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Gifts for Husbands

Please Him, Not Only Yourself

There is onl> one rule about presents for a husband-gi\e him something he ically

Dont just because you maj vant to read it \ourself she him Dean Inges Warburton lectures when Edgai Wallace is his fa\ourite author Anne Merediths no» el The Portrait of a Mui derer

«h eli is in inveitcd detccthe stoiv is a far better cholc

The peí feet solution foi a husband with criminal lemings is i subscription to a librar} which specialises in thiilleis

Then for three months or six months or c\en a %ear he can make a leallj close

acquaintance * tri all mc Mllains ol fic- tion Or if he doesn t like detectiv r stoiies find a libral j specialising In bool " which wonder vaguely about what Is tht. real meaning of life

Gramophone records ire useful But please try to remember that the piescnt Is for your husband when j ou are trying to choose between two of Ronald Frankeau s new records \ our husband mi\ prefer a Beethovei concern) pla ved by the London Symphony Oichestia

No woman can choose a mans lie Even If it is quite perfect by all the canons of good taste your husband will not ag-ee with \ou and will almost certainly not wear it A diessing gown is a fairly sound choice This summei some verv attractive light diessing gowns made of coloured linen are being shown in mens shopo and then there are beach gowns and rope sandals if 3 ou can remember the correct


A years subscription to a magazine piesents infinite possibilities Choose it from magazines such as Adventure the ^National Geographic the Sea Goe

Punch Britannia and Eve Spo ting i id Dramatic 'he Illustrated London News or the London or American Mei curv Try to avoid Vogue or Har- pers Bazaar

Presents for Wives

Be Frivolous and


Luxuiy presents-jcwelleiy bottles of Tienen perfume a piece of car\cd jade silk stockings as frail and intangible as i cobweb-all these are things which hus bands can give their wnes

The golden rule for husbands this Christmas should be to ghe presents which their wives cannot possibly buj lor them sehes-the sort of bewitching tempting thing which makes them flatten their noses against jewellers windows for horns

and hours

If you are planning to gue stockings let them be very sheer and very expensive

if an evening bag be vour choice let it be sewn with pearls and coi al and let it be thoroughly unpiactical

Choose perfume because its fragrance appeals to vou and because the bottle looks as if it had been blown fiom melted rubies The tiniest bottle of French per fume is often more appealing than even a quait of eau de cologne

1 here ire numerous small shops m Mel bourne now which specialist in hand

made underclothing lovely filmy things of chillon and lace or If your wife likes sew in;, whv not give her a yard or oO ol wide French lace'

Face powder has its dtsadv intages as a gift Never bu\ it unless you are abso lu^elv eel tain of the right shade having to change a Christmas present takes half the jov of the (,ift away Bath salts are delightful and you can buy lovely Ja s to hold them made of black glass etched w ith white and with huge emerald glass stop


As foi books it is a good plan to go to jour wife s favomite bookshop They will have a good idea of the books which she was longing to buy for herself or in vest m a subscription to a magazine with a reputation like Vogue but make sure first which edition she prefers-English Fiench or American

Women to Women

Choosing Christmas Gifts

I do hope J ou 11 like it I bought it on the spur of the moment just because it looked like you Such an explanation as this often accompanies the most sue cessful Christmas presents which women give to other women foi in this mattei manj of them are complete opportunists

The latest trends in fashion plans for the summer holidays and all kinds of seeminglv Inconsequent details may m fluence their decisions with the result that there is always an astonishing variety in the gifts they buy for each


This \eai the popularity of biacelcts and the vogue of Jewellery especially

brooches and clips of paste and chi omium plate, will deteiminc the natuie of many gifts Bracelets mav be in the form of bands of wood or composition in contest- ing colours which are slipped one behind the other to co\er the wrist sometimes extending almost to the elbow or elabor- ate affairs studded with sparkling gems Quaint chains reminiscent of ghost pic- tures and veritable manacles of siher or chi omium plate will be seasonable gifts


To match the field flowers which are scaUcred with a prodigal hand over many summer frocks, theie are little sprajs of flowers In bright shades made of fine com- position 01 of shell to tuck in the folded crown of a hat The night-blooming flowers include soft clusters with tinted petal feathers, crisp buds and full-blown flowers of organdie, and silky blossoms in pale colours or rich jewelled shades Chosen to wear with a special evening frock any of these would make a charming gift

