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Two thrilling gnmcs in the final scrl« for the baseball chnmplonshlp of Am tralla wore plnyed nt the Melbourne Cricket-ground on Saturday. New South Wales defeated Victoria by two runs to one In a contest of li innings, and the gnuie between Victoria nnd South Aus- tralia, after n no-run record for interstate (¡.nines lind been established, was called by the umpire owing to fniltng light at 5.40 p ni. Each side completed 15 Innlnjs without .scoring a run. *

In the .series ench State met twice and played four gnmcs, with n possible score of eight points South Austinlla, by de- feating New South Wales and Victoria once nnd tying with Victoria, scored Hie points, which enabled II to win the cham- pionship mid have Its name Inscribed on the N. Clnxton Miicld for the second suc- cessive j ear.

New Sonlli Wales defeated Victoria ead gnM AtiMralln nure and scored four points v> loria defeated New South Wales oner and tied with Routh Austrolla »coring thre- polnti in miklrr

57 safe hits of which Hill with leven was eua. Hie heit bottman. South AuMralla p-n\ed Im; (he best batting side New South Wales mid 31 hits. Kennett and Gulliver bring stronaevt rilli four each, and Vlctoila made :t hit. (Denlron ni Quin four each!

New South Wales Defeats Victoria

Victorian scored Its only run In the second in. nings when Denison, orr a hickv drible hit to the direction or tlvhd bare bept the threw to first, stole Fecund have, and croised the pUte when Mould dropped an cass catch off tedwrd Yum (NSW.) pined a lone hand In the tourli Inning.'., when his big hit heneen ceatre ind right field which went almost to the goal poitt earned for him a "homer " making the scons level Brilliant fielding bs both trans prerrotd am further score at the end ol the ninth ir. nings, and the umpire ordered pHj on itath i|dt! were again "blanked" In the tenth rtealLv'nr that Its big hits to lcfl-neld, wh-re Denison (VI was plaslng a wonderful game, wire being ntin New South Wales In Its eleventh Innlngv contra. trnted on the hit to rlght-flelil Turner, ita had replaced Mould at bot. smashed the bau Jurd

base he was again foitunate for n perfect thror from Quin WBB dropped bs Juno- Sanderson th next bateman hit a two-bsgrc- to right-Held and Turner crossed the piale giving Sew South

Wnles the lead

When Parkin hit ti three bagger to ccitrMtW Victoria seemed cerlilu to drt* lr\f! Mcranh, bunted nnd reached flrM. dn a ileldsm-n . choi« From thcro he stole second With one out ant] i runner on second and thlid bases UetorU vas Im grent position The game ended «1th the mot brilliant pla} «cn In the sei lei I infsuorth «ho had replaced Mould at sec nd baie thrt* himself nt the ball which Cheong had hit In the direction of centre field and biought off _. » mnrknblo one-handed catch vhlle flat on th« ground Recovering himself he thrru to OuUtrer ut second base and McCarthy «as out on i »mart double play and the game endrd with the Nt\\ SOUTH 11U18-Í ( ( I (Mill MCTOUIA-0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1

Perfect understanding bet*ern btone Sander «on and "i um prevented Parkin «nd Heron from advancing fnrthcr than first base «hen these tio plajrrs «ero trnppcd there

Mctorla» five hits «en made 1 Denlron (*

1 ed« ard Heron and Parkin while \um (hoce rum nnd Sanderson «ere the unlj batsmen ts hit Rafelj for Ne« South \Snlcs

Denison (V ) plajed a great ¿ame at leftflrd catching eight Ne« Routh Wales batten When Denlfon retired three men In one (nn)tgi a Vr

South Wales MipporUr ¿«claimed Dees that chip

ever miss n catch)

Sanderson Stone Am« Kemp lawrence and Lnngsunrth had most of the play tn the victor) for Ne* South \\ nits and Cheong Q ltn Dentur I edward Heron and Paterson Ind most pla) te

\ le tori a

A No-iun Game

Victoria nnd South AuM.rn.lln pi ii «j nn eicltlni nnd eiPii (.nine Victoria lind a «rent ehinee lo feore In its first Innings uhen vlth one twt »ntl the bngs lull lt& ba Urnen tried to hit botrr run« Instead oí getting a run oirr tim putt ÖeirrnI t mes both leonis opprnrcnl ltkelj to KOI* but Simpe fBA) nnd Cnrr (\ . both pltrlvj rplendldl> At tlic end of the ninth bininu nelthrr Ride lind icored nnd pla> on u it ordered li it*» tu i If th InnliiKfi South Australia had the biff full nnd one out but Cnrr pitched inajnilftcen l, to stride out the tuo next bitn-n nnd Hi i pull Victoria out of n hole lilli (S A ) uice hmiwd Mircesnfull. ind i toit. «rond I se Trytr». to sttiil third base with Ihr t l>j -ct of forclni Mctorin Into error he wns out from perfect throTi (o LedMnrd by Quin South At t rrfllj too. i the rinkn M lim on the linns uhll \ Iclorlj »ru (ho opportunity nrc_e did not i tempt lo 1er» the I«ue

When tho Raine lind beui In iingrcsj te IS inn in irs and the ball wa« dlfluult to s« t umpire cn lied * panie nilli the ortboard _V lop -

SOUTH AIJSTlt \I I \ -0 0 0 0 C II o e I | t

0 0 A 0

wrTonit-o Oflonoooiiiiftiiii

In «¡rcuring 11 mid 10 «Lillr mi reírte * Sharpe (X A ) nnd Cnrr (\ ) billi k tel m

nnd Mood up well lo tin» emrlllnp roite^t rutkt!

nnd Quin pine itrent help in thr niBik m d oUir-s to lime mort pim nert Tailor (ultu 4 pjt eui nt first bine) Ollle&ple Rmitli and Hill lor Sou Auslrnlln nnd Denlnon Piterron I edward Colll i nnd \ernon for Vlrlorln

Fnrh aide mnde pix tuite lill/- I edi ird (31 Qetn Nea Mead Denison nnd Carr for \ Ictorli inJ Hill Sharpe and lajlor (2 mehi for South *u

Uni in