent sad loss Please accept this as their per sonal thanks. Printed and published for thi QUEENSLAND TIMES PTY LTD., by Edmond Bruce Mills af Kendall Street. East Ipswlch at the "Queensland Times.' Briebane and Ellenborough Streets, I -plwh.

BEREAVEMENT NOTICES. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. O'SHEA and FAMILY, and Messrs. HAROLD and JACK BYRNE, wish to sincerely THANK Doc tors and Nursing Staff Ipswieh Hospltal, Revs. B. MeMullen and P. Coleman, Sisters of Mercy. Ipswich and West Moretan Rugby League Ref erees' Assocsation. West End Football Club. Nursing Staffi Mater Hospital, and all kind friends and neighbours for sympathy and kindness in the death of their dear Mother and Grandmother (Kate Byrne). Would all accept this as their heartfelt thanksl? The FAMILY of the late Hannah Price most deeply ap preciate and sincerely THANK relatives, friends, neighbours, for Rfloral tributes. telegrams. lettero, cards, and all kind expressions of sympathy in the recent sad loss of their be loved Mother. Please accept this as their personal thanks.

PRE-MARRIAGE NOTICE. SPENCE - CASSIDY. - At the Sacred Heart Church. Booval, en Saturday. September 11, 1954, at 8.30 amn., Rev. Father Coleman will celebrate a Nup tial Mass, at the marriage of. Mary Tansey Cassldy, elderi daughter of Mrs. M. and the late Mr. Michael Cassidy, Mer rell Street. Booval, and John Keith Spence, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Spence, Gladys Vale. Augathella. ENGAGEMENT NOTICES. SCHNEIDER - WEIME-R.-The engagement is announced of Daphne Berta, eldest daugh ter of Mr. and Mnrs. R. N. Welmer. Booval, to Athlyn Denis, only son of Mr. and M?s. V. J. Schneider, Boonah. WE?1S KLEIDON. - The en aggement Is announced ot Shirley Mavis, second daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. O. KIeldon, Summerholm, to Allan Walter, eldest son of Mr. and 3rs. W. Weler, Hatton Vale.

BIRTH NOTICES GOFF.-At Ipswich Maternity. to Kelth and Margaret, a daughter. Elaine Margaret. Both well. RAABE-At Gatton Private Hospital, to Don and Doreen (nee ZLschke). a son. Bradley Donald, 9lb. 12oz--a brother far Marilyn. b4t