Beach Wear and Scarves

Although this has been called an "un- dress ' beach season there is a surprising number of articles for beach wear to

IScautiful china and potter, are le itures of the shops' di.plajs this Christnn. Hcic are some sample, from a

I linder, street stoic

choose from for the girl who spends most of Januaij it the seaside Bathing gowns amazingly decorative great drooping beach hats largei than ever before low heeled canvas shoes in pretty colours and well cut white sandals will be attractive additions to the holiday wardiobe

Scarves are moie diaphanous than ever and some in filmy ninon have amusing etched designs of lifebuoys anchors or rippling blue waves These would be ap- preciated by the woman who is planning a summer cruise for whom one of the new dressing cases also would make a delight- ful present In soft brilliantly coloured leather lined with linen the cases hold perfume powder and cream containers Elaborate cases beautifully fitted have also brush comb and manicure equip-


Old favourites such as perfume and powder have in air of novelty in strange cases and compacts Gloves and stock- ings vary each season in colour and design while quaint ideas greet us every Christ mas for biidge cloths scorers and cards Foi the home loving woman there are oilginal potteu shapes new lovely designs in china and fiesh v eaves in linen which make a household gift doubly w elcome

WHEN A MAN BUYS Bashfulness is Out of


No longer do men resolved upon the purchise of Chi Istmas gifts for women appioich a hosiery counter or the per fumeiy bav of a city store with bashful- ness The war changed all that said the experienced woman head of a large city store s gift department discussing I this annual phase of the average man s

shopping Most men shoppers at womens counters are today quite self possessed said the expert and most of them seem to know what they want Perhaps that is another consequence of the abolition of the pre war conventions - many of the bujeis hive clearlv been given an indica- tion of w hat should be purchased

He would be an exacting man who could not îeidil. be suited from the wealth of Melbow ne s greit stores in the vv eeks preceding Chiistmas The range of womens appaiel is greatei than evei

there are men who buv dresses and there ire others less bold who pav in advance for the cost of one to be chosen bv the future weiier Tens of thousands of handkei chiefs and thousands of pairs of silk stockings will be bought bv men as Christmas gifts now and Decem bei 24 But these aie commonplaces A migni/iccnt window displav on Collins I street leaves no doubt in the male mind

that flip jicks - wifer like powder boxes m stnking designs-aie the vanitj big acc.sson of the moment 1 hat store repoits rennrkable sales to men of flip jicks

Bingles ire in agiin and the men know it One shop w hich has sold 29 000 in the list 10 months canies a stock pi iced fiom 4 d to 39 6 eich Most men feel sife in bujlng perfumes It is pi ob ablj a false sen^e of secuiitv foi tastes in peifume aie extraordinaiilj diverse but at anj late pei fumes are îeceiving the benefit of the recent reductions of dutj Cigaiettcs ne still popular gifts foi the in creisint numbei of women smokcis but

said i tobacconist so nnnj roll theil own now tint men aie often at a loss to know just what to give fiom my shelves

The mnmtei of one of Melbournes leading jewelleij finns îemarked tint mans dlimonds would be sold to men before Chiistmas Do j ou know tint this is the populai enticement season'

he asked .ou see when one gives in engagement ling one need not give an other piesent is well


A Wide Range

Orient and Palestine Contribute

A determination to buy something new is an established characteristic of most Christmas shoppers More healthy conditions of trade and in some instances favourable movements of the exchange rates of overseas manufacturing countries have enabled the stores of Mel- bourne to include in their offerings the widest range of novelties for seveial


