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Hunters do it their own wav

Hunters and Collectors bring their own brand of music to the ANU bar tonight.


HUNTERS and Collectors

have done their latest al bum, Demon Flowers, their own way, according to drummer Doug Falconer.

The band's last album, Cut, was their most successful yet. It is still selling well, more than a year after it was first released, but Falconer seems a little dissatisfied.

Cut was their only album that had the legs to go more than six to eight months,, he says, but it did not go "fantas tically well" overseas. Of course, it was intended to con solidate their home market more than crack the overseas markets. And it has done that.

Cm spawned a handful of big hits for the band in Aus tralia, including True Tears of Joy and Holy Grail, which spent 29 weeks in the top 40.

Falconer says Demon Flow ers is "less tricked up" than Cut and more of a team effort by the band.

"It's less kind of studio stuff. 1 think it's a lot more adventurous, even though the last one sounded really full-on and dense, it was actually quite a safe record in a lot of ways," he says. "We had a lot more . fun with the sounds on this

one. We produced it ourselves with a local co-producer . . .

and I think there was a lot move creative freedom."


Putting Demon Flower to gether in the space of eight weeks meant that it was a

"pretty intense" experience, but there were "a lot of ideas flow ing around".

"This time it was very much try things out and see how they sounded. Because we were working on tight schedules, it meant you had to do things very quickly and . take a few risks," he says.

Somehow, you get the feel ing Falconer is more comfort able with Denton Flower than with Cut, despite, or maybe even because of, the risks they took making it.

Hunters and Collectors will play at the ANU Bar tonight.