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Family Notices

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APPS (nee Davies).-On September l8, at Canberra Community Hospita!, to Mary, wale ot B. F. G. Apps-a daughter (Meredith Mary).

BENDALL (nee Burke).-On September 19. at Avonhurst, Queen's road, to Elsie, wife of-Lawrence N. Bendall, R.A.A.F-a daugh- ter (Faye Lorraine).

BENTLEY. —On September 13, at the Mercy Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Bent- ley-a daughter.  

BOLTON (nee Brown).-On September 17 at Margaret Coles, Prahran, to Elizabeth and Frank-a son (Kenneth Frank).

BOURKE. —On September 13, at Grace- dale, East Camberwell, to Pat and Moya—

a daughter.

BREEN (nee Anstee). —On September 19, at Epworth, to Val, wife of Sergeant John   Breen, A.I F. —a daughter (Valerie Lynette).

BRETTARGH (nee Buchanan). —On Sep- tember 23, at Gracedale private hospital, to   Marjorie and Harry —a daughter (Suzanne Allison).    

BROWN (Nichols). —On September 16, at St. George's Hospital, Kew, to Ella and

Eddie —a son.

BRUNSDON (Gould). —On September 17, at Epworth, to Alan and Marjory —a daugh- ter (Pamela Gail). (Both well.)

BRYANT (nee Wilson). — On September 7, at the Mercy Hospital, to Nell and Dan a son (David John).

BUDGE (Turner). —On September 12, at St. Andrew's, East Melbourne, to Renee and Frank —a son (Clement Frank).

COLSON. —On September 15, at Airlie, Ivanhoe, to Doris, wife or Herbert Colson, 2 Glen Court, Eaglemont —a daughter (Kay


CORMACK (nee Lally). —On September 7, at Brisbane Women's Hospital, to Captain and Mrs. Ralph Connack, 448 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove, Brisbane —a son.

CRUISE (Rule).-At Epworth, to Mr. and Mrs. Cruise, of 431 Bell street, Pascoevale

South-twin sons.

DALY (Poulter).-Oa September 22. at Myross, Armadale, to Marl and Jack (A.I.F.) -a son (Robin John). (Both -well.)

DEAN (Hesnsley).- On September 22, at Creswick House. Hampton, to Win and Les a. son (Kenneth Ernest).

DON (nee Cathcart).-On September 19, at Mosgiel private hospital, Surrey Hills, to Nancy, wife of George Don-a son (Brian James).

. EADES (nee Helen Davidson).-On Sep-

tember 22, at Townsville, Queensland, to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Eades-a son.

EAMES (nee Bolden).-On September 21. at Kulki, Coburg, to Val. wife of Stan. R.A.A.F. (Darwin)-a son (Peter Geoffrey).

EASTWOOD (nee Bottomley).-On Septem- ber 21. at Brighton Community, to Merle and Ted (Darwin)-a daughter (Marion Merle).

EDWARDS (nee Bryan).-On September 17, at Osborne House. St. Arnaud, to Nancy and George-a daughter (Nancy Rhyll).

FARRINGTON (nee Weston).-On Septem- ber 20. at Dunstaffnage. Burwood, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Farrington-a son (Alan John).

FEISS (Dugan). —On September 19, at Seymour, to Mary and Noel —a daughter (Julianna).

FLEMING.-On September l8, at Lisieux, Cobram, to Florence and Ian-a daughter (Margaret Esther).

GILLIES. —On September 17, at Epworth, to Doris and Frank —a son. (Both well.)

GREENHILL. —On September 21, at St. Luke's, Sydney, to Gladys, wife of Patric —a son (Martin).  

GREENWOOD (nee Dunlop). —On Septem- ber 19, at Devon, Glenhuntly, to Betty and Josh (A.I.F.) - a daughter (Maureen Joy). (Both well.)

GUMBRELL. —On September 20, at Brigh- ton, to Sgt. and Mrs. Gumbrell —a son (Rex Stanley).

HALL (Cunningham). —On September 8, at Henty, Caulfield, to Laurie and Gordon (A.I.F.) —a son (John Gordon). (Both well.)

HARROLD (nee Evelyn Everett). —On Sep- tember 22, at Waikarie Hospital, to the wife of Captain H. C. Harrold —a daughter.

HARVIE (nee Flo Morris). —On September 15. at Corowa Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Harvie, Carlowrie, Oaklands-a son (Keith Francis), brother for Jimmie.

HEDGER (nee McHugh). —On September 20, at Eildon House, Ballarat, to Warrant officer and Mrs. Hedger-a son (David Francis).

HERMAN (Woodger). —On August 29, to Len and Kath-a daughter (Claire Lorraine).

HEWINS (Moran).-On September l8, at Dalkeith, to Phyllis, wife of Lieutenant Gordon E Hewins-a soli (John Geoffrey).

HOLDER (nee Tonkin).-On September 21, at Epworth, to Jean, wife of Thomas Mor- ton Holder (A.I.F.)-a son.

HOOKE (nee Phyl Cock).-On September 20. at St. Omer private hospital, Camber- well, to Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Hooke-a son - (David Llewellyn). (Both well.)

HOWARD (nee Pretty).-On September 22, at Moira, Sandringham, to Audrey and Aub (A.I.F.)-a son (Gary John).

HUGHES.-On September 21, at Gracedale , private hospital, East Camberwell, to Mr.

and Mrs. Hughes, of Croydon-a sou.

HUNT.-On September 20, at St. Helens, Lewisham road, to Loma, wife of LR.M. Alan Hunt, R.A.N. - a daughter (Carol Gillan).

JACOB.-On September 21, at Gracedale, East Camberwell, to Lilian and Eric (A.I.F., returned)-a son (John William).

KELLY (nee Wilkinson). —On September 11, at Maldon, to Mrs. and Cpl. W. W. Kelly (A.I.F., N.G.) —a son (Warwick Hart-


KEYS (Rendell). —On September 22, at Murray House, Dandenong, to Douglas (A.I.F., ret.) and Thelma —a son (Peter Douglas).

KNEE (Kenney). —On September 15, at Mosgiel, to Louise and Bill (R.A.A.F.) —a son (Robert Graham). (Both well.)

LEES (nee Livock). —On September 17, at Padua House, Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde B. Lees —a son.

McCallum. —On September 22, at St. Andrew's, East Melbourne, to Sgt. John McCallum (A.I.F, ret.) and Mrs. McCallum, Callantina road, Hawthorn —a son (Peter Andrew).

McHARDY (nee Alison Bennett). —On Sep- tember 19, at Sacred Heart Hospital More- land, to Mr. and Mrs. Allan McHardy, Pascoevale South —a daughter (Beverley


O'NEILL (Potter). —On September 19, at Camperdown District Hospital, to Ella and Arthur (A.I.F., N.G.)-a daughter (Shirley


PETFIELD (nee Winsome Macdougall). On September 13. at Carbethon. East Mal- vern, to Mr. A. E. (R.A.A.F.) and Mrs. Petfleld-a daughter.

PLOWMAN.-On September 22, to Mr. and Mis. K. M. Plowman-a daughter. (Both very well.)

POYSER.-On September 24. at Chelsea Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Poyser a ton. (Both well.)

