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The engagement is announced of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester to Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas Scott, third daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch (Scotland). Lady Alice Scott is aged 34 years.

No date has yet been fixed for the wedding, but it will probably take place within six months.

The Duke of Gloucester has known Lady Alice Scott for many years, and had been a frequent guest of the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch. He is also a close friend

of her brother, the Earl of Dalkeith, with whom he went

to Eton.

LONDON, Aug. 20

The Duke obtained special leave from his regiment in order to seek the King's consent to his engagement. He travelled to Balmoral today with Their Majesties the King and Queen, and Lady Alice will probably join him there in a few days. Recent rumours that the Duke of Gloucester intended to acquire a residence


in the West End have been   lengthened in the last few days by the fact that furniture has been bought in

the last few days.

The tenants of Balmoral and Bowhill

and father's Scottish estate were enthusiastic when the news became known   The Duke of Gloucester visited Bowhill a

fortnight ago but the romance was not  

even suspected as nothing came of rumours that he was engaged to Lady Alice some years ago when he was a  

frequent guest of the Duke and Duchess of

Buccleuch. The Duke met her through her brother the Earl of Dalkeith with whom he was a close friend when they were schoolboys at Eton. He spent many years in the companionship of Lady Alice

( Illustrated London Mall')

Lady Alice Scott

during which they went riding and shooting together.  

The announcement of the engagement was made a year and a day after that of his brother the Duke of Kent.

Messages of congratulation have been received from the Prince of Wales and the Duke nnd Duchess of Kent.


Te Duke and Lady Alice have been been freinds for some months and have   danced together. She has recently   accompaniedl him on visits to West End ??????? but otherwise has taken little    

in London life. She loves the quiet of the Scottish moors and also spends   ??? of her leisure at needlework

Samples of which are frequently seen at communiity church bazaars. She is commander

of the V. A .D. in her locality and a great favourite of girls. Her dresses in excellent taste and she prefers clothes and well tailored tweeds. Her ???ds say that she is a biilliant  

conversationalist and that she possesses great

??? of manner.

Her mother is reputed t0 have the best collection of jewels in Great Britain with the exception of the Queen's. The ?? of Buccleuch who sits in the House of lords as the Earl of Doncaster is the

????sor of a priceless art collection por???? which was unfortunately destroyed   ???lie in 1929. One of his pictures a   magnificant Rembrant self portrait was   insured for £ 10 000 a few years ago.  

Lady Alice Scott shares the Duke of Gloster's interest in Africa. She has spent much time in Kenya painting ??? colours which were exhibited at the ???? Gallery last month. She is at present with her family at Bowhill. Sel????

her father s Scottish estate. In a

portsmiui and Tiavcllcr

???e Henry, Duke of Gloucester was down in Australia until last, year

???wis visit as the personal representative of the Kinr on tie occasion of the ???Vn Centenary celebrations made ????? widely known and as generally ????P as his two elder brothers had ???? on their visits to the Commonwealth. His Royal Highness Prince     William Frederick Albert Duke of ????Gei Earl of Ulster and Baron ???Ci, according to his full title is the ????th of the King. He celebrated his 35thdav on March 31. He is the ????solnd the sportsman of the Royal ???fal All his brothers were trained in the navy, but Princ Henry served in th ???s Royal Rifle Corps until, when he d his 21st birthday he was enabled to transfer to the most famous of all military regiments, the 10th Royal Hu ?? and so to combine his love of solt ??? with his love of horses. He wa ??? to the rank of major last July.

