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QUEANBEYAN AND GOULBURN. The match between the Queanbeyan District Club, and the eleven players from Goulburn, took place on Wednesday the 23rd instant, and according to anticipation it could not then be finished owing to the inclemency of the weather. Notwithstanding the unfavourable aspect, a larger number of people gathered, than on the previous day. The game commenced at 12 o'clock, the Goulburnites first taking charge of the wickets, and in so doing they received a volley of cheers from their opponents. The umpires were Mr. Menoz for Goulburn, and Mr. Gardiner for Queanbeyan; scorers Messrs. Vernon and McDonald.   The fielding of the Goulburnites was universally admired, particularly that of Mr. J. Simons, and so was the batting of Messrs. Richards, Fletcher, and Pettingell; however, the Goulburnites succeeded in scoring only 81 runs the first innings. The Queanbeyanites nothing daunted, commenced their work at the wickets. The batting of Messrs. Campbell, Lintott, Bryant and Massey, was superior to any thing I have seen in Queanbeyan before; Mr. Faunce unfortunately had at once to succumb to one of Richard's rippers, without a single notch. Mr. Campbell succeeded in scoring 66 runs, making a total score of 120 runs to the Queanbeyanites the   first innings. They thus headed their antagonists by 39 runs. Weather permitting the game will be resumed to morrow at an early hour, but very little hope can be entertained as it is now (Wednesday night) rain ing heavily, and seems likely to continue. Upwards of 60 gentlemen, including visitors from Goulburn, Yass, and Bungendore, sat down to par take of the good things provided by the worthy hostess of the Harp Inn. The room was tastefully decorated, and everything in the shape of eating and drinking was excellent, all the available fruits of the season being provided. The chair was taken by H. Hall, Esq., J.P., sup ported on the right by Mr. Barber of Yass, and on the left by Mr. J. J. Roberts of Goulburn; the vice chair was filled by W. F. Hayley, Esq., J.P., sup ported on the right by Mr. Zouch of Yass, and on the left by Mr. W. Campbell of Queanbeyan. Shortly after 8 o'clock the tables were cleared, and the following toasts given by the PRESIDENT, accom panied with musical honours. " The Queen." "Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Family." " The Governor General." In giving the latter toast the CHAIRMAN passed the highest eulogium on his Excellency, as being a practical man , and being a staunch supporter of every thing which tended to promote the general progress of the colony, as well as a supporter of Cricket. "' The United Army and Navy of Great Britain." The PRESIDENT passed appropriate remarks on the services lately performed by the Army and Navy in Russia, and in India. Mr. SHADFORTH returned thanks on behalf of the army. Mr. SKENE of Bungendore, in behalf of the navy, hoping the navy of Great Britain, would con tinue for thousands of years to brave the battle and the breeze.

"The Yass Cricket Club, with the Captain, Mr. Barber." I returning thanks, Mr. BARBER said: We have met the Queanbeyan Cricketers on our own ground, and beaten them; tbey have met us, and beaten us, on their ground. I am happy to see such meetings as those carried on in such a manly and friendly spirit. "The Goulburn Cricketers, with their Captain, Mr. T. Richards." The CHAIRMAN, in giving the above toast, alluded to the previous defeats, on three occasions, sustained by the Queanbeyanites in their matches with Goul- burn. The return match was at present in favour of Queanbeyan, and he hoped fortune would continue to favour them. Mr. J. M. MUNOE, briefly returned thanks, hoping for a repetition of such friendly meetings. The VICE-CHAIRMAN in proposing the health of the " ladies," remarked that if he could speak his experience of the ladies, he would keep the meeting until cock-crow, but assured them they were our dearest friends, from the cradle to the grave. Mr. JONES, of Yass, in a very complimentary speech, responded. The next toast was the " Umpires and Scorers." Mr. COLE, of Yass, in a neat speech, returned thanks on behalf of the umpires. Mr. JONES, of Yass, and Mr. J. McDONALD, of   Queanbeyan, on behalf of the scorers. "Mr. SIMONS proposed the health of the Queanbeyan Club, with their Captain, Mr. W. Davis, and the Yass Club, with their Captain, Mr . T. Barber. Mr. W. DAVIS returned thanks, saying, he had spent many happy days in playing these matches, and he trusted eh should spend many more. As the season for cricket was fast closing, he urged them not to let their practice be given up, so that they might be prepared to meet their opponents on any   future occasion. Mr. T. BARBER returned thanks on behalf of the Yass Cricketers.