PRITCHARD (nee Purtell).-On September 22, at Avonhurst Hospital-a daughter (Ethel


ROBERTS (nee Baker). - On September 20. at Nooralie, Ormond, to Phyllis and Arthur. 29 Bent street. Bentleigh-a son (Ian

SHARPE (nee N. Belinfante). On September 21, at Carbethon, East Malvern, to   Nancy and Alex a daughter (Maree Irene).

. SIMPSON (nee June Powell).-On Septem- ber 21, at Gracedale, Sister Mundy's private hospital. East Camberwell, to June and Jack ,-a son (Clive Lewis).

SMITH.-On September 19. at St. George's Hospital. Kew. to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Smith -a daughter (Helen Eve).

' SOUTAR (nee Slade).-On September 23. at St. George's .Hospital. Kew, to Nell and Andrew (Bert)-a daughter (Elizabeth Mar- garet) .

SPARKMAN.-On August 31, at Seskinore, to Grace and Albert-a daughter (Laurice Joy).

TARDIF.-On September 13, at Vaucluse, Coburg, to Mr. and Mrs. Hec Tardil-a wm (Peter William).

THOMAS (Pickford).-On September 21, to Laurie and Alma-a daughter (Madge Annette).

THOMSON (nee Duus). - At Gracedale private hospital. East Camberwell, to Ida and Trevor-a daughter.

_, TUCKEY (Stoddart).-On September 17. at

St. Elmo, Yarram, to Catherine, wife of Charles Tuckey-a daughter (Katherine Helen).

VAUGHAN-On September 20. at Gracedale private hospital. East Camberwell, to Louise, wife of Sergeant J. G. Vaughan, Darwin a daughter.

WATERS.-On September 14, at Gracedale. East Camberwell, to Maud and Peter - a «laughter (Elisabeth Mary).

WATKINS (nee Glenys Berryman).-On September 24, at Jessie Mcpherson, to Mr. and Mrs K. G. Watkins-a son.

WHITCHER (Hunter).-On September 16, at Airlie. Ivanhoe, to Corporal H. E. (A.I.F., N.G.) and Joyce-a son (David Harold). (Brother for John )

WILLIAMS (Pritchard).-On September 13. at Guildford private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Hai old Williams-a daughter. (Both »eil.)

WILLIS (Laurel McDonald).-On September 22. at St. George's, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Willis. 24 Nott street. Balwyn-a son.

WORTLEY. - On September 17, District Hospital. Stawell, to Lena and Val-a son (David Valentine).


BRADBORN-DARK.-On August 2S. at St. Mary's, caulfield, by Canon Dewhurst, Sgt. J. Fielding Bradborn (R.A.A.F.), son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradborn, Norwich, England, to Isabelle Jean, younger daughter «f Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dark, 43 Sycamore street. Caulfield.

CAPPER-TAYLOR.-On August 28. at West Hawthorn Presbyterian durren, Dorothy Lesly, only ohild of Mr. and Mrs. -1«. R. Taylor, to Robert Hordern, only child

.??.* Mr. wid Mrs. 8. W. Capper, I


ALLAN GRANT, 54 Collins St.. C1.


EILENBERG-JACOBS.-On September 9, at Synagogue, St. Kilda, by Rabbi J. Danglow, Alwyn Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Jacobs. St. Kilda, to Alen Henry, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Eilenberg, Caulfield.

GOULD-SWANTON.-On August 25. at Chungking, China, Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter oí Mrs. B. M. Mccracken, of 6 Bradford avenue. Kew, and the late Mr. H. L. Swanton, oí Melbourne, to Henry George, only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. Gould,

of Melbourne.

HOLDRIDGE-SWANTON.-On September 8, at Rosemary Cottage, 6 Bradford avenue. Kew, Helen Marjorie, second daughter of Mrs. S. M. Mccracken and the late Mr H. L. Swanton, of Melbourne, to Henry Rutherford, only bon of Mr. and Mrs. E. Holdridge, of New York. U.S.A.

MOLE–PERRY. –On September 11, by the Rev. P. W. Robinson, at St. Mark's Church of England, Burke road, Camberwell, Section Officer Eunice, W.A.A.A.F., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Lindley Perry, Marysville, to Corporal Ernest Bryan (A.I.F., returned), elder son of Mrs. L. R. Mole and the late Mr. E. Mole, Brighton Beach.

PERMEWAN-BOLLARD.-On September l8, at St. Aloysius Church, Caulfield, with a Nuptial Mass by the Rev. Fr. Mccormack, of Morwell, Inez Thérèse Bollard, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Bollard, of Mirboo North, and Patrick Thomas Perme wan, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Permewnn, of Kambrook road, Caulfield.

ROBERTS-DUNSTAN.-On September 11. at the Baptist Church, Camberwell, by Rev. E. C. Burleigh, B.A., B.D., Marjorie Rose, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Dun- stan, 11 Bath road, Burwood, to Ernest James Roberts, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Roberts, 7 Cobden street, Bendigo.

SMITH-CROOKSHANKS.-On August 21. at the Presbyterian Church, Healesville, by the Rev. Rust, Marcia Alice (W.A.A.P.), younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Crookshanks, Rose Bay, N.S.W., to Douglas Stanley (R.A.A.P.), elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Smith, railway station, Casterton.)

TINKER-SALINGER.- On September 8, at the Church of the Immaculate Concep- tion, Ararat, by the Rev. Fr. Day, John Randles, son of the late John Tinker, to Marie Henriette, daughter of the late Em- manuel Salinger.

TREGENZA-FORDYCE.-On August 9, at St. John's, Launceston, by Canon Green- wood, Enid Ormonde, eldest daughter of Mrs. William Fordyce, of 46 Shoobra road, Elsternwick, and the late Mr. William Fordyce, to Howard Stanley Tregenza, elder son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tregenza, of Adelaide.


COLLINS - HAINES. - Mr. and Mrs. Collins announce with pleasure the 25th anniversary of their wedding, celebrated at Footscray by Rev. T. Beeson on September 22. 1918. (Present address. 10 Buxton street,


ELPHICK-MURPHY.-On September 25. 1918, at the Church o£ St. Law-t renee O'Toole, Leongatha, with Nup- tial Mass, celebrated by Rev. Fr. Sterling, of Yarram, assisted by the late Fr. O'Donnell, Sarah (Cls), eldest daughter of the late Michael and Mary Murphy, of Foster, to Herbert, third son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Elphick, of Foster. (Present address, Foster, south Gippsland.)

KEENAN-GILES.-On September 21, 1918, at St. Mary's Church of England, Mirboo North, by Rev. H. O. Watson, Nelle, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Giles, to Gordon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keenan. (Present address. Derwentwater, Neerim)

REYNOLDSON-GUTHRIE.-Mr. and Mrs. John Reynoldson announce with pleasure the 25th anniversary of their wedding, cele- brated at Bundoora by the Rev. Butler Johnson, September l8, 1918. (Fairview, Strathmerton.)


MCKERROW-FRASER.-Mr. and Mrs. John McKerrow announce with pleasure the 60th anniversary of their wedding, celebrated at Sunnyside, Learmonth, by the Rev. Robert Hamilton, on September 26, 1883. (At home, 4 Pretoria street. Caulfield, Sun day, September 26, afternoon and evening.)


On Active Service

CANTERBURY.-On September 7, Flight Lioit. William John (Jack), R.A.A.P., be- loved son of Wlnnifred and late Thomas Canterbury, loving brother of Capt. Thomas (R.A.E., A.I.P.), Norman, Lillian, and Robert.