In the Oriental department of one great store the dignified simplicity, of Eastern art contiasts strangely with the bi?aire collection of Western ta ole games acioss the aisle Few of the shoppers who stream between the two departments leahy discov ei ' the Oriental section Yet here within the limits of any puise await novel gifts the purchase of which ailoids the

buyer an authoritative introduction to the elementary principles of the age-old aits of China and Japan Fiom three to thirty shillings will buy jars of Chinese blue and white ware-replicas of antique pieces, the present-day value of which would range from £500 to £1,000 each Prunus blossom, the emblem of long life and happiness in Chinese symbolism, is repiesented both in the full stiength of bloom and with petals falling on "cracked ice," the appearance of which is affected by "crazing" or cracking the surface of the porcelain at carefully regulated tem

pei atures

' Sunlight pottery," vividly conveying an impression of the brilliant light of the Orient, makes strong appeal for a place in gardens and sunporches under the sun- shine of Australia There are little "eui ed" tortoises converted into ash trays, and wonderfully worked pale blue Chinese handkerchiefs, costing up to a guinea each Manual craftsmanship, so rare and so beautiful in a mechanised woild, as almost to cause the examiner to gasp, Is displayed on a bionze cigarette box from Japan A cloud effect obtained bv beat- ing silvei into bronze has been so master- fully executed that it appears as a deli- cate touch from a paint blush, and to the most sensitive flngei the surface remains as glass Such creations aie not cheaply bought The price is ten guineas

Kangaroos and Dolls for India

Theie will be some scoies of Australian dolls, "kangaroos," and 'native bears ' in India by Christmas ' It is remarkable how many dolls are sent to India," remarked a shop assistant "Perhaps the aveiage wax doll quickly melts there The elastic which holds its paits together would soon go, too, in such a climate At any rate, lots of people in Melbourne appear to sense a doll shortage in India, but I think the bears' and 'kangaroos' will survive longest "

The fly hosts of Melbourne may expect an Eastern form of "offensive" this sum mei One store is busily selling dozens of gally coloured swishes-soft biushlike things on ornamental handles-said to be copied from an ancient Egyptian pattern, but it does not appear as if the flics should


Something New in Cameras

Cameia makers subscribe but little to the general effort to market "something new" just because it is new But when there is made a dlscoveiy of real value to photography the whole world has it speedily Melbourne stores are selling a miniature folding camera of extraordinary efficiency It measures just over 41n in length by 3in in width, has a shutter speed ranging from onr> second to one three-hundredth of a second and at one loading will take 16 photogiaphs measur- ing one and five-eighths of an inch by one and one-eighth of an inch and each pictuie is of a quality admitting of infinite enlaigcment The making of Indoor photographs of Christmas gathciings Is made easv to any amateut this season by the general use of panchromatic film Motion pictuie cameras no larger than the aveiage folding snapshot camel a may

be bought foi £13

Miniatuie vu ist watches of oiiginal design and so small that some weigh less than a quaitcr of an ounce complete with band and guarantee ' are among the novel offerings of jewelleis Most of the cases are made ol one of the newer" metals Cheap dress rings with German íhinestones in Austi allan settings are popular

Bon-bon sets m the guise of race- tracks and snowfields sell readily at prices i anging from £3 to £4 10/ One well-known Victoilan racehorse ownei was an enlv pin chaser of a paiticularly elaboiaU racecouise set

Chestnuts at Sixpence Each

Quite a few new confections sustain the lcputation of sweets shops loi the piesen tation of novelties to Chi Istmas shoppers Among them are Fiench matrons glaces


chestnuts preserved In svrup Quite an elaborate process this occupjing l8 months The chestnut. retail at fivepence to sixpence each jet there is a read} demand from a select clientele There are sweet lovers in Melbourne who frequentl} import such confections from

France on their own account

A highly expensive after-dinner sweet- meat for which effective digestive pioper ties are claimed is made by the Jews of Palestine from milk hone} and the seed of a plant nativ e to the country


Novelties for Campers

Whatever the Chiistmasholiday weather may prove to be the unusually eaily ad- vent of high tempeiatures has given the seasonal trade in sports goods a fljing start One sports goods dealer sivs that sales of tennis equipment are biiskei than the} have been for vears The continued popularity of steel-shifted golf tlubs and inteiesting developments in the manufac- ture of motor camping gear are two ti ade

aspects which impress In a tour of the


The call of the motorist to the out-of doois may be answered in comfort in the coming holiday season Believing that motoi camping holidays in Australia aie about to attain a measure of the popularity long ago established in many other coun- tries, some of the leading stores of the city have built up elaborate camping equipment stocks Nearly all are Aus- tralian made

