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CRICKET. QUEANBEYAN AND YASS. (From our Queanbeyan Correspondent.) THE return match between the above mentioned cricket clubs came off at Queanbeyan on Tuesday, the 23rd instant, the former winning with eight     wickets to spare. The weather was very favour able for the occasion, which created a very good   assemblage of people, graced with a fair show of ladies who, as usual, seemed to take a great delight in seeing the "lords of the creation" displaying their physical powers. The scene was enlivened by a German band provided for the occasion, which entered the field playing the well-known air "Cheer, boys, cheer," and kept up the music with   out intermission until the end of the game. At about twelve o'clock the play was commenced, three   hearty cheers being given for the Yassites. They     were the first to handle the bat, and played a very   spirited game, scoring 68 runs the first innings.   Then followed the Queanbeyanites, who, determined   to do their best, succeeded in scoring 82 runs, head-   ing their opponents by 14 runs. Both parties then     retired for a short time for refreshment, after which   the Yass gentlemen took their second innings. Mr. Blake having the misfortune to be caught out by Mr.   Davis, without adding to the score, and Mr. Hume bowled out, scoring but 9. all hopes in favour of a     victory by the Yassites were at an end. Fortune   seemed to frown on them, as they soon returned     from their wickets with an addition of but 20 runs to the former innings, making a total of 88 runs,   leaving the Queanbeyanites but 7 runs to win. I shall refrain from making any remarks on either the batting or fielding, as the reader will be able to form

an opinion at the play by the score appended. After the game was ended hearty cheers were given to the Yassites, who warmly returned the compliment. The umpires were --- for Queanbeyan, Mr. H. Gar- diner; for Yass, Mr. Cole. The scorers --- for Quean- beyan, Mr. McDonald; for Yass, Mr. Jones.  YASS. FIRST INNINGS. SECOND INNINGS. J. A. Blake, run out ... 21 c. W. Davis, b. W. Davis ... 0 J. K. Hume, run out ... 16 c. A. D. Faunce, b. Campbell .. 9 R. Furlong, b. Campbell ... 3 c. J. Massey, b. W. Davis ... 5 C. Quail, run out ... 7 c. H. Davis, W. Davis ... 4 J. Quail, hit wkt. ... 6 b. W. Davis ... 0 A. R. Zouch, run out ... 1 c. P. Palmer, b. W. Davis ... 0       T. Barber, b. Campbell ... 0 b. W. Campbell ... 1 J. McJennett, b. Campbell ... 0 not out ... 0 P. J. Shadforth, b. W. Davis ... 2 b. W. Davis ... 1 J. Douglass, b. W. Davis ... 0 b. W. Davis ... 0 J. McGuire, not out ... 7 b. W. Campbell ... 0 Byes 5 Byes 0 68 20 68 Total 88 QUEANBEYAN. FIRST INNINGS, SECOND INNINGS.     W. Campbell, b. Hume ... 1 not out. ... 4 A. D. Faunce, b. Hume ... 11 c. Zouch ... 2 H. G. Lintott, b. Hume ... 3 b. Hume ... 0 J. Massey, b. Hume ... 3 not out ... 1   A. Bryant, b. Hume ... 2 J. Styles, c. Zouch, b. Blake ... 11 W. Davis, b. Hume ... 10 F. J. Davis, c. Shadforth, b. Hume ... 12 P. C. Palmer, not out ... 6 H. Davis, b. Hume ... 8 A. S. Freestone, b. Hume ... 0 Byes 14 7 Wide Balls 1 82 Total 82 89 The match, Queanbeyan against Goulburn, comes off tomorrow. The weather looks very unpromising for the contest; it is now raining in torrents.