CHAMBERS.-On September 4. at New Guinea. Pte. J. T. (Jack) Commando, younger son of Albert and Edith, loving brother of Amy (Mrs. Allan). Fred (P.O.W.). and Shirley, aged 23 years.

CLARKE.-VX14422 S.-Sgt. John Wilson (returned M.E.). killed New Guinea. Septem- ber 4. loving husband of Sylvia. -I'll always remember. R.I.P.

CLARKE.-VX14422, S.-Sgt. John Wilson, youngest son of Alice and the late Francis (Malvern), brother of Pat (A.I.F.. N.G.), Kath (Mrs. Billings). Fay (Mrs. Lloyd), killed in New Guinea. September 4 (returned M.E.). aged 27 years. -A soldier and a


CLARKE.-VXI4422 S.-Sgt. John Wilson (returned M.E.). killed New Guinea. Septem- ber 4. loved son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. H. Kelly, brother-in-law of Harry. Maude, and Les.

COOPER.-On September 22, L.A.C. John Findlay, dearly loved grandson of Martha and the late James Findlay.

COOPER.-On September 22, L.A.C. John Findlay, loved nephew of George and Doreen Findlay, and cousin of Marjory and Ken.

COOPER.-On September 22 (result air-

craft accident Deniliquin), L.A.C. John Find- I ley, loved nephew of Kath and John Findlay I (Camberwell), and cousin of Keith. -One of the best.

COOPER.-A tribute to the memory of Jack, R.A.A.F., dearly loved friend of Mr.

and Mrs. J. W. Marstln and Peggy (Mrs. < Gros). -Loved by all who knew him.

CRIMMINS.-A tribute of love and esteem to the memory of my dear comrade. Cor- poral Brendan Crimmins, killed In action New Guinea, June 30. -He died as he lived, beloved by all. (Inserted by Pri- vate Jim Dempster, New Guinea.)

CRIPPS.-On January 8, officially reported to have lost his life in air operations Europe, Sgt.-Obs. Raymond Frank (R.A.A.F.), dearly loved elder son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Cripps, brother of Alan, dearly loved grandson of James (deceased) and Mrs. Weston (Lon- don), beloved nephew of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hall (Ormond), and Mr. and Mrs. W. Breck nell (England), loving pal and cousin of Frank, Bubs, and Michael, aged 21 years and 11 months. —Duty nobly done. Our Ray.

FERGUSON. —Howard William, commando, beloved younger son of Jack and Ida Fer- guson, and dearest brother of Zilla, Lor- raine, and Jack (deceased, 2/4th Batt.), fell New Guinea September 4. —Onward. Chris- tian soldier. (Mother and Dad, Dande- nong.)

FERGUSON. —Howard William (commando). At New Guinea on September 4, darling brother of Zilla, Lorraine, and Jack (de- ceased, 2/4th Batt.). —God alone knows what his parting means. (Zilla and Lor- raine.)

FERGUSON. — In remembrance of my friend, Howard (Furgy), killed in New Guinea September 4. (Gordon Forster.)

GRAY. —On September 19, as result of in- juries received in air operations in India, Aus. 400923 Sergeant-Pilot Andrew Robert, R.A.F., loved son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Gray, of Brighton, and loving brother of June (W.R.A.N.S.). Gunner Don (A.I.F., twin brother), and Trooper Alex (A.I.F.). —He leadeth me by still waters.

GRAY.-Aus. 400923 Sergeant-Pilot Robert Andrew, R.A.F., India, loving nephew of Mr. and Mrs. George Benham, East St. Kilda. —A tribute to a loved one.

HOMEL.-On September 22. died of illness, V295990. William (Bill), late esteemed em- ployee of R. White Pty. Ltd. -Always we'll remember.

JOHNSON.-Missing, believed killed, result of enemy action. July 20. Paymaster Commander Hugh M. Johnson, R.A.N.. be- loved husband of Rainbow, and father of Robert and Sally, of 17 Dudley avenue. Rose- ville N.S.W.

LUCAS.-Killed 5n action, New Guinea, September 10, Lce.-Cpl. Desmond. VX102835, youngest son of Mary and Ken (deceased), loved brother of Joe, Laurie (deceased), Brian, Eileen, and Pat (twin). (24 Milton street, Ascotvale.)

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See Page 10)


On Active Service

- <Continued from Page 2\

LUNT.-Cpl. Ken- Lunt, VX62351, Aust. Ind. Coy., killed in action m N O , Septem- ber 4. beloved younger son of George and Hell, loving brother of Iris (deceased), George, Jessie, Florrie (Mrs. Quinn). Mar- jory, and Joan, aged 22 years. -Loved by all. (Inserted by his famuy, Canning street.


MATTHEW.-On September 1, Lieut Doug- las Hol>ro>d Matthew, died of wounds. New Guinea, loved and loving son of Beatrice. Baynton street Kyneton, devoted brother of Geoiqu and Millicent, grandson of the late James Matthew, J P. Mildura

NORWOOD-On July 5, died of illness in Malayan P. O. W. camp, Colin, dearly loved younger son of A. M. Norwood, of Redcourt, 6 Orrong Road, Armadale, and the late Edward Norwood, loved brother of  

Keith (A.I.P.), and brother-in-law of Madge, and dear uncle of Clare and Derek. Lov-  

ing memories.

PEASLEY.-VX43072 Gnr. Lawrie, P.O.W.. Malaja. died of illness, loving son of Joe and the late Margaret, brother of Len, Girlie. Frank, and Jim.

POULTER. - On September 15. In Eng- land. Pilot Officer Harry, a tribute of our t great esteem from his colleagues, the staff of

Footscray Technical School. -A life nobly given that we may carry on,

REEVE-On September 13, at Sale. Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey N. Reeve, D.F.C.. hus-

band of Gwen.

. REEVE. - Flight-Lieutenant Geoffrey N.

Reeve, D P.C., elder son of Mrs. H. Reeve mid the late Mr. G. N. Reeve, brother of Sergeant John Reeve, result of aircraft accl

."?CJdent at Sale, September 13. -Duty nobly


SIDES.-In sad but proud memory of my . dearly loved husband. Flank, commando, . Jellied in action August 25, >in New Guinea. -Greater love hath no man. (Dorothy.)

SIDES.-In loving memory of Sgt. Frank Sides, commando, loved elder son of Mr. and . Mrs. J. A. L. Sides, Julatten, North Queens . land, loved son-hi-law Of Mr1, and Mrs.

T. H Sarovich, Surfey Hüls. -He died that we might live. '.'

SIDES.-In loving memory of our pal, . Frank. (Keith and Peg Sarovtch.)

SINDREY.-On January 22. 1942 killed In .' action (Malaya), VX39209 Sgt. Arthur J.,

2/29th, A.I F., loved husband of Lorna, loving daddy of Shirley and Dennis. - Gi eater love hath no man.

SINDREY.-On January 22, 1942. killed in action (Malaya), Sgt. Arthur J., dearly . loved only son of James F. and Bessie Sind«

re>" of Balwyn, loved brother of Vera. - Sadly missed.

SINDREY.-Killed in action, Malaya, Ser- geant Arthur J, much-loved brother of Veía, brother-in-law of Tom, dear uncle of Loris. Donald, and Malcolm. (Vera.)