One of the most interesting offerings is a ' bungalow trailer ' caravan fitted with two rubber beds hinged table electric

lighting and cunningly designed cup-1 boards for the storage of food and cloth-1

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saq^RÏriJuai^ ?-¿iii

Ing. The conveyance Is guaranteed to track accurately ri th" vvhacl marks of the tovvinn ci,r, nucí loica rlown below the level of die hood, tiri, eliminating wind resistance. I: ¡.elis at r,l'2htly n-.crc than

£7U. Canvas Water-bags, ranging in capacity from one-half to two and a quarter gallons, are designed to hang neatly on the bumper bars of the picnic car, and are fitted with specially wide

necks to accommodate the mouth of any tap An american for a long time out of work in Melbourne has devised a motor camping stove nearly all the units of which maj be speedily dismantled, arid the vv hole stove i educed to the size of a small package A combination picnic hamper and gramaphone is another noveltj sc'hng freelv to motor campers

1 Tent mukei s have found an unsuspected ifield foi oilginility in theil craft One

tvpe of tent built on the umbiella prin- ciple mnv be elected m less thin a minute It is luge enough to take tu o sti etchers with ease Thcie aie inexpensive little

SIN by eights" on oflei at from 14/ and hikers' tents which pack into a roll no largei than a fat sausage

Spoits Gear

Spoits dealers are pleased bj the weather and its tonic effect on sales Ali cady many hundreds of sets of golf I bills and tennis balls have been dropped j into posting bo\cs by Christmas shoppeis


A Christmas shopping pioblcm Could Sinti Claus get this down the

chim nev1'

Austi alian i acquêts are selling activai}, and so excellent is the value that quite a laige nuinbei are finding then way to New Zealand Zip-fastened coveis aie among the nev cr tennis goods

In the f,olf club lacks steel-shafted makes predominate and dealers are em- phatic that theie has been no icaction from then use ' Oui stocks indicate oui confidence in steel clubs ' they sav, and the indication is verj positively theie

Some stores have taken advantage of the weakening of the dollar exchange to introduce new Amciican shotguns and fishing îods Theie aie, however, no developments of moment The shooters have little to inteiest them until the opening of the duck-shooting season in the middle of February rishermen how- ever, are already displaying inteiest in new American split cane and English gieenheart îods, of which there is a wide


One stole îeports the sale of about 20 sets of equipment for the playing of "vigoro"-an outdoor game for women, which is ali cady veiv populai m Sjdney but is just making its bid in Melboui ne It is plajed somewhat like cricket, but two I haid iubber balls and wooden bats shaped

like canoe paddles are used




Prospects of the Christmas season are plea ing to Melbourne shopkeepers who consider that the season will show better íetuins than any year since 1927 Larger stifTs and augmented services of various kinds are now working smoothly waiting for the rush that will occm be- tween now and Christmas

Everj finn ha» its own method of sound mg the piospects of Christmas but Mel- bourne shopkeepeis ire unanimous that the most pleasing feature of trade is that buveis are giving thought to quality in their pui chases more than to price as

thev have done in the last few 'sears This is most noticeable among women buvers One shopkeeper said that in the good old days women knew the price of everything and the value of nothing

The aveiage woman had ho »ever learned a lesson from the depression and had become an astute judge of value in rela tion to price

the sales manager of a leading mens stoie said that his most re

liable guide to Christmas ti ade was his Novembei sales returns Each year since 1930 an increase in his Nov ember sales had presaged a proportion ately better Christmas

The Christmas rush usually begins with Decembei but the wet weather of the first few davs of the present month delajed the commencement Business firms were not dlsmaj ed by this check They are pre panng to cope with a greater amount of business in the shorter time at their dis posai

rathei Chiistmas has slipped down the chimneys into many city shops and is aliLadv taking orders for whistles drums

gee gees and aeroplanes and motoi cus fioni the thousands of eager childi en who are making long trips into the citj to pH him with questions and lequests More and better tojs will be sold this Chi stm is th m last

Thou h business men know faiily defi- nitely wmt the women will buj and what will bl. bought for the childi en thev can not forecast with any degree of certainty how the men will respond to the attrac- tive displays of gifts which will be placed befoie thom between now and Christmas Shopkeepers admit that it requires all their ingenuity and more to release the tifcht hold on money vvhjch the Australian man has acquired since 1928

