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North Melbourne Men

North Melbourne the weakest team in tile League competition suffered a severe blow last night when the League tribunal suspended two of its players-E Llewellyn and C Skinner-for six premiership matches, on charges of having struck op- ponents riming the match against Essen- don on Saturday

Skinner v,ns chained by u boundniy umpire (J L Lancastci) with having struck W Lowenthnl (Essendon) on the back of the neck during the thli d quarter Lanrastei alleged thnt Lowcnthul md Skinner both ran toward the ball, and Skinner struck his opponent a quick, de- liberate blow in the neck Lowcnthnl fell and was attended by traintrs

The other olllcials jt tin match said that thev did not sec the Incident

lowcnthal satd lie hwuni, lils arms wide lo shepherd Skinner who ran Into his back lie felt a blow on the neck awl »as dazed He «ns not In t,ood condition It uns his first match for n-arly a jeal and It »as natural that he would become dazed after such a hetiij collision He did not think that Skinner would strike him deliberate!!

Mr W Gibson a member of tho North Mel

bourne club committee said that he sa« the Incident from the grandstand It appeared to him that the collision was nccldenlnl

Hie charge against Llewellyn was laid bj Lancaster und a toni umpire (R Wllllutnsi

In a letter to the tribunal Williams stated that he was III »1th Influenza nnd could not attend In the first quarter he wrote he saw Llcwelljn strike G Bell irssendon) a heavy back-handed blow on the face Lancaster said that Bell ian up behind Llewellyn and as he »tis passim, him to Rd to the boll he »as struck on the face with Llewellyns closed fist It »as a deliberate blow Bell collapsed nnd lay prone for several minutes until he »as reviled

by three trainers

Bell said that when he ran up behind Llewel- lyn he was shuck by the bael of that player s open hand on the chin as he was shepherded If »as a heavy bio» bul quite fair If It had struck him any»here but; on the chin It would not have affected him

Piofessor r W Skcals- Arc j ou suie that It was not a clo ed fist thnt hit jon?

Bell-I have eyts and I saw clearly that it was an open hand the blow could not be


Professor Skents -Aro J ou trjlng to tell us that jon ran Into Llcwcllyus arm or thal the arm ran Into jou?

Bell-I know whnt hit nie The arm swung right before my eyes, mid I have no doubt about the Incident I lind no eli mee of gilttue,

out of the was

LhwcllMi said that Just bifoic the Incident lie had suffered o serious lujurj He hid rot out of bed to go to the tribunal meeting and »ould be In bed for the nott few weeks When Bell tried to pasr Ulm he shepherded but his arm struck Bell on the face I um Oft Hu In height, and Bell is n cnmnnrutlvclj short man If 1 c had not been the Bio» would have struck him on the chest he said

Llewellyn txplalncd that he had been play- ing League football since 1930 and previously had never been cautioned or charged with an offence on the field