STEPHENSON-On September 16, died of wounds. New Guinea, William John VX51713 (ret. M E.), dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. A Stephenson, Caldermeade, loved ? . brother of Maurice (R.AAF., Cressy).

STEPHENSON.-On September 16. died of wounds, New Guinea, William John, VX51713 ("Bill"), late 9th Division. (Inserted by his brother. Maurice.)

SULLIVAN.-On September 4 (killed in action, N.G.), Jack, loved son of Eileen and . Clem Brodrick, loving brother of Monica

(deceased), Jim, Frank, Tom, Michael, and


SULLIVAN.-On September 4 (killed In i Action. N.G.). Jack, son of the late James

Sullivan, of Merrigum.

TARRANT.-On August 27, killed in New Guinea, result of aircraft accident, John, L A.C.. beloved son of George and the late Margaret Tarrant, brother of Queenie (de- ceased). George, and Freyda (Mrs. Walker), aged 32 years. -Always remembered.

"*? TARRANT.-On August 27. killed in New

Guinea, result of alicraft accident. John, L.A C, loving brother of Freyda and Pat Walker, uncle of Dan and Joan, aged 32

, vears.

THWAITES.-Killed in action at Lae. New Guinea. September 6, George Wesley, 2/23rd Battalion (returned M.E.). beloved eldest son of Eleanor Thwaites, devoted brother of Bill (R.A.A.F.). Esme. Joan, and Bob. loved grandson of S. F. Grace, aged 23 years. - Our brave lad.

THWAITES.-A proud tribute to the memory of George, killed in action Lae, . September 6. -Sunshine passes, shadows

fall loving memories will outlast all. (In- serted by C. and E. Marriott and family,

Clavton )

WATT.-On September 16. died of wounds. New Guinea. VX53894 Cpl. Arnold James Watt. M.M. (returned M.E.). beloved son of Aubrey and Stella, and loving brother of Claude. Thelma Keith and Norm., aged 24 vears -He died that we might live.

WILMOT.-On September 16. lost his life as a result of aircraft accident at Shawbury. England. Pilot-Officer Peter Royce Wilmot,  

loved son of H R. Wilmot, of Canberra, and Hilda (deceased), loved brother of Joan and Michael, aged 21 years

ARMSTRONG.-On September 15. Mary, sister of Jennie Edwards (deceased). Annie Poyser (deceased), Sally Magennls, Nellie Rowan, and Effie Jamison. (Privately In-


BENSTEAD.-On September 24, at her j.^i,home, Briar Hill, Rebecca, widow of the late j v Thomas Benstead, aged 92, late of Maldon.

'" (West Australian papers, please copy. No


BINGHAM.-On September 23, at Loch, Mary Ann, beloved wife of E. J. Bingham, loving mother cf Edward, Dennis, Mary, - Norah, Vincent, Frank, Desmond. James,

Leonard, and Michael.

BINGHAM.-On September 23, at Loch, Mary Ann. daughter of the late Dennis and Sarah O'Keefe, and loving sister of Dennis, Mai tin, Patilck. Elizabeth, Richard, and


BLACK -On September 24, at her home, 135 Sjnott street, Werribee, Mary Josephine, relict of William C. and mother of Sidney and Dorothy. -Requiescat In pace.

CAWSEY.-William Henry, 306 Miller 1 street, North Sydney, beloved husband of

the late Emma Cawsey, dear father of Morton and Mavis (Mrs H. R. Cordery), aged 69 years. (Inserted by Morton and

Freda Cawsey.)

CAWSEY.-On September 24, at Sydney, WiUIam Henry (formerly of Melbourne), loved brother of Flora, Arthur, Rach, and

CLOSE.-On September 17. Frederick John, loving brother of LU (Mrs. Lambert), Maggie (Mrs. McLellan), Nell (Mrs. Ridgway), Bill, and Anne (Mrs. Thorne). -In God's care.

CRAIG.-On September 23, at Portsea, Cyril Gordon Craig, of 17 Lalbert crescent, Armadale, dearly beloved husband of Mollie Craig, and loved father of Fattie, aged 52


CRAIGIE. - On September 23, at Kew, John Edward, loved son of the late John and Elizabeth Craigie late of Homebush, aged 87 years. (Privately cremated.)

CRAWSHAW.-On September 22. at private hospital. Sydney, Eliza, beloved wife of late Ralph Crawshaw, loving mother of Stanley, Alice (deceased). Eva (deceased), Percy (de- ceased), Ivy (Mrs. Treharme), and vera (Mis. Craig). -At rest. (Privately In- terred Brighton Cemetery, September 24.)

CROLE.-On September 17. Helena, loved sister of George, Harry, and Will Phillips. , and Peter (deceased), Fied. Rose, and Ivy

(Hewson) Tschudy.

CROLE.-On September 17. Helena, loved sister of Ivy and Oliver Hewson and loved aunt of Muriel, Ray, Mavis, and Dulcie (Glen


DICK.-On September 23. Ada Nell, loved giandma of Gordon and Rhoda Matheson, Beryl, Lesley, and Ian Whltelock, Wilma .i Dick, Alex and Nevill Dick. Roma and Alan "*. Hayes, Frances, Marjorie, and John Dick.

DONOGHOE.-On September 24. at Brigh- ton, passed peacefully away, Thomas, be- loved husband of the late Alice, and loved father of Lena and George, brother of Annie (Mrs. Strahan), aged 78 yeara, late of Rom- sey. -R.I P.

EAMES.-On September 19, at Albury, George William, loved eldest son of Eliza- beth Eames, Hawthorn, and late John Wil- liam, late of Beechworth. -At rest.

EVANS-On September 23, at 88 Dean street. Moonee Ponds. Walter Leslie, dearly beloved husband of Catherine Violet Evans, loved father of Charles (A.I F.) and William, devoted brother of Jim, W1U, Ethel, Jack, and Tom, aged 56 years. -His end was


EVANS.-On September 24, at a private hospital, Geelong, Mary, the dearly beloved wife of the late Rev. John McTaggart Evans, late vicar of St. Paul's Church of England, Geelong.

EASTWOOD.-On September 21, Louie, deaily loved sister of Mrs. J. Fletcher, and loving auntie of Wilbur (R.A.A.F.) and Neville (A.I.F.). of 36 Elizabeth street. Mal- vern. -He giveth His beloved rest,

FITZGERALD. - On September 24, Leonard Berchmans, beloved son of Elizabeth and tho late Richard Fitzgerald, Gonzaga, Church street, Richmond, loved brother of Mother Beinardette. F.C.J.. Sister Stanislaus (Concord, Sydney), Richard, the Rev, Joseph Fitzgerald, S.J.; Claire, Stanislaus, Gerald (deceased), and Mollie (deceased). --Requiescat in pace.

FREEMAN.-on September 19, at the resi- dence of her daughter, 52 Bay street, Brigh- ton, Ada. only daughter of the late David and Marguerite Renouf (Ballarat), and widow of William Chas. Freeman (Perth, W.A ), loved mother of Dr. M. M. Freeman, aged 84 years. (Pilvately cremated Sep- tember 20.)

GRAY.-On September 12, at her home, Terang, Sarah Gray, the dear grandma of  

Loialne Emily and Dorothy Sarah Crouch, 71,oi Canterbury; also Bessie Elaine (Mrs. C. *ulrHvod), of Malvern, -Rest, sweet rest.


