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Income Not Disolosed

William Hector Arnold of Dennis street Northcote, waa convicted nt the Northcote Court on Friday on six charges of having between June and November of last jcnr wil- fully made false statements to deceive nn olllccr engaged In the distribution of susten- ance He Hi found guilty on nil six charges, und lined £10 on each charge

Thomas Corrigan registrar of public assist- ance at Northcote said that during the rele- vant times Arnold received sustcnanco at tho rato of -7/0 a week, plus an allowance of 8/ a week for rent The sustenance was for himself, wife, and three children lils per- missible income was 30/ n week In monthly statements Arnold hud shown his Income to be


Otto Martinus Hansen chief superintendent of the Commonwealth General Assurance Cor- poration Limited, said that Arnold was em- ploi ed by the companj under an agreement dated March 10, 1034 His emploi mont ter- minated about tho end of the j ear He rc celied an allowance of 30/ n week and com-

mission Constable A J Veness said that when Arnold was questioned about lils earnings from the assurance compnny he said that he had not received a penn] of the money In a written statement Arnold su ki that during the period between April 4 1034, and rcbruarj 0 1D35 he had not received nn) of tho £311/0/11 which was alleged to have been paid to him The only money which

received during that time was for work performed lil return for sustenance He lind retained the appointment with the assurance company so that he might have nu oppor- tunity of obtaining a staff appointment as a result of tho new business which he intro-


Arnold stated In evidence that he was a sustenance emploi co Under lils agreement with the company he was entitled to appoint as many sub-ngcnU ns he deemed advisable to write assurance on his behalf Ho had received the moneys nnd paid Ihem to third parties Ho had been on sustenance for two

J ears

Two witnesses were called by Arnold 'Ihese men said that they had received commission

from Arnold

Mr E E oarndj, PM, said that the lionel! did not believe Arnold It lind come to the conclusion that Arnold was "pretil shrewd ' and that he was no fool Arnold

would be fined £10 on each charge, In de-1

fault distress

rimo to pay wns refused.