Australian Toys

"Capturing the Market"

One of the most luciative blanches of the Austiahan toy ti ade the nnnufac tuies and sale of model aeioplanes is now almost entnelj in the hands of local cnteipnse Speedy little machines of the Moth type worked by cords of elastic aie being turned out in Melbourne at a puce which challenges competition Thou- sands of bovs have made model aeioplane I Hying theil principal hobbv model aero-

plane clubs have sprung up in a great manj districts and long flights and lelia bilitv tests aie taken veiy seiiously by Hie young students of flight One of these Melbourne made machines an mteiLep toi flifehcei modelled on the type of ma- chine designed to carry enemy squadrons puidhib the anival of the flghteis holds the w 01 Id s model monoplane îecord having itmained in continuous flight foi

lb minutes

Of the tojs which will be sold in Mel boui ne s shops this Chi istmas 60 pel cent will be Austialian made No longer do Germany and Japan send Australia the majority of the tojs hei children re

quiic Australian capital and labour ?=upplj piacticallj the entire needs of the shops in toys made of wood tin and cloth leaving only the mbbei toys clock woik and machine toys still in foreign hands In Melbourne a veij laige factory and a dozen smaller manufcturers aie engaged exclusiv ely in the making of toys and at least 50 individual craftsmen make special tojs in their own homes The mdustiv gives emplojmcnt to a great mam skilled mechanics and a piofitable return to the capital invested

Melbourne has the laigest toy factory in Austi alia It has an annual output of 60 000 separate toys which aie distil

buted to the toj shops in eveij State in the Commonwealth So gi eat is the out- put that the firm Is now beginning to e\ port Tlie first shipment was made this jeal an experimental consignment being sent to London to meet the Chiistmas ti ade this shipment consisted almost uithelv of the toy baby bears and kan- garoos so popular among Austi allan chil- di en It is thought that because of the noveltv of these little animals to English ehildien a ceitain market awaits them in Bi itain Great inteiest is being taken bv the Victoiian /igent General in Lon don (Mi R Linton) In the Hist ship ment Similar ti lal shipments weie made scveial weeko ago to the United States and New Zealand wheie the Austi allan toys will be put on the maikct In time for


Local Industry

Eveij j ear local lndustiy widens its scope and captures some new blanch of the tov trade All the tin buckets and wooden spades sold in Melbourne shops ait made in city factories so aie all the children s plaj ing blocks and skittles Tin bugles and drums wooden push-caitsnnd vvheelbanows wooden steam engines and tiains bicycles perambulators and lock- ing hoi ses all come from Melbourne fac- tories A new Australian-made toy is the jointed wooden animal made entirely of small wooden sections hinged togethei so that when they aie touched the animal twists and turns with a delightfully sinuous motion Realistic looking dra- gons and sea-serpents made on this prin- ciple will amuse the grown-ups as well as the childi cn Those at ptescnt in the Melbourne shops have been made in Syd- ney Animal toys are also a popular Aus- tralian pioduct local firms concentrating specially on typical Australian ci catines such as the kangaroo and koala A high degiee of efficiency has been leached in the making of these tojs and thousands of the fun y little companions are sold every Christmas

Christmas Cards oí


Save that it ma> have had a cooling effect, psychologically, the traditional

'holly and snow" English Christmas caid has never been anything but an anachro- nism in the height of an Australian sum- mer After nearly 100 years, leading Melbourne stationers have acquired a "Christmas card conscience," and in their impoitations have sought for something more fitted in picture and vvoids to the Australian Christmas-and found it in America Italy, and sometimes in Eng-


"Manj of the older people of course, still demand the old-time English card with a winter scene, but Australians of the present generation appreciate the ap- propriate warmth and colour of the pic- ture work and the brightness of the word- ing of the American, Australian, Conti- nental, and the more modern British cards," sa'd the card bu>ei of one of the city's leading stores The bleak greeting of a typical old-time card- Christmas comes as an interlude when winter and dreariness reign"-gav e ready point to his comment By contrast, there was the crisp well-wishing of an Australian card "Wishing you the best of the past in the future' , and an American greeting, It seems jolly to sav Hello1 and to wish jou