GRIST.-On September 23, at Caritas Christi Hospice. Elizabeth Ann (Tot), be- loved wife of Stanley Wallace Grist" 12 Haw- thorn grove. Hawthorn, aged 39 years. - Rcquiescat In pace. - ,

GROVE.-On September 23. at 34 Gordon grove. Malvern, Ernest, dearly loved husband of Lettie, father of. Ian,.and Mollie., (Private


HARPER.-On September 10. at Welwyn private hospital. Wagga, Percy James. Joved husband of Rebecca May. and third son of the late James Harper. Murchison, and Mrs.

Harper Tatura

HARRISON -On September .13, at Hay Hospital, N S.W., Charles, husband of Mary, and loving fnth-r of Enid (Mrs. Cosgrove) Charles. (IiA.A.F.), Leo (de- ceased), late of Leongatha. (Interred at Springvale.)

HEARN-On September 22. at 125 Sum- merhill road, Ashburton, Herbert Arthur, beloved husband of Nellie, and lonlng father of Cecil. (Privately interred.)

HEARN-A tribute to Herbert Arthur ("Tracker"), who passed away on Septem- ber 22. -He pulled his weight-as a man, too. (Inseited by an old rowing pal.)

HERBERTSON.-On September l8 (result of accident), at Hamilton. Herbert Godden, dearly loved husband of Gladys.

HISLOP.-On September 24, at Beaufort. Robert Hislop, of Lexton, beloved husband of Rhoda, and loved uncle of Bob Murray, agp-i 87 vears.

HOLLAND.-On September 21, at private hospital, Lottie, dearly beloved sister of Frances (Mrs. H. Jones), sister-in-law of late Henry Jones, Swan street, Richmond, fond aunt of Bert, May, and. Thelma,

HUGHES.-On September 23. Henrietta, of 14 St James avenue, Mont Albert (late co-principal of Strathcona Girls' Grammar School), beloved daughter oí the late Al- fred and Catherine Hughes. (Privately cremated.)

HUTCHISON.-On September 21. at Marí- timo,, Beach road, Beaumaris«, Rose, loved mother of Arthur (deceased), May, George, and Darken. (Privately Interred September 24.) ' '

JOHNSTON.-On September 24 (suddenly), at his residence, 63 Droop street, Foots cray. Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Miriam Johnston, loving father of Lucy   (Mrs. N. Douglas), Marion (Mrs. L. Cheeseman), Donald, Nancy (Mrs. A. Williams), Betty (deceased), and Peggy. - At rest,

JOHNSTON.-The management and staff of Forges Pty. Ltd. pay tribute to the mernory of Mr. Tom Johnston, who was for 20 years a member of the store Deepest sympathy extended to Mrs. Johnston and family.

JOHNSTONE-On September 19, at Colac, Percy Francis James Johnstone, dearly beloved husband of Violet Ethel Johnstone, and loving father of Fay (Mrs. A. Hose), Bruce, Charles, Gwen, Enid, and Shirley, aged 47 years, No. 227, 8th Light Horse, 1st A.I.F. (Interred Colac Cemetery. Sep- tember 21.)

KARSLAKE.-On September 24, at his residence, Baarmutha, Beaufort, Samuel Bassett Karslake, beloved husband of Maria Lucy, and loved father of Mrs. J. Smith (Lismore) and James (Lexton), aged 81


KELLY.-On September 21, William Christopher (Kel), dearly loved husband of Kathleen, 43 Martin road, Glen. Iris, aged

GO years.

KELLY-A tribute to the memory of a sincere friend and colleague, Bill, who passed away September 21. -Deep in our hearts a memory Is kept (Inserted by members of

the Ordnance Staff.)

KRACKE.-On September 20, at Junee, Louis Robert, loving bi other of Capt L. G. Kracke (A.I.F., abroad), brother-in-law of Dorothy, uncle of Betty, Lois -R.I.P.

LOCKWOOD.-On September l8, at Bruns- wick, NeUie Dons, dearly loved daughter of Allen (deceased) and Hannah Lockwood, and sister of Allen (1st A.I.F.. killed in action), Beatrice (Mrs. Ulmer), Ivo (deceased), Daisy, and Eva. (Privately interred.)

McCALL.-On September 24, passed peace- fully away. James, loved youngest son of the late Andrew and Margaret McCall, late of Type st., Burnley, loved brother of An- drew, David. Kate, George, Richard, and Elizabeth (all deceased), in his 79th year.

McCALL.-On September 24. James, brother of the late Richard, loved brother in-law of Eva, beloved uncle of-"Agnes, Eric, Jean, and David, 20 Surf ave.; Beaumaris.

McLAINE -On September 24, at Malvern, Christie» Ellen, wife of Arthur T. McLaine, loving mother of Mervyn and -Ronald, loved mother-in-law of Pat. -At reâÇ.

McRAE.-On September 19. at Daylesford, John Finlay, youngest son of the late Finlay and Mary Christina McRae. of .Broadford, and father of Godfrey, aged 73 years.

MITCHELL (nee Hosking) .—On September 22, at New Zealand, Elizabeth Wright, eldest daughter of the late Martin and Sarah Hosking, of Ballarat, aged 75 years.

MORRISON.-On September 20, at a pri- vate hospital. Malvern, May Victoria (Sister, S.R.N.), dearlv loved daughter of the late Richard and Jane Morrison. Dum- fries, Colac. -Our loved sister. (Private interment at Colac, September 22.)

MORRISON-On September 20, at Mal- vern, May Victoria (Sister, S R.N.), dearly loved sister of Ethel Mary Witton, of Cora Lynn and Drouin.

MORRISON.-On September 20. at Mal- vern, May Victoria (Sister, S.R.N.), dearly loved sister of Doiothy I. Thomas, of Colac. -My dear sister,

MORRISON-On September 20. at Mal- vern, May Victoria (Sister, S.RN.), dearly loved sister of Ethel Mary Witton, of Cora Lynn and Drouin.

MORRISON-On September 20. at Mal- vern, May Victoria (Sister, S.RN.), dearly loved sister of Dorothy I. Thomas, of Colac. -My dear sister.

MUNRO.-On September 22. at Orbost, Jane Ann (Jean), dearlv loved auntie of Elsie. Cooke, Jean (Mrs Johnston), and Bill.

MURPHY.-On September 23 (suddenly), Andrew Bernard Murphy, 31 Fuchsia street, Blackburn, loved father of Sheila and Inez.

NASH. - On September 23, at Cheltenham, Thomas, redict of the late Annie, oí Elm grove, Parkdale, and loving father of John and Margaret (Mrs. J. Love), aged 83 years.

NORRIS.-On September 22. John, dearly loved son of the late John and~3essie Norris, loved brother of Sinclair (deceased), Lil (Mrs. RusseU Spence), Jean (Mrs. Paro Adcock), brother-in-law of Perc and Russell, dear uncle of Jessie Adcock.

RAMSAY.-On September 24. George, be- loved husband of Annie, and loving father Dick, Ina, Elsie (Mrs. Carmody), Doris (Mrs. Cathcart, deceased). Lillian (Mrs. Tubb), Gladys (Mrs. Heenan), and George, aged 76 years, late of Disraeli street, Kew.

RICHARDS.-On September 24, (suddenly), at Box Hill, Lillian Priscilla, the dearly loved second daughter of the late Elijah and Catherine Richards, Moonee Ponds, and much-loved sister of Gertie and Ada. of 36 Ashted rd.. Box Hill.

