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IIlQU lUw.ll THIS DAV -Morning, CM, evening,

0 21

Ixoi 10- 0 ».iii Wlnil Js , very light, weather

ln«y, flue Barometer SO is thermometer tu 1

pin Wind N , light, weather clear line Bare motor, SO IO, thermometer, 04 4 pin Wind \, light, weather clear, line Baromctor, 30 ¿3 , thor

moiuctcr, 04

ARRIVED- Nov lil

Aberdeen, B S (Goorgo Thompson, jim , and Co a line), 8 «lil tons, UiarlLS Matheson, from London, \ia II)mouth, 7th ult,, and Capo Town 2s)th tait Pas fengers-saloon For Mclbourno-Mr and Mrs J C Moon, Miss Juin} Noll and sortant, Mr F Coleman, and 146 lu the Btcorago I or Sjdnoj-Mr anil Mrs M Lcivin Mr and Mrs 1 M M Laren, Mm G E Pnrton, Miss I Wright, Mr 1 Pratt, Mr A Spring thorpe, anil 202 in the t>tcernc,o Di li Lour tljne, medical olllccl Dalgetj, Blackwood, and Co , agents

Ncwcomen, si, 2120 tons C R Hauten from Calcutta 20th ult, v i Allum, W A, 11th ¡list. Passengers-cabin Messrs (. iscard Kemp W atker, Wcllconiho, and _0 In elie steerage James lient) mid Co , agents

Cheviot, s.S. 1,220 tons W Donaldson from Sidney 10th ¡list rnsseiircrs-saloon Mr and Mrs J Brown anti falinl) (tom) Mrs A Da), Mrs. It. 1! Buchanan, Mrs I I 1'illre) Mrs Bonk. Mrs Cotter, Mlssos Cotter (four) Miss Unnt Dr Clarke, Captain Prout, Mcs«n 1 D-tnn, I II Hocking, A Walker, C R ¡skinner, M I Paterson, J Mooth, 1

li Stratford Masters Cotter (three) anti J7 lu tho steerage W How arti Smith and Sons agents

L) co moon AS.» Co s s s 1 .00 tons D Walker, from Svtine) 17th hist. Passengers-saloon Mr anti Mrs Must Mrd James Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs II Showers Mr and Mrs Bennett, Mrs Roads, Mrs. hellion Miss I ]trun,8, Miss N Han cock, Misses Roads (two) Misses Roi ortson (three), Rov Prior Butler Rev P Shaflrc) Messrs. Ilnrrr, Bivlor, II îv Proctor W I lctchcr, C li Brl-rgs, w Liddiard, J R Hamilton, M lcfi>n>on, I> M Lonnan, J Dum!, anti J7 In tho steerage W blildclc) and Co , ngents ASS Co

South Australian, s s , Gcorgo Calder, from Ado laido 17th Hist Passcn"cr,-saloon Mr and Mrs li Lchrkhid, Mr an 1 Mrs 1 J Horrocks mid child, Mrs Hurtling Mrs Schult«! Mrs Ann Trew or Mrs M A M Donald Mrs Ceo Mrs Upton, Mrs Holll

dal, Mrs Blaokic Mrs C Baines anti two children, Mrs Barwood, Misses ltodrii|Ucz Baines Rowe, M Uni ris, Stephens 1* 1 lllott, Solli Tuckor, and 1 louth, Messrs O J Poulton, J II Coleman, A Broad T Bathbono, T G Stlllmnn, T II W llklnson, L P Laurance, Murra), W hltchcud, 1 U Smith, W E Adcock, T Martin Oiklcv, Longmore, G T W ) leigh, C H E Blackman, T W W arron. Captain Ra) mond, mid Master Barwood, and 6U lu tho steerage Jos. F1 Ogden, agent


Kate Tatham, 276 tons, J Fltkcthlc), for Mauri


btanlo), 345 tons, C Gould, for Newcastle


Naiioimo, J07 tons. J Dodds, foi Now castle, in ballast Couche, Collier, and Co , uccnts.

Curoo, 8.8 , 2,430 tons, J h Ridler, for Svdno), wlthpartof original cargo Gibbs, Bright, und Co, agents

F tua, 1 I7S tons, R Molscn, for S) liney, with part of original cargo W Crosb) and Co , agents

Curi-iJoii"', 410 tons, A M Intosh, for S)dno) W Slddctol and Co , agents

Wendouree, ss. 1,000 tons, W. H. Emmerson, for Sydney) Passengers-saloon Mesdames Hutchison, Michel, Mollross, T. Smith, Craig and infant, H. S. Fawkner, J. Sears, Strickland, Misses McKenzie, Cleveland, Gibbons, Paris, Gray, Mary Croke, Messrs.   J. Borthwick, W. Pratt, R. Trotter, W. Hodgess, L. Matthews, B. O'Donnell, T. J. Bennett, W. Bolger, W. J. Wonham, J. Sears, G. H. Bedmore, J. J. Connor,   F. J. Mumby, T. C. Gordon, L. Ricketts, J. Cowell; and 66 in the steerage., Huddart, Parker, and Co ,



(A special chnrgo is ninda for consignees' announco

manu Inserted lu this column )

Curoo from London -107 pkgs softgoods, boots, shoes, Le, 67 pkgs fane) goods, 118 pkgs books, periodicals, Le , 00 pkgs statlonoi), 100 pkgs drugs, chemicals, and ajtotliocarlcs' ware, d10 brls currants, 100 kgs sausage casings, 60 cks tar, 246 kgs paints, 60 bxs t)po 4 pkgs print- ing material, 12 cs electric apparatus, 40 pkgs hardware, 16 pkgs machinor), lti pkgs china, glass mid cuithciivvarc, 0 his canvas, 0 lils canvas hoso 2 pkgs Jewellery and silver plate, 1 ck tiles, 2 espie tures, 2 es dressed lcathor, 1 cs w hips, (I bxs eastings, J cs disinfecting ivovvdcr, 1 cs tools, 1 cs optical goods, 1 cs guns, 1 bx yis appa ratus, 4 pkgs (drilling and saw machino)

