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League football for 1943 will end tomorrow, wlien Essendon and Rich- mond will meet at Carlton to decide the premiership. Neither team has made any changes, and one of the best games of the season is con- fidently expected. Essendon won well m defeating Richmond in the second .semi-final a fortnight ago, but Rich- mond showed much improved form in defeating Fitzroy last week. This fact leads one to the opinion that the struggle will be tense and exciting.

It is interesting to compare the teams that played in the grand final last year. Richmond, which entered that match full of hope, slumped considerably, but will enter the game tomorrow with only 9 of those play- ers Oppy, Perkins, Maguire, Dur- ham, Quinn, Kemp, Cahill, Broad stock, and Hunt replace Symons, Gulnane, Sullivan, Titus, Smeaton, Reilly, Morris, Burge, and Hay. Es- sendon has Betson, Gardiner, Rawle, and Cockburn, in place of Flanigan, Exelby, Leehane, and Caesar.

Essendon chose the same team that defeated Richmond in the second semi-final, and there was a confident atmosphere in the club rooms last night. All are fit and well, and all attended except Abbott, who trained at Somers camp, and Hird, who trained at "Warragul, where he is a school teacher. The present inten- tion is to retain Cassin at full for- ward, but he may be given a run on .the ball. Abbott, Bushby, and Dearie

?will comprise the second ruck, and Rawle may be given a spell of rov-


Hugh Torncy, the 6ft 3m 15£st ruckman, announced that he would retire after the game tomorrow. He has been one of the ornaments to the game, and has rendered distin- guished service. He has played for Essendon since 1933, taking part in 160 games and kicking 79 goals.

Richmond also has chosen the same team. The training last night was short and sharp, and the players were given sprinting work. Dyer said later that, in his opinion, it was the fittest team he had coached in his 3 years in that position. A pre- sentation was made to Styles, .who is to be married tomorrow. At the dinner tomorrow night in the club rooms the winner of the best and fairest trophy will be announced on the vote through the year of the selectors. Durham and Kemp (2 first-year players), Perkins, Merrett, and Scott are most favoured for the honour.

Teams are:

ESSENDON: Backs: Plummer. Ruddell, Biibliby. Half-backs: Cockburn. Buttsworth, ' Hird. Centres: Hutchinson, Gardiner,

Coward. Half-forwards: Dearie, Lane, ? Abbott. Forwards: T. Reynolds, . Cassin, f RuvUe. Followers: Torney, Betson. Rover:

H. Reynolds. Emergencies: Langley (19th), Edwards, Exelby, Brittlngham, Smith.

. RICHMOND: Backs: Scott, Durham, Steele. t Half-backs: Hunt. Maguire, Perkins. Cen-

tres: Merrett. Broadstock. Edwards. Half lorwards: Quinn, Randall, Waldron. For- wards- Oppy. Bawden, Harris. Followers: »\er, Kemp. Rover: Cahill. Emergencies: Ablett (19th). Doherty, Brannan, Priestley.


DIVORCE COURTS: Before Mr Justice Lowe, m the First Civil Court, at 10.30: Slade v Slade (part heard). Little v Little. Cassell v Cassell, Barnes v Barnes, Cahill v Cahill. Cook v Cook, Foley v Foley, Hird v Hird, Stengel y Steneel. Before Mr Justice O'Bryan, ia No 2 High Court, ,at 10: Dudman v Dudman (for judgment). Cherry v Cherry, Wells v Wells (part heard), hughes v Hughes (part heard). Eliott v Eliott (part heard). Bradley v Bradley, Lencn v Leach, Taylor v Taylor. Dodds v Dodds, Anderson v Anderson. Bach y Bnch, Grlnsteln v Grinstein, Lancas- ter v Lancaster iLelgh co-respondent).

PRACTICE COURT: Before Mr Justice Gavan Duffy, at 10.30: .Cane v-Tomeo 'judgment re costs) Chamber busi-


CRIMINAL COURT. Before Mr Justice Martin, at 10.30: Ronald Graham Hull aul Joseph Duggan (part heard). Charles Henry Alsopp. To Plead: Don- ald Hardrill Fraser. Leonard . William Paul, Alexander John Strachan. Lyle Kelcey. Lillian May Henderson. Jurors not empanelled not required to attend

until 11.

GENERAL SESSIONS: Before- Judge Macindoe. in Second Civil Court, at 10.30: Maintenance Appeals: Campbell v Campbell (part heard), Lee v Richmond 'part heard). Commonwealth Appeals: Hart v Crowley. Fell v Langford. Peel v McPhee, De Luca v .McMillan. Be lore Judge Magennis, at 10.30-. Crown Appeals: J. Richman v Birre», K. Rich- man v Birren (both part heard), Har- wood v Kerr Taylor, Daskalakls v White. Roberts v Baylie. Somerton v Henderson, Prybcrg v Abley. Greenwood v Hodge, Jones v Knight.

COUNTY COURT: Before Judge Book, st 10.30: Summons to debtors. Con- scientious Objectors' Appeals: Dwight. Farmer, Smith, Henry, Haines. Terrell,


BANKRUPTCY COURT: Before Judge Clyne, in Ko 3 High Court, at 10.30: Adjourned motions re Edwin William Ellis and re Hugh Gavan Crawford (de-


ARBITRATION COURT: Before Chief Judge Piper, in No 1 Court, at 10.30: Seamen's Union v Commonwealth Steamship Owners' Association and others. Employers to interpret re sea watches in port.-part heard. Appeal by union against decision of Board of Re- ference re sea watches in port-part heard. Before Mr M. M. Stewart. Con- ciliation Commissioner, at IP 10: Engine Drivers and Firemen's Association v Victorian Railways Commissioners (ap- plication for award-part heard). At 3: Australian Railways Union and an- other v Victorian Railways Commission- ers (Reg 10, re low-tension linesmen part heard). '