RICHARDS.-On September 24 (suddenly), at Box Hill, Lillian Priscilla, devoted sister of Ada (Box Hill and Mitcham).

RICHARDS.-On September 24 (suddenly), at Box Hill, Lillian Priscilla, the dearly loved second daughter of the late Elijah and Catherine Richards. Moonee Ponds, and much-loved sister of Hilda (Mrs. H. E. Waycott).

RICHARDS.-On Soptember 24 (suddenly), at Box Hill. Lillian Priscilla, loved aunt of Bettv and Frank Waycott, of HartweU. and devoted great-aunt of Patricia and Edith.

ROBSON.-On September 24. at Melbourne, Laura, wife of the late Christopher, and loving mother of Mav (Mrs. Sims) and Ethel (Mrs. Schultz), late of Bayswater and Oakleigh.

ROWE.-On September 23. at 40 Nor- manby road. Kew. Alice Margaret (ret. A.A.N.S.. 1st AI F.), dearlv loved daughter of the late James and Ellen Rowe, St.


ROWE-On September 23, Alice Margaret (ret., A.AN.S.. 1st AI F.), the beloved friend of May Eleanor Hall.

SAFE.-On September 22. at the residence of his sister (Mrs Larsen), Albion street, St. Kilda, JoseDh, very dear and loving friend of Josie Hogan.

SNART-On September 24, Edward, of 85 Mnnningtree rd . Hawthorn, late of The Cavendish, Burwood road. Glenferrie.

SMITH.—On September 19, at Perth, W.A., William (Barney), eldest son of the late Andrew and Ann Smith, of South Heath- cote, loved brother of Grace (Mrs. Harvey), Alick, Jessie (Mrs. Hunt), Alice (Mrs. Latta), Annie, and May (Mrs. Story), aged 75 years.

SMITH.-On August 25. at Alfred Hos- pital. Danial Henry (Dan), of 35 Fitzroy st.. Sp. Kilda, esteemed friend of Ethel


SULLIVAN -On September 20. at Adelaide, Barry, loved son of Ron and Betty, brother of Diana, grandson of Mrs. Florence Sulli- van. Albert road, south Melbourne, and Mrs. Muller (Adelaide), aged 2V3 years.

SUTTON.-On August 22. at Albert Park, Anthony Eugene (Tony), loving brother ot King and Queenie. -R.I.P.

THOMSON.-On September 22 (result of accident), at Sydney, John Alexander, dearly loved husband of Frances Elizabeth, and loving father of. Peter and Graeme, of 19 danville road, Roseville, aged 60 years.

WADE.-On September 17, Florence, dearly loved mother of Olive (Mrs. H. Rice, Mor- nington), and grandma of Harrie.

WADE.-On September 17, Florence, dearly loved mother of Flo (Mrs. E. Seabrldge. Perth. W.A.), mother-in-law of Ernest, and grandma of Colin.

WILLMOTT.-On September 21, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Francis, Í9 Thomas street, Prahran Margaret, dearly loved wife of .the late William Citarles-Willmott, loving mother of Jack (deceased), in her 82nd year. -Reunited. (Privately interred Melbourne Cemetery.) . . '



Roll of Honour-On Active Service

CHARLWOOD.-In loving memory of our dear elder son, . Lance-Corporal "Arthur Ernest Cameron (Boy), kUled at Polygon Wood Sep- tember 26, 1917; also his friend. Private Arthur Johnson, who. died -In- 'Franco. -Loved by all. (Mother and father.)

HARDINGHAM.-In memory of Sam. killed in action at Tobruk, September 28.' 1941. (Inserted by dad and loving sister and brothers.)

KETTLE.-Treasured memories of my dearly loved son Murray, Sgt.-Pilot. R.A.A.F., who lost his life in the Middle East Sep- tember 25. 1942, loved brother of Marjorie. (Mother.)

KETTLE.-In loving memory of my dear brother, Sgt.-Pilot Murray--Kettle, and his crew, who gave their lives la" the Middle East on September 25. 1942. -Called to higher service. (Gert.)

THOMPSON.-In affectionate memory of our dear son, Sergeant-Observer Harold C. Thompson, R.A.A.F., missing since Septem- ber 26, 1942 (overseas). -Ever remembered. (Inserted by his loving father and mother, G. F. and L, Thompson.)

WANLISS.-In proud memory of my heroic son, Captain Harold Boyd Wanliss, D.S.O.. the O.e. of A Company. 14th Battalion, who fell at the battle of Polygon Wood on Sep- tember 26. 1917, the first lieutenant In the A.I.F. to win the DSO.

WHITE-Alfred Guthrie. Sgt.-Pllot (No. 400377). missing believed killed, at sea. near Aden. September 25. 1941. In loving re- membrance of Guth, 2nd son of Alf. and Rae White, 67 Athelstan id.. Camberwell, brother cf Arch,- Dell, Bruco (flying officer, R.A.A.F.).

BAILEY.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away September 26. 1942. -Deep in my heart a memory is, kept. (In- serted by her loving son, Charlie, and daughter-in-law. Madge.)

BILLINGHAM.-In loving memory of our dear daughter. Jean, and mother, who passed away September 25, 1942. -Always In our thoughts. (Inserted by her loving parents and son, Trevor.)

, CALDWELL.-Treasured memories of John

I (Jack), who passed away at Round Hill, Glen Alvie, September 26, 1939. -So dearly loved. (Inserted by his loving wife and , family.)

| CLARKE.-In loving memory of our dear

father, who passed away peacefully on Sep l tember 25, 1936. (Inserted by his loving

daughters. Kath and Daisy.)

I CONNOR.-In fondest remembrance of my 1 dearly beloved husband. Elijah (Ted) Connor,

late superintendent police force, who was called home on September 25, 1938, loving father of Florence and Mairuie. -Sadly missed. One of tho best.

CONNOR.-In loving memory of Pop, who passed away September 25, 1938. loved father of Florence and Rob; grandfather of Denis, Judith, and Brian. -Always remembered.

COOPER (nee Bartlett).-In loving memory of my darling Enid, who passed away Sep- tember 26. 1938. -Sadly missed. (Inserted by her loving mother. Edi« Bartlett.)

ENGLISH.-With fondest memories of Edward, who passed away September 25. 1938, dearly loved husband of Mabel, and loving father of Mavis, Win, and Ed. -For ever we'll remember.

EYRE.-Treasured memories of our dear mother, who left this life September 26, 1939. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Annie.)

FERGEUS.-In loving memory of mother, who passed away September 25, and father, June 29. 1939. (Inserted by their children, Vavlna. ^Rena, Al on, Thomas, Clarice George, Ivor, and grandchildren.)

FLENLEY.-In memory of our parents, dad. passed away August 30, 1933; mother, September 21. 1942. (Inserted by their daughters. Elizabeth. Edith, Doreen.)

FREDMAN.-In memory of Muriel, beloved wife of J H. S.. and fond mother of Bob. Valerie, and Margot. -One in a thousand.

HANDS.-In loving memory of Girvan, who passed away September 25. 1941. (Inserted by his loving brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew.)

HAÄNWELL.-A sacred token of esteem and a loving tribute to the cherished memory of my beloved aunt (Mum), Emme line Harnwell, who departed this life on September 28, 1941. (Rosie Delaney.)