2 us show cards 4 cs coloms, 2 cs soda cn stals, 2 cks Paris whiting 17 es carbons, 2 tks raisins, 4 es flower roots, 6csbio)olos, 2cs furnituro, 2 cs philosophical instruments, 10 cs cocoa t cs leather, 2 his w ick, 1 as snrings, JO cks 1 cs printing ink, 1 cs mouldings and sjtoons, 6 nks bitumen, 1 pkg leather belting, 1 cs iinpcrhungings, 1 Iron spoke, 1 cs instruments, 2 cs tutllaruhltcr goods, 2 es muslo goods, 6 pti^s oils paints, anti painters material, 2S pkgs miscellaneous mcrchnndlso, nlso 02 pkgs in transit for Tasmania, and 1117 pkgs for New Zealand

Ncwcomen from Calcutta -3,009 cs 69 drrns castor oil. 019 hlf-chts tea, 2,847 lils cornsacks 100 hillsompt) bags 722 bis coir )am, 2 cs cigars, 4 es condiments 20 Us coir libre, 260 his bran lings, 4 cs feathers, 2 pkgs silk puecorcos, 142 bis cotton, 60 colls rope, 200 lils Juto cuttings, 48 bis jute, 100 tigs saltpetre, joo bis potato bac,s, 2 pkgs sundi ¡cs, 1 elephant, J7 mon


Cheviot from S) dnoy -1,867 cs fruit, IS trnks boots, 1 bskts praw ns, 468 bgs maize, l8 pkgs tobacco, IS pits iron, 00 cs herrings, 2S his pajMir, 10 cs schnapps, 3 cs machlnury, IO bgs o)stcnt, lrt0 bis wool, 72 cedar logs, 76 pkgs sundries 1,000 tons coal

Ly co moon, from Sydnu) -4,280 nits 4,060 hgs sugar, 1,710 cs fruit, 40 hhd molasses, 21 es Spa water, 11 ligs hair, 291 hides 02 bgs o) stors, lr>4 bis w col, 21 os raw oil. 10 es lluld, 12 pkgs nxlo grease, 020 bgs maire, 10 bxs 0 bis tobacco, 0 bskts prawns, and sun


South Australian, from Adcloido -20 libd beer, 100 cs brand), 10 qr cks vv ino, 1,000 es korosonc, 1 ck eggs, 2 IHIIS skins. 2 cs iron brackets, 10 empty caskB, 20 lils rugs, 7 oks bottles 05 cs nails, 279 cs wire nails, 100 blB wool, 0 bgs Bait, 1 es machiner), 0 cks asphalt, 15 cs sundries

Included in tho manifest of tho Cuzco Is tho follow lug consignment -

loo kgs lvork sausage casings 4 es Gand) s patent bulting, 00 pkgs di)baltuncs-THOMSON mid IIUNCK LI v, 7 Latrolio street east

Included In the manifest of tho Crusader from Sin gajioru to S)duoy, anti thonco iver ss. Naples to Mclbourno is tho following consignment -

774 bgs (60 tons) tapioca, small, medium, and flake, 0 es maco -JAS r M IVVN7IK and Co

Included In tho manifests of tho Ltnn, Gulf of Vonlco, and Cuzco aro tho following consignments -

2 cs chemicals 8 es insccticldo, J cs to)s, 21 mall a\lcs, 2 cs hardware, 1 cs jovvollor), 10 cs s) nips, 11 cs tciracottafoimtahiB and vases, 2 cs photographic piper, 4 cs I pkgs wood turning machiner) -1'AU.VIRR, SCOTT, and Co , 36 Quucn street


W'cnilourco, for S)dno) -200 ballots fibre, 24 his flock, 600 cks cement, 16 cks conqiosltion, 13,42.1 staves 2,700 hgs chaff, 832 bgs flour, 8 bxs tonp, 2,100 pas stone, 457 cs castor oil, 802 pkgs tea, J pkgs wine, 7 his wool, JS pkjs eggs, 7 pkgs draper), ¿o , 3 pliLS mctnlvvaro, 8 pkgs earthenware, &c , 3 pkgs incrchau


Currajong, for S)dnoy-250 sks malt, 10 hgs washers, J cs mnrhlo intiitclpicccs, 20 cs milk, ti pkgs gum, 43 train rails, 110 cs and cks biscuits 27 els rope, .15 cks stcarino, Sbdls mill boards, 40 cs hop bit tors, 10osc,l)cerino, llpkgsnclds 135 pkgs machiner), 200 b¿8 Hour, 110 bgs bran, 28 be,s iwas, 15 pkgs coffee, 4 pkgs woodvvarc, 27 pkgs port wmo 2.1 cs castor oil, 3 pkgs glassware, 29 pk"s brandy, 9 pkc,s hardware, &c , 7 pkgs confectioner), OS plies butter 6 pkgs checsu, 5 bgs onions, 40 hgs potatoes, 201) hws rice, 20 lent baric), 7 pkgs books and stationer), 71 pkgs oilmen u stores anti prov lsions, 30 bgs oatmeal

0.1 pi gs tobacco, io , 60 cs jam, 417 pkgs ton, J7 pkgs drupel), Le , 14 pkgs merchandise