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Sisters going it alone



STRIKING out on your own af

ter being a part of a successful,

high-profile band like The Black • Sorrows is not the easiest thing in

the world to achieve.

But for Vik'a and Linda BulJ, the sisters who sang back up vocals for the; Sorrows for five years, it was time to try being the prime attrac tion, despite the nerves.

"We've'been sort of up front

with a band .that's had a very- big. profile and people are expecting a lot — all we can do is just put it out and just enjoy ourselves while its there. And just ignore the! pres sure I think — or have &• really good yoga teacher," Linda said.

Their self-titled album: is due for release this month and the duo will be coming to Canberra to promote their new material in a show where there's very little room to hide — just the sisters, a guitar player and a bass player.

Defining their new style is a dif ficult question, it seems. Songs were chosen on the "strength of the

Vika and Linda'Bull: time to be the prime attraction.

song" and so fans of blues, jazz, gospel, rock and even reggae, will probably all find something to sar

vour in it! '

The. impressive line-up'.of song writers on their album,'including Paul Kelly, Don Walker, (ex Cold Chisel), Mark Seymour (Hunters, and Collectors), Joe Camilleri (Black Sorrows), Nick Cave and Stephen Cummings, is mainly due to Linda's persistent phone calls.

The pair originally turned down hundreds of songs sent to them by record companies — they turned to

Kelly and the other songwriters on the album looking for material that suited them more. "It was amazing how friendly and helpful these peo ple were, they could just as easily have said no because they're so busy," she said.

And as for album number two?

"I reckon we started" thinking about

it a month after we walked out of the studios," Linda said. "Every body keeps saying 'slow down'."

• Vika and Linda play Tilley's De vine Cafe Sunday night.'' "