JEFFERY.-In loving memory of my dear wife and our dear mother. Selina Jeffery, who departed this life on September 25, 1935, at Avenel, -In our hearts her memory lingers. , (Ineeited bv her loving husband and family.)

LANGDON.-In loving memory of my dear husband, who died September 26. 1935. - There is nothing so sweet as his memory, nothing so sad as his loss; and only God in heaven knows, what the parting has cost. (Inserted by his loving wife.)

LANGDON.-In loving memory of our dear dad. who died September 26, 1935. -A thought for today, a memory for ever, (In- serted by his daughters, Marie, and Edna,

and son, Tom. and in-laws. FÄd, Len, and" Rita, and grandchildren.)

LYNES.-In loving memory of my dear husband. Tom. who departed this life at Erica on September 26. 1941. (Else.)

Mcclelland.-In memory of our be- loved mother, who passed away at Geelong on September 2D, 1942. -Dally remembered.

MORLEY.-In loving memory of our dearest mother, called home on September 22, 1940. -Till the day dawns and the shadows flee away. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Dora, and son-in-law. E. J. Fisher.)

MORTON.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away September 25, 1942. (Inserted by her loving daughters, Gladys and Enid.)

MURDOCH.-In ever loving memory of Loris, who passed to her rest September 26, 1933. -Not dead, but Just away. (Jim, Don, mother, and sisters.)

NEWTON.-In fond memory of our dear pal. Ray. accidentally killed September 26, 1940. (Inseited by Harold and Launa.)

O'NEILL.-In loving memory of our dearly beloved mother, Mary O'Neill, who died on September 25, 1942; also our dearly beloved father, John O'Neill, who died on April 21, 1936. -Requiescat in pace. (10 Swallow street, Preston.)

PITTMAN.-In loving memory of our dearly beloved mother, who passed away September 29. 1942. -With Christ, which is far better. (Inserted by her loving family.)

PLEYDELL.-In remembrance of Ethel Jean, dearly loved daughter and sister. -One of the best the world could find. (M. Pley dell. 9 Unley grove, Ascotvale.)

PLEYDELL.-This is to thç memory cf my sister. Ethel Jean, who passed away September 25. 1942. (Inserted by Grace Ralph.)

. PLEYDELL - To the memory of my Lett, the best friend a child ever had. (Helene.)

HANDLE.-In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother, who passed away on September 26, 1941. -Fond memories. (In- serted by her loving husband, Edward, and family.)

ROBERTSON.-In loving memory of my dear husband and our ' loving father, John Spencer, who passed away September 25, 1942. -Dearest and best. (Inserted by his loving wife and family. Kensington.)

ROBERTSON.-In loving memory of my dear father, who passed away September 25. 1942. -Sadly missed. (Inserted by his loving daughter. Ethel. Kensington.)

SANDOW. - Treasured memories of my dearly loved husband and my father, Leslie, passed away September 26, 1942. (Inserted by his loving wife. Maude, and 6on,,-Max.)

SANDOW.-In fond remembrance of our dear uncle Les. who passed away September 28. 1942. -Always in our thoughts. (In- serted by Doris. Jack, and Joan Muirhead.)

STOLL.-In loving memory of our mother, who passed away September 22. 1939. - The ones that loved you will never forget. (Inserted bv son and daughter-in-law. Gus and Eileen.1

TAGGART.-In ever loving memory of our dear mother, who left us on September 26, 1941; also dear Dah, who passed awav No- vember l8. 1931. -For ever we will re- member. (Inserted by auntie and their loved ones at Elwood and Caulfield.)

WEAVER.-In loving memory "of my dear mother and grandmother, who died on Sep- tember 26. 1942. -Loving memories left behind. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Irene, and grandson, John Llnane.)

WILSON.-In loving memory of my dear wife and our loving mother. May, who passed away peacefully September 25. -Sweet memories will linger for ever. (Inserted by her husband and family.)


ASHMAN.-Mr. C. R. ASHMAN and Family desire to THANK all relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sym- pathy, letters, telegrams, cards, and floral tributes received during their recent sad be- reavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of our sincere gratitude. 7 Aberdeen street, Brunswick.

BOYD. - Tlie Family of tho late Nurse ALICE BOYD desire to THANK all relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sym- pathy, telegrams, cards, letters, and floral tributes. Will all please accept this-as a personal acknowledgment of our sincere grati- tude._56 Smith street. West Brunswick. -

COFFEY.-Mr. H. COFFEY and Family desire to THANK all relatives and friends for cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and kind expressions of sympathy received dur- ing their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknow- ledgment of our sincere gratitude. 8 High road. Camberwell.

COLLINS.-Mrs. O., Mr. and Mrs. A. COLLINS and Family sincerely THANK all relations, friends, and neighbours for floral tributes, letters, cards, telegrams, and per sonal expressions of sympathy received during their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknow- ledgment of our sincere gratitude. 429 Rae street, North Flteroy,


FARISH.-Mrs. V. PARISH desires to THANK all relatives and friends for their numerous letters, telegrams, and persona1 expressions of sympathy in her recent sad bereavement. 3 Clarke street, Box Hill.

FERRIER. - Mr. W. FERRIER and Family desire to THANK all relatives and friends for the letters, telegrams, cards, floral tri- butes, and personal expressions of sympathy íeceived during their íecent sad bereave- ment. Special thanks to the doctors and staff of the Geelong Hospital, also the Queenscliff fishermen. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of our sincere gratitude. 22 Beach street. Queens


HOWEY.-Tlie Sons and Sisters of the late Mrs. AGNES HOWEY desire to THANK all relatives and friends for letters, tele- grams, cards, floral tributes, personal ex- pressions of sympathy received during their recent sad bereavement, especially thanking Mrs. Emmet. Mrs. Trlppett, and Miss


HUNTER. - Mrs. Y. HUNTER, of Mount Waverley, wishes to THANK all kind neigh- bours and friends for letters, cards, tele- grams, and personal expressions of sympathy during her recent bereavement

LAWLER.-The Family of the late Mrs. MARGARET LAWLER desire to THANK all kind' friends and relatives for personal ex- pressions of sympathy, floral tributes, tele- grams, cards, letters, in their recent sad


MAYER.-Mr. and Mrs. PHIL MAYER, of Warburton, desire to THANK all those who have been so kind to them in their sorrow at the loss of their loving son. Lloyd, on active service In Hew Guinea on August 27.

MORGAN.-Mrs. S. MORGAN and Family wish to THANK all kind relations and friends for telegrams, cards, floral tributes, and letters received during their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of our sincere grati- tude. (44 Reed street, Albert Park.)

MR. W. HATTON and Family wish to THANK all relatives and friends for floral tributes, telegrams, cards, letters, and per- sonal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment. 6 Walter st., Ascotvale.

MR. G. APSEY and Family wish to con- vey their heartfelt THANKS to all for the kindness and sympathy extended to them in their sad loss; also their personal thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Raynor. 8 Rose street,


MR. and MRS. W. CRIPPS. 11 Vunabere av.. Bentleigh, desire to THANK all who so kindly sent messages of sympathy to them in their Tecent sorrow.

MRS. WELCH and Sons desire to express their sincere THANKS to all relatives, friends, and neighbours for their expressions of sym- pathy in floral tributes, telegrams, letters received during their íecent sad bereavement; special thanks to Dr. Esser and Rev. Ram shaw. Will all please accept this as a per- sonal acknowledgment of appreciation. 39 Mason st., Hawthorn.

