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----*-----   SATURDAY'S GAMES.



ESSENDON V. SOUTH MELBOURNE. [ The report of this match, won by Essendon by

9 goals 8 behinds to 8 goals 8 behinds, will be

found on page 6. ]



At Prince's-park about 9,000 spectators saw a        

close and exciting match between Carlton and           Collingwood. The result was in doubt even after teh bell had rung. Owing to an error by those

in charge of the scoring -board, Carlton had been     credited with a behind in excess of the number kicked, and it was only after the majority had left the ground, well satisfied with a drawn game, that it was officially announced that Collingwood had

won by 1 point. The mistake occurred during the     second quarter and some of the officials were notified   by the goal umpires at half-time but for some   unaccountable reason the boards was not altered.    

Collingwood best Carlton mainly in the open      

play. They were always working for the wings, where most of the play was, owing to the cross wind, especially in the first half. In the crowd Carlton had the better of it. In high marking Collinwood were superior .It was always strenuous    

,and in the main it was fairly fought by both  


Carlton opened with 6 behind soon after teh start, and after a period close ruck play, Col-     lingwood, by good handball got it away, and four long shots resulted in as many behinds. There   were remarkably few scoring shots the ball rerely getting fast the half-backs on either side. A feature of the general play was the very fine work   of Gibb and Clancy on the wings. Valentine made a good attempt with a long kick, but Rowell

stopped the ball almost between the posts. The Collingwood back man drove it across to Gibb, who ran down the wing, with Clancy close at his heels           .A moment later Clancy got his chance for revengr.   He ran along the wing at great speed, with Gibb just behind. Towards the end of the quarter which was fast throughout, Carlton added     2 behinds. Saddter saved Collingwood on numerous occasions by fine high-marks and telling kicks on   the half back line.

The first 13 minutes of the second quarter was all in favour of Carlton, who looked like qutting up a winning score. There was much crowding on the ball, and in consequence Collingwood   suffered. Gardiner got the first goal of the match from a mark well out. Valentine, a conspicuous man among the forwards gave Stewart an easy chance , closs in, and he made a bad miss. Gardiner added second goal with a long place-kick.   A mistake by match gave Carlton their third goal which F. M'Donald kicked. The game then swung   around in favour of Collingwood .In the last 10 minutes they got 3 goals, and again the scores  

were even. Hughes got the first goal from a free-kick in fornt. A series of marks between Sadler,   M'Hale, Rowna, and Preadergast resulted in the latter kicking second goal and Wilkinson snapped  

the third out of the ruck.

The wind changed during the interval and   favoured teh eastern end. At the outset Collingwood showed to advantage. Clark stopped a fine kick by Preadergast, and then Wilson and Lowe helped Prendergast to another try, and this time he was successful. Dashing play and marks by Hughes, Jackson, and Lowe and again by Hughes, Saddler, M'Hale, and Jackson, was ended near goal by free-kick to Carlton for holding. Collingwood     were playing the open game in fare style, and pressing forward. Clark was working hard in befence for Carlton and he and Williamson and Valentine best them back gradually, and Challis got a goal without opposition, Rowell having left his post to guard another man. The wind was helping    

Collingwood considerably. They got two more goals both from free kicks, Rowan and Wilkinson being the kickers. The Collingwood captain brought Rowell out among the forwards, and in one dash be hit the post from the wing . At the last change Collingwood had an advantage of 14 point.

The last quarter was exciting, and kept the on   lookers at high tension. Carlton began to make up their leeway with determination . M'Gregor made the first more, and Valentine got a gaol the fifth. After 10 minutes play, during which the ball travelled from one end to the other ,Bruck   marked to Challis who raised sixth goal for Carlton   and reduced Collingwood's lead to 2 pints   from this out every inch of ground was splendidly

contested. No more goals were second .Collingwood were still making mistakes in their ground   work. Gardiner hit the post high up for Carlton   and Seddon followed snit for Collingwood. Jack son added another behind from a long kick. Just at the finish Carlton got two more behinds, and the game thus ended in a won for Collingwood by   1 point, the scored being. Collingwood 6 goals 10 behinds (16 points), Carlton 6 goals 9 behinds     (15 points)

Owing to injuring Green and Dick were unable to play for Carlton. M'Gregor reappcared and the other place was filled by W. Johnson , Late of Essendon. Collingwood missed their back man. Sharp. Mutch, jMinogue and Sedden were back   again, and POrendergast from North Melbourne       C.N.M.S. made his first appearance.  

Collingwood were strong on the wings ,Gibb played one of his very best games, and right up to the finish he was claver and fast. jackson on   the opposite wing, was always conspicuous , SAddler must be bracketed with Gibb . His marking and kicking, combined with dash and determina   -tion, were of liomensa value to his side.     others Wilson Rowan, M'Hale, Minague, kMutch,   Hughes and anderson were hard workers.

For Carlton Clancy, on the wing, was about   the most useful man on the side. He had several hard tussies alongside Gibb, with the honours equally divided. They were put often hogether   hut when they met their play was always fair and interesting. Jamieson Johnson on the half   back line both played well; Valentine showed out whether roving or forward and Challis, M'Gregor,   Marehinks and Houghton descreve mention.