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Gay Patterns for Spring Frocks

Flowered Silks Will Be Popular

I^VFItW your wo nrc llncntencd with the J loss of the patterned silks Hint have tome to he favouilte mntcrlnls for spiing mid summer frocks I nsjilon writers toll us that patterns have been overdone that their mast be n icnctlon ihnt the eje lists vvitli teller und appioclatlan on the li vv plain coloured tiri sues to bo ecu in nnj Important gathei ing And cvciy jenr vvi uvv tilt the description of the new spilng muli i luis with expectation of nu entirely new fashion But nil that happens Is ii (hnngc of design lhe patterned stuffs como back vcai nftei >tni now with con volitional designs now with llovvcicd pat- terns now with a white 01 lltht colouicd pnttein on a dark giound now with n «Ink pattern on a light tiotind Tlitie nie of «ourse nlwajs some new plain «olouis and usiiallj some new pin In stuffs Ibis jenr foi instance wc lune the new umbel coloui and a dink wine led called Dubonnet And tlieie nie new ciinUy « 11 p« s w lill blfcgci rougher coi i illations and mnnv new cloque patterns In plain «olouis But evtiywlieie there aro the patterned stulfs with (lower patterns this jenr veij gaj and vivid mid cbeciful

With nn accompanying coat the flow ti ed silk makes a delightful outfit foi nnj dajtime occasion howcvei simple hovvcvei elaboiatc The best combination Is a coil of plain thin wool stuff dark for picfcienee with one 01 two or three fiocks Hint tan be worn with It One of

these fiocks should be of plnln stuff either I matching 01 happllj conti listing with the

coat The others mny be patterned, one with n light ground, one with a dnrk With changas of hat, mid different poslctt to lie vvoin on the rout, such n group of froiks mid coat ««otild see one through the suninier very comfoitnblj The coat should mntch the ground colour of the dark-pat Icrncd flock, or one of the principal colour notes In the pattern, mid If the light ground material lins the sume colour moto 01 less prominent so much the bcttei This jour howe«cr there Is n tciidriicj to make both coat and dress In an ensemble of the same flowered silk So If economy is not a primo consideration, in nddltion to the long, dark coat to be ««oin «\Ith cither of the patterned frocks

each flock might also ha«e Its own hip length cont to match These short coats mi) be made to hang loosely, If liked, but the newest Idea Is to have them fitted so thal the coat and dress look like a scml-tallorcd suil And the effect is im- proved If n sort ruffle is attached to the coat nt each side of the front from the neck to nenr the waist These rutiles which ninj bo of the silk itself or of ivory organm or nlnon meet down the front presenting the appearance of a sofllj ruffled blouse If hovvcvei n loose coal Is prcfrned it may sometimes be ««oin with the plain dress provided of course that the pntteined material has been chosen w Ith judgment so that It «vlll stitt this purpose The wearing of pat- terned roats with plain frocks has been one of fashions little vagaries this J car In England

. PhotuBiapli by it'Orii. Purls i

Our of the neiv floiveied satins, with a leaf design in faint parchment tones on a black ground, was used b\) Maggy Roufj for this lovel]/ afternoon frocJ(. Like most of the spring dresses, ii lias unusual sleeves ; and ,ei draped collar, widening to points that extend to the upper arm, pines a delightfully.) soft neck line. The soft sash is lined willi blacl(. The Xvide brimmed hal is made of shirred ninan, and is bound and tied with black

velvet ribbon.