The CHAIRMAN then proposed "the Press." A   free and enlightened press was the greatest privilege Britons could enjoy; through it they could make their grievances public; while in other countries, where liberty of the press was unknown, the people were gagged. Mr. VERNON responded. The VICE-CHARIMAN then proposed the health of Mr. J. J. Roberts, of Goulburn, remarking that by his exertions the eleven men were procured to play the match, and sooner than disappoint the Quean beyanites he had taken his son from school to make up the number. Mr. W. PETTINGELL returned thanks on behalf of Mr. J. J. Roberts. Mr. MUNOZ proposed "the prosperity of the town and district of Queanbeyan, accompanied with the name of C. E. Newcombe, Esq., J.P., remarking that he had no doubt but the townsmen of Queanbeyan would feel as proud of having such a townsman as Mr. Newcombe as the townsmen of Goulburn had felt regret in losing him. Mr. NEWCOMBE, in returning thanks, observed that his sojourn in Queanbeyan at present had been but short, and he was unacquainted with the district as yet, but he believed it possessed advantages equal to other districts, and as he had the honour to have served the Government a long time, he trusted he should continue so to do with justice to himself and satisfaction to the public. The health of the President, Vice-President, and Stewards of the neeting was proposed and responded to by H. Hall, Esq., President; W. F. Hayley, Esq, Vice-President; and by J. J. Wright, Esq., on be half of the Stewards; the latter gentleman remark ing that he felt gratified in meeting so many friends, and he trusted that this and to-morrow's meeting would be conducted in the same manly and friendly manner as before. Having now met the parties on their own ground, he hoped the result of the mor row's play would be in favour of Queanbeyan.

Mr. MORTON proposed the health of N. S. Powell, Esq., J.P. of Bungendore, as he was using great ex ertions to establish a cricket club, at Bungendore. Mr. POWELL responded, assuring the meeting that nothing should be wanting on his part, to endeavour to promote the interest of cricket. The VICE-CHAIRMAN then proposed the health of the Hostess, remarking this spread was great to her credit, likewise to the credit of the obscure little nook of Queanbeyan as it was once wont to be called. Mr. J. J. WRIGHT returned thanks on behalf of the hostess. He was sure that nothing had been wanting on the part of Mrs. Breen, to give entire satisfaction, and the spread had certainly eclipsed all others hitherto furnished by her. Shortly before 11 o'clock the meeting dispersped highly satisfied. The most fellowship prevailed throughout the evening. On Thursday the match was resumed, Goulburn going to the wickets. They shortly had to retire, with only 29 runs, which left Queanbeyan the winner, to one innings, by a majority of 10. The batting of Mr. W. Symonds in this innings was par ticularly admired. The following is the score:-

GOULBURN. FIRST INNINGS. SECOND INNINGS, Symonds, c and b W. Davis .. 3 b W. Davis .. 10 Payton, b Campbell .. 6 c H. Davis, b Campbell .. 0 Fletcher, b Campbell .. 12 c Palmer, b Campbell .. 2 Bolton, c Bryant, b W. Davis .. 0 c Massey, b W. Davis .. 0 Richards, b W. Davis .. 24 run out .. 5   G. Roberts ..0 b Campbell .. 0     Pettingell, run out .. 24 run out .. 4 J. Simons, b Campbell .. 0 not out .. 4 W. Simons, b W. Davis .. 0 b Campbell .. 1 J. J. Roberts, b W. Davis .. 6 b W. Davis .. 2 Maber, not out .. 0 b W. Davis .. 0 Byes .. .. 6 Byes .. 1   Total .. .. 81 .. .. 29     First Innings .... .... 81 total .... .... 110 QUEANBEYAN. Campbell, c. J. Simons b. Pettingell .... .... 60 Faunce, b Richards .... .... 0       Lintott, b Richards .... .... 18   Bryant, b Pettingell .... .... 16         Massey, b Richards .... .... 10 Styles, c Pettingell .... .... 2     W. Davis, b Richards ..... .... 0   F. Davis, b Pettingell .... .... 0   H. Davis, not out .... .... 0     Freestone, c J. Simons, b Richards .... .... 1 Palmer, c and b Pettingell .... .... 1 Byes, 5 ; wide ball, 1 .... 6 Total ....... 120 A scratch match was then got up between players     selected from amongst all hands, chosen respectively by Messrs. W. Davis and Blake. Mr. Roberts offi-   ciated as umpire for Davis's side, and Mr. Gardiner   for Blake's. One innings only was played. Mr.   Blake's side won by 9. W. DAVIS's SIDE. W. Davis, leg before wicket .... .... 2 Brackenbury, b. Blake .... .... 1 Richards, c. Blake, b. Faunce .... .... 6     Massey, b. Blake .... .... 4 W. Simons, b. Faunce .... .... 0 Pettingell, b. Blake .... .... 3 Zouch .... .... 3     Payten, b. Hume .... .... 7 Campbell c. Blake .... .... 18 J. Simons, b. Blake .... .... 9 Palmer, not out .... .... 0 Byes............ 12 Total ......... ?5 BLAKE's SIDE. Blake, b. Richards .... .... 3   Hume, c. Massey, b. Richards .... .... 0 Faunce, b. W. Davis .... .... 3 Bryant, b. Richards .... .... 25 Symoltds, c. and b. Richards .... .... 0 Fletcher, hit wicket .... .... 3 Lintott, b. Richards .... .... 7 H. Davis, leg before wicket .... .... 9 Jones, c. Pettingell .... .... 14 Skene, b. Richards.... .... 4 Pinchard, not out .... .... 3 Byes .... .... 13 Total .... .... 84 The Goulburn Cricketers left town at half-past four on Thursday, a majority of the inhabitants headed by the German band accompanying them to the end of the town, and giving them three hearty   cheers. [The Goulburn players reached home yesterday evening, some just before sunset, and the majority at about half-past seven].__________ WAGGA WAGGA. --- The cricketers of Wagga Wagga have determined on challenging Albury, and   if there be no club at that place, then of challenging Adelong.