Okc of Gloucestei is well vcised in fond In the absence of the Kint, fiorand on n health citiisc in 1925 he no of the foin counsellors of Stiitew months pieilously he had beciduced into the Pilly Council In fig in soldlcilni, he loi es boises andploits in the hunting field and ni ntcur lidci would alone hate mnclfttiuotts In 1B28 he made an Lxtciuntlng tour with the Pi ince of Mu Biitish East Aft ka fiom whiiPrlncc of Wales had luiiiicdly lo loccause of the illness of the Killi,

It i this tom that he hud the famo»ileuce willi the lion Heming a inn a patch of sciub behind a large III he c*>piessul the opinion thal a lion but Mr Biook the big guntci who accompanied him was ccd that it was a hippo

potairll shoo out the hippo" mid the E Walkin-, lound the ant hill ho ioim elf face to face with a lion Duke thicw lils hat in the lionsihciuipon it dashed off and

was slMr Biook

His visits abiond included one lo Jniinvest the Mikado with Hie Otdci> Gniter, in lctuin he was investi the gold collar of the Ord« of thomnthemitni Hint was in 1920 o following jem ho attended the con of the Empcioi, Ras Tafni 1, in Ab He nlso visited Biitlsh Somnll Pi om December, 1932, to Maichhc was elephant hunting in Sudan public nctlvliles have been tonsldc He lins repiescntcd the King o» foi mai occasions, mid foi the lnsmis he has been a pcisonnl aide deto tho King He is a bai ilstci mchci of Grays Inn, High Slounrllngs Lynn, and a Bailiff anuid jf the Vencinble Older of the Hoi St John of Jerusalem

The t Duke of Gloucester vvns conftiu Pi ince Homy on his 28th biithdnseip was general satisfac- tion at viv ni of the hlstoilc title, whit li I been confeired since its lnst holcllam Frederick, nephew of George Id without Issue In 18J4

statenicnt lo the Dally Expi ess she said - I am so happy that I eau scaicely put my feelings into words I think that the wedding will be within six months I do not know when I am going to sec Theil Majes- ties, possibly to-morrow or the day after The Duke and I ha\c known each other foi many years and have much In common We have spent a good deal of time to gcthei '

The Daily Mall says that the wed- ding will piobably follow the precedents of tiloso of the Duke of York and the Duke of Kent and will be celebrated in Westminster Abbey The first home will be cither at White Lodge, Richmond or


' The Times ' savs -"The Duke of Gloucester, like his bi other, has gone to Scotland for a bride The sure place which the Duchess of York won In the heart of the nation is the bilghtest augury for the new alliance. Trlends of the future Duchess foretell for her a similar place In a life of public sei vice There is no need for a silier jubilee year to emphasise the depth of the sincerity and affection with which the whole Empire shnres the joys and sorrows of the Royal House The people will leam of the en- gagement willi unfeigned satisfaction, especially those in Australia, where the Duke's attractive personality and modest bearing made a most favourable Impres-

sion "

Kin to Victorian Families

Through the marriage in 1883 of the late Admiral Lord Charles Scott, fourth son of the fifth Duke of Buccleuch to

Ada Mary daughter of the late Charles  

Ryan of Derriweit Heights, Macedon, the lady Alice Montague-Douglas-Scott       fiancee of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester is of kin to several well known families in Victoria. The late admiral,

who was the uncle of Lady Alice Scott,  

was Commander-in-Chief on the Aus- tralian station from 1888 to 1892, and since his death his widow has lived at Boughton House, Kettering, which is close to the seat of the Dukes of Buccleuch. Lady Charles Scott's sister (Miss Blanche A Ryan) lives at Macedon, and a brother (Mr Cecil Ryan) has his home in Tasmania. Another brother was the late Sir Charles Ryan, the Melbourne surgeon,

whose daughter is Mrs. R. G. Casey, wife of the Federal Assistant Treasurer, and a sister was the famous Australian wild- flower painter, the late Mrs. Ellis Rowan, whose son married the younger daughter of the late Sir Baldwin Spencer. A son of the late Sir Charles Ryan-Colonel Rupert Ryan, C.M.G. recently left for

England after a visit to relatives in Aus- tralia. Lady Clarke, her sister (Mrs Frank Doyle), Mrs Fred Hughes and Mrs Otway Falkiner are first cousins of Lady Charles Scott, and second cousins include Sir Frank Clarke, Mr W L

Russell Clarke, Mrs George Landale, and Lady Knox. During her last visit to England Lady Knox visited Lady Charles Scott at Boughton House, and describes the scenery as wonderfully beautiful with gracious wooded country and magnificent