Chirstmas cheer

Designed usually with a motif of bril- liant red or green, the brighter American cards - the more expensive printed on parchment - convey an atmosphere of warmth and cheer, but the equallj bril- liantly tinted envelopes designed foi them may not be sent through the post in Vic- toria "Such bright colours handled m huge quantities would blind the lettei sorters ' a postal official explained

America however, also piints a fine card of a "quieter" and distinctly artistic order verv like the more modern British and the best Australian cards One Austra- lian manufacturer produces a happy greeting card containing four neat in

div ¡dual bridge scoring cards and there is I a line Australian series in colour depicting j

native birds

Italian caids in delicate pastel shades

are popular but France due to exchange I i ate difficulties, has meagre representation j German cards are seldom impoitcd be- j

cause it is explained, "their faces and

figures are so essentially German as to|

make them tlnpopulai here "





FORTUNATE BOYS OF TO-DAY One of the" most fascinating of thi new mechanical toys is a model of the tank used in modern military warf aie Fitted with a powerful clock spring, a corrugated rubber belt, imitating the steel-link chain of the tank, enables the little model to climb over almost any ob- stacle placed in its path Running along the floor, it will move forward at a uni- form speed, taking in its stiide piles of books thrown indiscriminately about, heaps of old clothes and newspapers, and half a dozen cushions It will climb ovpr the blankets on the sick boy's bed and scramble all over the gai den with the utmost nonchalance In the turret is a gun that fires

The mechanical toy has developed tie mendously in recent years, keeping pace with the advancement of mechanical knowledge The model electiic train is a marvel of compact mechanism, and the model steam engine has a wider vaiietv of forms than ever before The boj of to-day who can drive his own car and ride his own motoi-bicycle is not satisfied vith the clumsy device that did duty in the years gone bj He not only wants en- gines that vvoik but he Is peifcctly capable of making them hini"elf if he cannot affoid to buy them The Meccano set has taught him the principles of construc- tion, and the wonderful boxes of machine tools now obtainable embie the young designer to be his own mechanic

A clever example of the perfection of the modem toy is a model fire engine, complete with telescopic ladder, which can be extended bv turning a handle, a long lead of rubber hose that pumps real vvatei from a tank and plajs it through a fine nozzle on to a fire made fiom burn- ing papei a warning firebell that rings and blazing headlamps lighted by a small electric battery in the chassis After use the hose mav be wound up on to the engine, which with clanging bell

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Ci in i a* HT* ik M A o /^ïnrc

W .W: B ^_ I IVB A N% I .H H I ^

unu \JII v ii^%_-j.

'__*_«' m o» W«» N»5___ih<' ___, v «__. __. 1 ^_____^

tpeens back to the fire station by clock- ; .ork P'°f!1^°modci motor-cars are exact

Some of llJc ^îi.known makes, even to ; mutations o' h aker on the bonnet, the name ri^J ci0ckvvork car, saloon

TS 'uth rlkish radiator and stream mod L v A battery where the petrol

!iar- should be placed lights the hcad

tanK shoi'Ki u K on thf, d h.

",amIH'mside the car. A brake lever, boar(i ,e driver's scat is not a dummy.

bMlü? ,PI1 thing. Larger models, cap- ,

"üj/o' ca in_ a child. uro propelled by

ablf ?_. írs and they can attain high :

WiÀe The" are fitted with rubber

spe marked "balloon," registration j 'Sersreal headlamps and dummy

nU i- hnndlrs A model "luxury" sports

"fhàs de.achab!e wheels a celluloid, ^ino'creen. and a padded seat.

When the Rattle Was Invented

The moacrn mechanical toy is a de . rkmn-rnt from early beginnings rather -íír tin- entncly new product of an m

ventive mind Piogiess had to be nude slovvlv It is i long civ fiom the days of Aichvtcs of Taientum the Greek philo sophei w ho perfected the child s i attie The modern mind maj wondei whv it should be neccssaiy foi anvone to invent much less perfect such a similai toy as a rattle but the rattle had to be invented 1 ke eveijthmg else theie w is a time v hen nobodv di earned of a i attie The clown balanced on » trapeze was anothei veiy old mechanical tov So was the buzzing button on the string-a tov which still has a treat fascination for children These weie the precuioois of the modern nechanlcal toy which like the tojs of ever j generation keeps pace with the mechanical and inventive piogiess of the

aay '

