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Hunters take a deep breath



Demon Flower. Hunters and Col lectors (White/Mushroom)

HUNTERS and Collectors

seemed dissatisfied with their last album, Cut, which was a success in, Australia

but failed to make it on the over seas market, something the Hunt ers have been wanting to do for a

while now. ^

With' Demon Flower, they seem to have , taken a deep breath, • cleared their heads and, got back in touch with the vitality that was a hallmark of-earlier albums Hu man Frailty and The Jaws of Life.

The first track Easy has been

getting a lot of airplay lately and. deservedly so. Seymour's unmistak able voice takes us sliding through what is one of the best songs the Hunters have produced, accompa nied by some innovative interac tion between Doug Falconer's drums and Barry Palmer's guitars.

Seymour's talent as a lyricist is a standout quality of the album — Newborn sucks you in, with its gentle seductive melodies that en twine perfectly with the progres sion of events described in the song. Tender demonstrates this again. The lyrics are intense, emo tion-packed and highly visual.

Two songs.'. otf the album take

stabs at Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett — the: brilliant Panic in The Shade and- Mr Bigmouth.

The One and: Only You and Des ert Where Her' Heart Is are other highlights.; - • "

The bitterness the Hunters feel about not being able to break into the American "'market-is put across about as bluntly as can be in 77/e Courtship of America — a song which makes you want to give them their own advice from The One and Only You: "So you wan na be the . boss, get off the cross ..." The Hunters are too good a band to be wallowing in self-pity.

Still, it's honest and that real raw quality is part of what makes this album so great.


Peculiaroso. Leo Kottke (Private Music)

THE LATESTv:offering of

American guitarist, songwriter

and sometime singer Leo Kottke, Peculiaroso, is truely an album for those people who love their music to be passionate and pure. It is immediately evident when listening to this album that you are dealing with someone who loves what they do with heart and soul.

The album was produced by Rickie Lee Jones, also an accom plished singer and songwriter. The 12 tracks are mostly instrumental, apart from Parade and the strange but humorous Turning into Ran dolph Scott.

Kottke is accompanied on a couple of the tracks with drums and bass and on Porky and Pale by accordion. Jones provides beau tiful vocal backup on Turning into Randolph Scott.

Not air of the tracks were writ ten by Kottke — Poor Boy was , written by Bukka White and John

Fahey (Fahey produced Kottke's first album 12 String Blues) and is a country blues 12-bar arrange ment with Kottke's lilting slide trademark etched all over it.

The hauntingly .beautiful Won derland by Night, Arms of Mary and '.Twilight Time are also written ; by other artists, but bear Kottke's

unique style. ,

Peculiaroso is definitely an al bum made for compact disc. Nothing can really capture the magic of a live, performance, but this collection comes about as close as one could hope.

An album for those who love to relax and be absorbed ; by their music. Pure class..

'i. 0AV|D L0WE

Hunters and Collectors' latest album Demon Flower is honest and raw.

Lingo. GANGgajang (rooArt)

POP lives on. Think back 10

years ago to Wham t-shirts,

tube skirts and fluoro socks. Cul ture Club, Duran Duran . . . GANGgajang.

Yes, it's been 10 years and doesn't time fly. But the band which gave us songs like Howie of Cards, Gimme Some Loving, Tree of Love and American Money are back, which is a great thing for people who might^,. be. feeling a tad

frayed by the current swag of "al- . ternative" bands,; • •

Lingo is not really a new direc tion for the band, it's more a cele bration of pop. There are no, pre tensions here. For the most part, Lingo specialises in; rejoicing in the inane or day-to-day aspects of life — The Way You Feel, 24 Hours a Night, Ordinary World and Funny Old Street all demonstrate GANG gajang's ability to sing about the kind of worries and events that happen in everyone's lives. ^

Highlights are Hundreds of Lan guages, a kind of reflection on the the past voices of indigenous peo

pies, and Houses with Swimming Pools, a song about an ordinary guy dreaming of the good life.

Houses with Swimming Pools really strikes a cord. Take this verse: "Now all I want to be is cool, And when I win the big one you can swim in pool, believe me, that's as god as it gets, We all get rich, then we^ali get-wet." . ■ .

. Lingo heralds the welcome re turn of a band with much to ofier.


. V jazz •,", Carlo Orr, Spiral Scratch,

0016. r

PAROCHIALISM, plus her un

doubted talent; prompts men

tion that Kristen Cornwell, the Canberra-trained; Sydney-based singer; appears .in Closing Theme, the 11th track on this absorbing album by one of Australia's great, ■guitarists'.

She is in the company of such as Orr himself, .Miroslav Bukov sky, Martyn Love,' Andrew Gan der, Phillipe Lincy: and Dale Bar low. . She is described by Orr as "an exceptional singer with an ori

ginal style and a wonderful voice ■ ... a glimpse of a truly gifted art ists". The album, Orr's third CD, offers a challenging exploration of "a style featuring funk rhythms, electric and electronic instruments and plenty of improvisation".

As said, it's challenging, nqt everyone's choice but not repulsive as it could have been if it had been as exclusively indulgent as. some experimentalists are.

Doug DeVries, New Market, New 001 CD. .

DeVRIES'S confidence in the

simple, self-naming of this al

bum is not misplaced. Another great Australian guitarist, he proves his ability as a composer with seven original compositions and one collaboration with^ pianist Jex Saarelaht among the 12 tracks.

Again there is a use of consider able Australian talent, or Austral ians of considerable talent, on an album which explores some inno vative laneways,; perhaps not to the extent of Orr, but more gently and persuasively. The texture and flavour of the music changes with variations in personnel and instru mentation, and is always appeal ing, flowing calmly and logically

across the consciousness. •

The Real Howard ^Roberts, Con cord Jazz, CCD-4053.

THE REAL' Howard Roberts is

a real guitarist, player, teach

er, columnist," of'.wonderful skills, versatility and improvisational tal ent. He is backed by pianists Ross Tompkins,1 bassist - Ray Brown (yeah!) and' drummer Jimmie Smith. It is a sweetly swinging al-, bum, sounding much simpler than it truly is in a program which pro gresses logically and pleasingly through Dolphin Dance, Darn That Dream, Lady Wants to Know, Parking Lot Blues. Gone With the Wind, Serenata, Angel Eyes and All Blues. Great musicians, great musicianship, great music. There's not much else required is there?