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    'Miss Burrell' was Katharine Burrell (1843-1925), the last member of the Burrell family to occupy Arthur's Seat Homestead, now known as McCrae Homestead. Katharine's brother, Charles Edwin Burrell (1854-1938) lived nearby with his wife, Sophia (Sophie) Elizabeth Coburn (~1862-1945). Family accounts record that Sophie rescued her mother, Catherine Elizabeth Coburn, from her home at Springbank - she wrapped her mother in wet blankets, put her into a landau (carriage), got between the shafts and pulled the vehicle down the steep track, through the scrub and onto the sand near the water. Springbank was destroyed and Catherine Coburn died a few weeks later at Arthur's Seat Homestead.

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DROMANA, Saturday.—Last evening, at              

about half-past 5 o'clock, a bush fire swept         a portion of the country between Dromana             and Rosebud. It swept away the residences            

of Mrs. Coburn, Springbank, and the sum- mer residence of Mr. Frank Cornwell, de-       spite the efforts of a large number of work- ers. Miss Burrell's house was saved after  

great exertions. Mrs. Coburn's house and   furniture were insured for £800. The build- ing was demolished in ten minutes. Mrs.   Coburn's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and       Mrs. C. Burrell, saved only a few personal   effects. The township of Rosebud is safe,   and the fire is now burning in the direction

of Boneo. Portion of the same fire swept   towards Heronswood, the seaside residence     of Mr. Justice Higgins. The fate of the residence was for some hours uncertain, but the flames were finally beaten off. Fires     are still burning at Arthur's Seat and to- wards Mount Martha.