The achievements of man in the lealm of flight aie reflected in an cnoimous lange of flung tojs Including model aeroplanes that fly compaiatively long distances and lemain in the air foi five 01 ten minutes at a time all-metal Zeppe- lins and dirigibles that move by clock

v oi 1 vv hen suspended by a cord and I model balloons thit can be filled with gas and will use to the ceiling canjing

dummv e\ploieis and scientists In the I undei can läge Theie is also a real model I of a hehcoptei thus bringing the model living machine into line with the latest

developments m aeionautics The modern | bov is Indeed a fortunate \oungster in j

his thone of tov s

\ hi uilifnl iivstil bithioom set tiim'jmiii,, tltffinic and taste it Is in vilnli uvslii with ( lived black civstal mounts It is in a Collins street

jcwelltrv shop

Armies of Tin


Marching Through the Ages

Mankind's devotion to playthings is one of the strongest human obsessions. When a man plaj's with a bat and a ball or fires bullets at a targît he is using toys in precisely the same way as the boy who knocks a set of glass marbles about or sails his model yacht in a lake. Both man and boy find in games' and toys a pleasure in no way- diminished as the years go by. On the contrary, grand- father's devotion to his game of chess is as thorough as his grandson's absorption in his painted building bricks. The passion for toys has not changed though the player be aged 5 or 60 years, the civilised man of to-day or his ape-like ancestor. Only the form and complexity of the toy have altered, for as man has j developed so have his possessions.- - -

II is a long way back-about 3.0001 years-since the oldest existing toys were! made. One of them, now in a museum, is a miniature lion on a stand: another is a pig of white limestone. Both these ancient toys, with which children played such a long time ago. were dug out of the ground at Susa, in Persia. Out of the Nile valley was dug a wooden doll with hair represented by wooden beads hanging from strings. The oldest mov- ing toys come from Egypt. One is a little

bread-maker which, when a string is pulled, moves up and down busily knead- ing bread. In the old Egyptian city of Thebes have been found toy lions and crocodiles that move their jaws when a string is pulled. One of the most in- teresting ol the ancient toj-s still preserved is a model of the wooden horse of Troy filled with wooden soldiers. The Roman child played with tops, marbles, and balls covered with cloth or hides and stuffed with feathers, hair, or fig seeds (the india rubber ball is a comparatively modern innovation). He also had toy chariots and gladiators carved out of bone. Toys such as these were expressive and often directly imitative of the age In which the toymakers lived, and. as one might es i peet, the development of the toy follows

closely and. to a large extent reflects, man's development m the arts and


Mimic Warriors

During the Middle Ages, with Its war- like associations, children looked with eyes of hero worship on the soldiery of the day. and the toys of the period were closely modelled on the gaily caparisoned knights who fought for a lady's smile in the tournaments. Toy trumpets and I military drums were popular In this period, and some of these toys have been

recovered from the mud at the bottom of, j the Seine at Paris. Presumably they j i fell into the river from the shops which i

at one time used to be built on the bridges As the mode of warf aie changed so did the wai like toys of youth Instead of pikes shields and battle axes toy soldiers appealed aimed with miniatuie guns and svvoids The first toy soldiers weie made of bronze oi lead substances so soft that casualties in the shape of bioken aims and legs were numerous but in the leign of Fredeiick the Great of Piussia the toymakeis of Germany began to make them of tin cut from thin sheets This was the beginning of the cheap tin soldier which from 1760 onward marched in millions upon millions out of Germany invading every country in the world Andreas Hilpert toymaker of Nmembeig was the first man to make them and the work was continued with enormous success by his son Jean George Hilpert At the beginning of last century the armies of Napoleon set the model for the ubiquitous toy soldiei and to-day the little figuies mimic the soldiei s of every military nation in the world