MRS. C. M. FERGUSON wishes to convey her heartfelt GRATITUDE to kind relatives and friends for letters, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes In her recent sad bereavement Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment. (Ainster, 1 King street,


MRS A. WELCH and Family desire to THANK their relatives and friends for floral tributes, telegrams, letters, cards, and per- sonal expressions of sympathy in their re- cent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of our sincere gratitude.

MRS. PHYLLIS HALL, of 22 Packer street, Murrumbeena, desires to THANK all relatives and friends for cards, telegrams, letters, and floral tiibutes In her íecent sad


MRS JOHANESEN and Family wish to THANK all relatives, friends, and neigh- bours for kind expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. 155 Smith street. Thornbury.

PEAK. - Mrs. S. PEAK and Family desire to THANK all relatives and friends for let- ters, cards, and floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy In their recent* sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of sincere grati-


RICHARDSON. - The Brothers and Sisters of the late Miss EDITH ELIZABETH RICH' ARDSON desire to THANK all relatives and friends for their expressions of sympathy and floral tributes in their recent sad bereave-


STEELE -Mrs. E, STEELE and Family desire to THANK relatives, friends, and Mr. Steele's business associates for the many cards, letters, telegrams, and floral tributes that were received on the occasion of their sad and sudden bereavement. Will all please accept this notification as a personal ex- pression of their deep gratitude. 30 Zet- land road. Mont Albert. _

TOTTEY. - Mrs E M. TOTTEY and Family desire to THANK all friends and relations for cards telegrams, letters, and floral tributes received during their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accent this notice as personal acknowledgment of their sincere gratitude 227 Coppin st.. Richmond.


BENSTEAD. - The Funeral of. the late REBECCA BENSTEAD, of Briar Hill, will leave our parlours, Ivanhoe. THIS DAY, at 10.45, for the Fawkner Crematorium. E. TAYLOR Se SON. JL1055.

BINGHAM.-The Funeial of the late Mrs. MARY ANN BINGHAM will leave Roman Catholic Church. Loch, THIS DAY (Satur- day), at 1 p.m., for the Korumburra Cemetery. B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Korumburra. Kor. 12.

BLACK. - The Funeral of the late Mrs. MARY JOSEPHINE BLACK will leave from her home, The Rest, 135 Synott st., Werri- bee, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 4 o'clock, for the Werribee Cemetery. W. A. CAMPBELL, Funeral Director. Geelong 1533.

BRASSLOCSS.-The Funeral of the late Mr. GUIDO BRASSLOOSS will leave the Chapel of B. Matthews Pty. Ltd , 102 Toorak road. South Yarra, THIS DAY (Satuiday), at 10 a.m.. for the Springvale Cemetery. B.


CRAIG. - The Funeral of the late CYRIL GORDON CRAIG (House Manager. Manton and Sons Ltd.) will leave Sleight's Chapel. St. Kilda road, Melbourne. THIS DAY. at 10.30, for the Springvale Crematorium. A, A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. MX4626 '

DICK-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ADA NEIL DICK will leave her home, 15 Sar- good street. Hampton. THIS DAY (Satur- day), at 1.30 p.m., for the Melbourne Gene- ral Cemetery, Carlton. J. MONKHOUSE Se SON. Brighton. Tel, XA1162.

DICK.--The Members of the Pride of Hampton I.O.R. Tent are requested to follow the remains of our late Sister A. N. DICK to the Melbourne General Cemetery. Funeral will leave her late residence, 15 Safgood street. Hampton, THIS DAY, at 1.30 p.m. J. KERRY. CR.; P. T. LEWIS. Sec.

DONOGHUE.-The Funeral of the late, Mr. THOMAS DONOGHUE will leave J. Monkhouse Se Son's Parlour, 122 Carpenter street, Brighton, on MONDAY (September 27), at 10 a.m., for the New Cheltenham Cemetery, Holloway road. J, MONKHOUSE

Se SON. Tel. XA1162.

EVANS.-The Friends of the late MARY EVANS are respectfullv informed that her remains will be privately interned in the Eastern Cemetery, Geelong. The Funeral leaves St. Paul's Church, Latrobe terrace, Geelong, THIS DAY (Saturday, September 25), after a short service commencing at 2.15 p.m. ERNEST H. KING. 187 Moorabool street Geelong 1122.

FITZGERALD.-Requiem Mass for the re- pose of the soul of 'the late LEONARD FITZGERALD will be celebrated at 8 o'clock THIS DAY at St. Ignatius'. Richmond.. The Funeral will leave the church at 12 o'clock for the Boroondara-' Cemetery. JOHN McALOON, Richmond. J4050.

GROVE. - The Funeral of "the late Mr. ERNEST GROVE w11! leave 34 Gordon grove, Malvern, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 11 am., for the Springvale Crematorium. (Private funeral.) JOSEPH ALLISON PTYi LTD.,

East St. Kilda. > Windsor 4074.

niSLOP.-The Funeral of the late ROBERT HISLOP will leave his home. Lexton, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 2.30 p.m., for the Lexton Cemetery. F. W. BARNES Se SON. Phone 79.

JOHNSTON.-^-The Funeral of the late THOMAS "-«MINSTON will leave his resi- dence. 63 Droop street, Footscray. THIS DAY, at 2 p.m., for the New Melbourne Crema- torium. Fawkner. HERBERT KING Se SONS Footscray.

KARSLAKE.-The Funeral of the late SAMUEL BASSETT KARSLAKE, of Beaufort, will arrive at the Lexton Cemetery. THIS DAY (Saturday), at 4 p.m. F. W. BARNES & SON, Ballarat. Phone 79.

McCALL.-The Funeral of the late JAMES McCALL will leave our parlours. Burke road. Camberwell, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 9 a.m., for the Kew Cemetery. LE PINE Se

SON. JA1104.

MURPHY. - The Funeral or the late ANDREW B. MURPHY will leave 31 Fuchsia street, Blackburn, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 2.30 p.m., for the Fawkner Crematorium.


NASH.-The Funeral of the late Mr. THOMAS NASH will leave the parlour of W. D. Rose Se Son. Charman road, Chelten- ham, THIS DAY, at 10.30 a.m., for the Cheltenham Cemetery. Charman road. W D ROSE Se SON, Cheltenham. Phone 42 crielt.

RAMSAY.-The Funeral of the late GEORGE RAMSAY will leave his late resi- dence, 8 Disraeli street. Kew. on MONDAY, at 3.30 p.m , for Box Hill Cemetery. ARM- STRONG Se WHITTLE. U2443. I

RICHARDS.-The Funeral of the late Miss LILLIAN P. RICHARDS will leave 36 Ashtbd road, Box Hill, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 10.30 a.m., for the Springvale Ciematorium. LE PINE Se SON. JA1104.

ROBSON.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. LAURA ROBSON will leave Armstrong and Whittle Parlours. 215 Glenferrie road. Mal-

vern. THIS DAY, at 11 a.m., for the Box . Hill Cemetery. ARMSTRONG St WHITTLE, I U2443, , ,


SNART. - The Funeral of the late EDWARD SNART will leave 85 Manning- tree road, Hawthorn, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 1.30 p.m., for the Box Hill Cemetery.

LE PINE & SON. JA1104.