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Bruce Andrew's Success

From Our Own Correspondent

LONDON, Thursday

Bruce Andrew, former Collingwood footballer, has become the Rugby sensation of the year. In a recent match - RAAF- Headquarters v London Clubs - Andrew was the best player on the ground. He has been approached by managers of several London clubs and offered a place in their teams whenever he might be available. Andrew, a fit-It in the RAAF, has taken part in 3 Rugby games, but has adapted

himself so well to the code that he is now a regular player for Air


Andrew believes his Australian Rules experience has given him an advantage over Rugby players in kicking and picking up the ball one han«!. In speaking of his experi- ences in Rugby, Andrew said: "I wonder what Jock McHale, Colling wood's famous coach, will think of me as a Rugby player."

When asked his opinion last night Mr McHale said: "Bruce is a player likely to make goöcl in any sport. He can pick up a ball with either hand while running at full pace, and .can turn in his track faster than any man I know. -He knows all the football tricks, and should make an excellent Rugby player. I wish him success."

Andrew's first game was for RAAF against RNZAF. He attended the match as a spectator, but when the | RAAF side found itself a man short

he was persuaded to play. His per- formance in that game made him a regular member of the RAAF team, and earned him a place in the Dominion's side. Recalling his first match, Andrew told how he had been given the ball lu a throw-in, and was wondering what to do with it when he heard a linesman call out: "Kneel down, kneel down." Thinking that must be the correct way of throwing in, he threw in the ball in that position. At the end of the game the opposing captain congratulated him on what he des- cribed as "a novel, effective" way of throwing in. Andrew replied that he had merely obeyed the linesman's instructions. When the linesman was asked about this he explained: "I was not talking to you. I was talk- ing to the photographer behind you!"