With the coming of the indusiiial eia and the machine age toys have become moie complex more pei feet in copying detail Some of the model steam engines electnc engines and even internal com- bustion engines are mai veis of ingenuity and exacting woikmanship far sui passing the toys of any pievious age Their sig nificance is that thev cleverly miiror the times in which we live leflecting the piogicss of modem physics and dynamics Future geneiations examining these w01 king models in the museums will be able to foim their judgments on this age from such toys just as the people of to- day leam hlstoiy from the toys of the

p ist



It is piobablv seveial thousand yeal s MiuL a child hist stopped in fiont of a tow of lough clay statuettes and said Daddv buv me that Shop windows always fascinate small childi en and dolls loughlv caí ved in wood 01 elabo

i itc copies of the fashionable ladles of the dav have delighted small ¡.lils fiom time


Amone, the Iii st to cain a lcputation «Inch they still hold foi theil dolls weie the toymakeis of Nurembeig in Gei many Seventy yeal s ago the Dutch doll made of stiff-jointed wood, with a pi Im face and sleek black hail held pride of plnce It was succeeded by the china doll with a shiny pink and white face stiff china curls and a body stuffed with sawdust The luxury doll of those days was the Flench wax doll a beautiful crea

ture with flaxen hail dressed in the

height of fashion with crinoline and pan


Gi cat excitement was caused m the 70 s bv the appearance of the talking doll When squeezed it uUeied a sound which those in the know weie able to intcipiet as Mama and it was the unbitlon of eveiy little gill to possess ¡i Mama doll The climax was leached when the sleeping doll was invented A weight in the hollow head caused the eyes lo i oil md appear closed when the doll was luid flat and with its schoolgiil com plexion and leal hail and eyelashes it was the lost vvoid in realism Unfoitu

nately brothcis would be filled with a manly curiosity to see how the eyes woiked and many a broken pate was suffered iir'conscqucnce Miracles had to be peifonned at Coopers Doll Hospital in Roval Arcade a fascinating shop filled with an astonishing displav of dolls spate


The shops of to day stock dolls to please the most varied tastes One stoie has a complete League of Nations to choose fiom Tin elad Eskimos Chinese Euiopcans nctioes Red Indians In full wat paint thev sit Mongol cheek by Ten ton jowl with everv -ppcai mee of amitv

The modem doll íppeus in cvciy taib fiom bench pyjaiias to lull budal aiiiiv

The travelling doll Is a vciy expensive voting woman but slu is well worth it Auiviut in i supeib v aidiobc ti tink she has a tiousseiu pacl ed lcidv foi use -an ov ei co it mid beitt flocks on the tnile.t of coat lnn_eis and diesslnt

own and pv jamas folded in the di aw eis

The Fun of Baby Dolls

Babv dulls ne always gi eat tav omites Thev aie made generally ol celluloid and have such chubby faces and stietch out such ippeilint aims that it Is Im possible to icsM them Tsoi do thev all lock alike foi some arc poutm_ and teni

nil while othcis ne dim lied and displav whit is smelv theil vci\ flist to< th ind thev mav be dicssed as bi oi t,lit babies One little L,lil was caielul to put hei bibv til st Into lout, clothes then short

lollies then lompci mci fiinllv jciscv mci kind ci s when she jud"cd it had leichccl in afee to put iwnv rhildish


Hair the fun of dells is dicssuiL. them md much dus dcsl_nin" and miking c.oe_ c n Mini ttuie tubs and lions mnl e 1 nindi woik a io and when washed and ditsscd the dolls mav be "hen a pu tv ten To piepare this there aie

luminium saucepans and kettles on enamel stoves and leal tups and saucers t J put on Jacobean tables and Welsh 1 Mvnv ot todays dolls aie unbrcul

Ojie and some aie washable too Dtluis aie made just to cuddle at bed time lh< lag doll because of Its soft

ms and dumble qualities lias alwavs lu cn sine of affection and a home-made bunnip io beloved long aftet moie elabo

late dolls aie cast asidi But the homeh i at doll has suffered tiantformatlon In the hist ftvv decade^ Tclt is moulded and stuííed and tinted to a semblance

I of actual life Some of the woik of | famous dollmakeis Is so decorative thal it ¡ has left thi nurseiv and lovely creatuici j w ith elontated limbs and platinum eui Is

i display their chaims in grown-up diaw I Ing-iooms Otheis aie almost indis

tlngulshablc from leal children Manv a small gul aches to po3Stss one until hot attention is skilfully divcitccl lo some

thing Hist as adorable bul very much less expensive